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May 25, 2021

Can You Get Out of a Diamond Timeshare?

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    Owning a Diamond timeshare can provide you with years of enjoyable vacations, but at some point, you may find yourself wanting to get rid of Diamond timeshare. This can be a tricky task because most timeshares decrease in value significantly after purchase. Many timeshare owners have difficulty giving away their timeshare for free. This is why there are hundreds of timeshares being advertised by current timeshare owners on sites like eBay and Craigslist for as low as $1 with no buyers.

    Some Diamond timeshare owners have found success with giving away their Diamond timeshare by offering to give prospective buyers a $500 – $1000 Visa gift card along with the sale in addition to paying all closing costs and transfer fees. This can make your advertisement stand out from others and increase the number of offers you receive.

    Even with these added incentives, it can be hard to find someone that wants to buy your timeshare or take it for free, especially if you’re not advertising it in the correct places. As May 14, 2021 the best places to advertise a timeshare for sale online include:

    • Craigslist (free)
    • Ebay ($50)
    • ($34.95)
    • ($15/year membership)
    • ($59.99 – $125)

    These site’s all have one thing in common – low up-front fees.

    Watch Out For High Up-Front Fee Timeshare Resale Scams

    If you’re looking to sell your timeshare you may come across a few websites offering to “advertise” or “list” your timeshare on their website for a high up-front fee. These are scams designed to take your money. Typically, you’ll pay the high up-front fee and then your timeshare doesn’t sell. These websites do not have your best interests in mind. They’ve already been paid their up-front fee so they have no incentive to actually sell your timeshare after you become a customer.

    You may have also been called out of the blue by someone offering to buy your timeshare. Typically, this person will offer to buy your timeshare at a higher price than what you paid for it. They’ll ask you to pay an up-front fee to cover things like “taxes” or “transfer fees” and once they collect this up-front fee, they’ll disappear with your money and you’ll still own your timeshare. If anyone offers to buy your timeshare for more than what you paid for it, it is almost always a scam. Why would someone buy your timeshare for more than what you paid for it if the same timeshare could be purchased on eBay or Craigslist for $1?

    How To Complete the Sale of a Diamond Timeshare

    To complete the sale of a Diamond timeshare, your timeshare will almost always need to be paid off first. You should also be current on any maintenance fees. If at one point you fell behind on your payments, it’s a good idea to make sure your timeshare has not entered the foreclosure process as well. A simple call to Diamond before the sale should be able to answer most of your sales related questions.

    Timeshare Resale Brokers

    Similar to a traditional real estate agent, a timeshare broker may be able to help with the sale of your timeshare. Timeshare brokers are licensed by the state, so they are usually very trustworthy.

    Timeshare brokers typically work on commission and do not charge up-front fees. In some states such as Florida, it is actually illegal for a timeshare broker to charge an up-front fee. Because timeshares are usually much harder to sell than traditional real estate, a timeshare broker will usually charge a much higher commission of around 50% of the sales price.

    The problem with using a timeshare broker to sell Diamond timeshare is that many timeshares will not be worth enough to make it worth their time. For example, if your timeshare is only worth $1, a timeshare broker would only make 50% of that off the sale. This is why many timeshare brokers focus on high value timeshares in Aruba, Hawaii and Colorado when the sales price can be several thousand.

    However, if you’re able to find a buyer for your timeshare yourself, you may want to seek the services of a licensed timeshare broker to help complete the sale. This isn’t required, but it can help provide a smooth transition for both buyer and seller.

    Brokers will typically perform services such estoppel requests for buyers and sales agreements for sellers. Estoppel requests show buyers that the seller owns what he/she says they own. Sales agreements outline everything the buyer will receive along with the sale in writing to prevent any disputes after the sale. For example, a sales agreement can outline if the buyer will receive use of the current year’s timeshare time. It may also include legal language that can protect each party.

    Can You Give Diamond Timeshare Back to Diamond?

