Timeshare Cancellation Law Group Review

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    Timeshare Cancellation Law Group is a legal entity owned and operated by Christopher D. Graham, P.L.L.C., in Scottsdale, Arizona, that may be able to help you with exiting your timeshare. Timeshare Cancellation Law Group appears to be a relatively new venture by the founding attorney; he has been practicing with his solo firm since 2012, in the areas of elder law, probate, and estate planning, as well as—as stated on the Timeshare Cancellation Law Group website—consumer practice, real estate law, contract law, business law, and tax law. However, Timeshare Cancellation Law Group itself, according to the Better Business Bureau, was founded and accredited in January 2021.

    Timeshare Cancellation Law Group Website

    The website is simple and straightforward. It has a main landing page with several sections, which makes it easy to navigate; there are no hidden or buried pages. The language is akin to what you’d typically expect from most other attorney websites, though there are a few textual formatting and spelling errors which could point to the business owner having quickly or hastily put the website together. Based on how recently this firm was developed, it seems just as possible if not more so that this is indicative of it being a secondary venture.

    Regarding the information that the website provides, it is fairly spare, but it does include a promising FAQ that addresses what a client should and should not expect when trying to exit a timeshare. In addition to other information, this section outlines the near-impossibility of selling a timeshare, and cautions clients to be wary of any companies that make promises of being able to do so for them.

    Timeshare Cancellation Law Group Reviews

    While we didn’t find any reviews for Timeshare Cancellation Law Group, aside from the testimonials listed on the website, Graham’s solo practice has a few off-website ratings from a few years ago that are all positive. Those reviews are from Best Law Office Reviews (an aggregate) and BirdEye; you can review a few samples below.

    As a solo practitioner, Christopher D. Graham, P.L.L.C. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as a strong Avvo rating. Timeshare Cancellation Law Group thus far has an A- rating from the BBB.

    Because it was difficult to find a major amount of information about the practicing attorney or the timeshare cancellation firm itself, we ran several searches and found a bit more about Graham’s history prior to practicing solo. As noted