    In some cases, you may be able to give your timeshare back to Diamond. This is typically your best option if you’re unable to sell your Diamond timeshare points for any sort of small profit on a site like eBay or Craigslist. Diamond’s “deed back” program is called Transitions™ by Diamond Resorts.

    Your timeshare will typically need to meet the following criteria to qualify for Transitions™:

    • Be paid off and current on maintenance fees.
    • No future reservations scheduled. Does not apply to fixed week/fixed unit deeded week owners.
    • EU Collection Diamond owners do not qualify for this program as of 5/24/2021
    • Timeshare could not have been purchased on the resale market

    We always recommend contacting Diamond first before engaging with any third-party timeshare resale or exit company. Giving your timeshare back to Diamond will almost always be the safest, low cost option to cancel Diamond timeshare.

    Get rid of Diamond Timeshare with a Timeshare Exit Company

    If you’re unable to sell Diamond timeshare and can’t give it back to Diamond directly, you may want to reach out to a few timeshare exit companies to get rid of Diamond timeshare. Timeshare exit companies came in to existence because of how many timeshare owners failed to sell their timeshare or give it back to their timeshare company directly.

    Most timeshare exit companies do not attempt to sell your timeshare. Instead, they use various tactics and techniques to encourage your timeshare developer to take your timeshare back and stop your maintenance fees. Sometimes this will involve lawyers. Other times it won’t.

    No matter the method used, you shouldn’t expect to receive any proceeds from a sale if you choose to work with a timeshare exit company. In fact, you’ll likely need to pay several thousands of dollars just exit Diamond timeshare. Take a look at the average cost to get out of a timeshare here.

    Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed By a Timeshare Exit Company

    Similar to the up-front fee scams prevalent in the timeshare resale industry, several timeshare exit scams also exist in the timeshare exit industry. There have been several timeshare exit companies that promised timeshare owners they’d be able to cancel their timeshare, but instead never cancelled the timeshare and simply kept the money instead.

    To avoid common timeshare exit scams, we typically recommend owners use a timeshare exit company that offers an escrow payment option. When you pay with escrow, the timeshare exit company does not get paid in full until after the timeshare has been cancelled. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

    Some other tips to avoid scams in the timeshare exit industry include:

    • Avoid companies that do not have an online presence. If the company doesn’t have a website, it’s likely a scam. Online ratings and reviews of timeshare exit companies can help with this research.
    • Avoid companies with a poor BBB rating or no rating.
    • Avoid companies that do not have a track record of successfully getting timeshare owners out of their contract.
    • Always get everything in writing! A contract is always a good idea when engaging with a timeshare exit company.
    • Always shop around. Prices can fluctuate significantly by company.

    Closing Thoughts

    It is certainly possible in 2021 to get rid of a Diamond timeshare if you no longer wish to be an owner. Engaging with Diamond’s Transitions™ program will almost always be the easiest and safest option, but if you’re unable to pay off your loan you may need to seek alternative options. Have a look at our recommended timeshare exit companies or give us a call at 833-416-8796 for a free consultation.

    Consultants Helping Individuals Review

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      Based in San Antonio, Texas, Consultants Helping Individuals, or CHI, is a timeshare exit company with eight years of experience in the industry. They claim to have an accumulative thirty years of experience in the timeshare management business and that they have brought over forty thousand timeshare owners to reach a better solution with their timeshare companies. With these hefty claims and supposed wealth of experience, can they really be trusted to release you of your timeshare woes?

      Consultants Helping Individuals Website Review

      The website upon first glance is clean and well organized. They have a unique logo that sets them apart from other exit companies, appearing to be a lighthouse and compass combined. The colors all match and make the site look neat without being garish. The clean blue and white along with the tasteful stock photography set a good impression right away. 

      You are also immediately met with a message that states their clear purpose and a button where you can request a free consultation. It is good to know right off the bat what you’re supposed to expect from this company and how you can contact them, but also have plenty of other information available for your perusal outright. You can also tell that their site updates frequently as it has mentions of the COVID-19 pandemic and how they are offering solutions to clients who feel stuck without the ability to travel. 

      If you look a little further down you are also given their CHI guarantees that assure potential clients they are not representatives of any resort so they will prioritize you over your timeshare, that they offer a variety of solutions for each individual client, and that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They want to ensure potential clients before they ever contact them that they understand your situation may be difficult, especially in current times and they will work with you to find the right option for you. They also boast that they have an A+ rating from the BBB, which is confirmed by their profile.

      A truly unique tab on CHI’s website is their advice section, offering a specific page for timeshare scams. They have a detailed rundown of how corrupt the timeshare industry has become and how it is largely unregulated so the market is flush with timeshare scams. They teach you how to identify scams and avoid them as well as stop paying frivolous maintenance fees. They even draw you back to their service by giving you themselves as a resource to help you get your money back or sell your timeshare without the risk of being scammed. 

      This adds to their credibility, wanting consumers to know what a scam looks like and how to avoid getting duped by one. They further their credibility with a section of their website dedicated to their process. Not many timeshare exit companies detail their process to helping clients get out of their contract. 

      CHI provides a helpful video that while it is a little cheesy, it explains to potential clients what to expect from their service and what their options are. They claim their process is three steps, initial consultation, identifying concerns, and then presenting solutions. They say there is no obligation to accept these solutions but that your discussion with them is free regardless so you can ask all of your questions and weigh options without ever putting money in their hands. 

      Their F.A.Q section is also filled with helpful questions that you might not have thought of initially, or just want answered without having to talk to someone first. They even make the claim they aren’t a timeshare exit company, but rather a program that offers real solutions and can even allow their clients to keep their timeshare while relieving them of maintenance and club fees. 

      It is marketed less as a timeshare exit company and rather a solution to allow individuals to still travel and explore without feeling tied to their timeshare experience. It will help these individuals save money without being stuck in one timeshare that keeps driving up the price. This is a different approach to the usual timeshare solutions so it is unique. 

      This business thankfully offers details about the owners and staff on their BBB page. They are owned and operated by Mr. Ryan K. Climer, and Ms. Angela M. Climer who are affiliated with Climer Holdings Inc. So you can follow those names and find their other business ventures and credentials. 

      Consultants Helping Individuals Reviews

      If you’re looking on their website you’ll find a few positive reviews from satisfied customers like James G, Dolores, and Annie. The first two seem to be from other industry professionals who turned to CHI to help them with their own timeshare troubles and found the meeting they had with their CHI expert to be informative and helpful. Annie mentions a team member, Freddy, by name and explains that she was given plenty of information so she could keep enjoying her vacations but exit whenever she was ready. 

      Out of their reviews on the BBB website however, they are currently standing at 4.43 out of 5, with the 14 reviews on their website. There are two 1 star reviews with the other twelve being 5 stars. The first is a review by D. N, who is claiming that the company was very unprofessional and couldn’t answer any of their questions, also alleging they met without masks or distancing at the beginning of COVID in March of 2019.

      The company does respond to these allegations and there is a back and forth between them and the customer where they claim there are recorded phone calls assuring her questions were answered. The customer does not concede to these allegations and instead issues a warning to all who use CHI that they should be wary. 

      The next complaint comes from K.L, alleging that CHI are a company of scam artists that are trying to take advantage of timeshare owners rather than assisting them. They claim the company is shady and misleading and that they were not given all of the information they asked for. The company counters that the client is allegedly making up lies and accusations that have no base and they have the evidence to prove this. 

      While we have no proof either way, the overwhelming amount of positive reviews in favor of CHI below this do seem to outweigh the bad. Many of the happy customers claim they were helped to better understand the timeshare industry and the options that were available to them other than simply exiting their timeshare immediately. 

      It is important to be wary of those bad reviews and always be careful during interactions with a timeshare exit company. 

      Consultants Helping Individuals Cost

      There is no definitive answer to the cost of this company’s membership plan, but they do offer a thorough free consultation so you can see if their service is right for you. You don’t have to put any money down before you get the answers you might be needing. We do wish they would have mentioned information about their payment types or payment plans as we typically recommend services that offer Escrow payments. Escrow payments just ensure that you and your family don’t have to release any funds to your exit company before you get a solution to your problem. 


      Overall they have a very clean and well thought out website that offers a wealth of information to potential clients. Their process is also defined in a good amount of detail on the website before you have to contact them at all. CHI also wants to warn you against potential scams and offer an alternative to your typical timeshare exit plan. If you’re looking for an alternative solution from an accredited company, then CHI might be the option for you. 

      While they do have two bad reviews under their belt and they don’t offer any information about their pricing, they are very upfront about what they do and how they do it so there are no guessing games for the client to partake in. They even offer advice on how to identify, avoid, or even survive a potential scam that is an invaluable resource to timeshare owners who may not have a clear idea of what a scam looks like and how they might get out of that situation. 

      Many timeshare owners are left in the dark about their timeshare options and aren’t given a full wealth of resources to help them make a clear and informed decision. CHI seems to offer that helping hand to help timeshare owners fully understand their timeshare and adapt their contract to their needs. Though this is not a service without its own flaws, it does offer a unique experience that can help timeshare owners who might not be ready to fully exit. 

      This way vacationers can still enjoy their timeshare without completely getting rid of it, but having the option to release it at a later date. 

      Cavalry Financial Services Review

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        Cavalry Financial Services is a timeshare exit company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have been in business since late 2019 and are considered a Consumer Advocacy Group that is dedicated to providing customers with solutions to their timeshare problems. They claim to be a leader in the Consumer Advocacy industry but there is little to be seen that backs up those claims. Are they telling the truth, or are they just desperate for a customer base? 

        Cavalry Financial Services Website Review

        Immediately the website leaves little to be desired. Most companies these days will either employ a web designer to craft their site for them, or they’ll use a hosting template like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace to create a site for them. If this site was designed by a web designer, they didn’t work very hard on it.

        The logo and landing page both look cheap and the landing page itself is organized in color blocks with stock photos intermixed. Their contact information is in a font that doesn’t match the rest of the theme or the fonts of the website and it is in bold so it detracts the eye away from everything else. This could be because they want you to call them immediately and the larger and bolder font choice shows you where to look first, but it takes away from the overall appearance of the website more than anything else.

        Another annoying addition to this bolded contact information is shown when you first load the web page and the phone number spins into view as a little effect. This approach may make sense for older folks as they would prefer something more simplistic in design where they can easily locate the contact information and navigate the layout. Even though it may be simplistic for a functional reason, it can also lower the credibility of the company and lead individuals to navigate away. 

        For a company so new in the game, the design is outdated and the information provided isn’t thorough enough to give potential clients an idea of what their credentials are. They make a claim in their ‘About Us’ section to be a leader in consumer advocacy, but with only a year of business under their belts that seems to be a lofty statement. Googling doesn’t give you much more information about who runs Cavalry Financial and their BBB page doesn’t provide anything in the way of who owns the LLC or runs the service. 

        The only bit of information we get about who runs this exit company is on their FAQ page, where they confirm they are not attorneys. So all we really know about them at all is that they are a Consumer Advocacy Group that has been in business since 2019, and there are no testimonials to guide potential clients. 

        They claim that they are a proud member of the U.S Chamber of Commerce but aren’t even accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This definitely raises some immediate red flags that this company is not what they say they are. They do have a contact page where you can fill out a contact form, call them, email them, or even fax them if that’s your preference. 

        Their ‘Services’ page provides some information on how they conduct their business so it is worth a read if clients get that far. They claim that their goal is to completely release their clients from their timeshare contracts and eradicate their back mortgage and maintenance or membership fees. They also offer a free consultation so that you can talk with them about your issues before you hire them. 

        They also claim they tailor-make their solutions for every individual account, but that’s not something that can really be backed up by their website unless you contact them first. We want to warn you against potential scams as this is one of the ways that scammers can lure in unsuspecting victims. The website does not have much to it and urges you to contact them rather than providing any concrete information.

        This is a great way for scammers to get ahold of you and masquerade as a timeshare exit company in order to get your information. You need to be careful every time you contact one of these companies, but especially if there is nothing online to lead you to believe the company is legitimate. Cavalry Financial Services raises those red flags more than once having no LinkedIn presence, BBB profile, or much of anything else to assure the potential client that they aren’t handing their information over to a business that isn’t accredited. 

        This as well as a website that is unpolished and devoid of definitive information or credentials leaves this service lacking.

        Cavalry Financial Services Reviews

        One of the things that really isn’t giving Cavalry Financial Services a gold star, is their startling lack of credentials and testimonials. They have essentially laid out plenty of claims that they are a leader and will be able to get you out of any contract with a timeshare company without any credentials to back them up. When you search Cavalry Financial Services, their office in New Mexico shows up with two google reviews. Further than that, there is little information regarding this service to fully confirm if they are a reliable resource. 

        Googling doesn’t even tell us who owns the company, though they do respond to a single review on their Google Reviews. Both reviews are overall positive, giving the business 5 stars and claiming that they were professional and got them out of their timeshare troubles quickly and efficiently. One of the reviews is from 11 months ago, while the other is just from a month ago so there isn’t any consistent or ongoing knowledge about this company. 

        One individual under the name MomTheBomb1 on Google Reviews claimed he was incredibly grateful to the team at Cavalry Financial for their hard work and dedication to getting him out of his timeshare and clearing his outstanding balances. This is the comment that received the response from supposedly the owner of the business, thanking them for their kind words. This is incredibly odd as it is difficult to get even the smallest hint of who is on staff or who owns this business from simple research. 

        The more recent review under the name of Rick Powell claims they were skeptical at first because they had been mistreated by Timeshare Exit Companies before. Allegedly Cavalry Financial managed to do what every company thus far hadn’t been able to accomplish and got them out of their timeshare quickly and efficiently. 

        Overall this spread of reviews speaks positively of the company but it seems so out of place for a company that has so little known about them online. 

        Cavalry Financial Services Cost

        It isn’t mentioned on their website how much their services cost, or how they conduct their payment. This is another red flag as you want details about if your exit company is going to do upfront payment or escrow payment. We highly recommend going with a company that offers escrow payment so you don’t have to worry about being scammed out of your money.

        They do offer that initial free consultation so if you do decide to inquire, you’ll want to ask about their costs and payment plans upfront so there are no surprises once you get involved. If you are really concerned and aren’t sure you want to go with a company that doesn’t offer their fees and payment information initially, you may want to keep searching. 


        If we are going to be really honest about how much faith we have in this company, it isn’t much. The website leaves a lot to be desired and hasn’t been crafted in a way that will draw in potential clients. With the lack of information about the team or the owner of the group, you aren’t given the appearance that this company is legitimate. 

        The copy of their website also offers very little in the way of actual information on what they do to help you get out of your timeshare contracts and waive outstanding balances. You get a little information, essentially stating that they’ll work with you as soon as you contact them, meaning you open yourself up to possible repeated contact even if you don’t want to work with them after the initial consultation. This doesn’t bode well for timeshare owners who are already struggling to deal with their shady timeshare management. 

        If you’re looking for trustworthiness and reliability there are no guarantees here that can be backed up by more than two Google reviews and the claims they make on their website. We recommend looking into a service that ensures the client there are dedicated and knowledgeable individuals that will handle each case. If you’re not going with an attorney, or an attorney-based service, an exit company that has solid reviews and more official information from the Better Business Bureau will certainly offer more to those struggling with a timeshare than Cavalry Financial Services.

        OUR GOAL

        Our goal is to help timeshare owners find a reputable timeshare exit company to work with. We like to recommend timeshare exit companies that offer a low up front fee escrow payment option, so you are protected from scams. Contact us to receive a free timeshare exit consultation.


        Always contact your resort or timeshare developer first before contacting a timeshare exit company. Some have exit programs of their own that can assist you with a timeshare cancellation

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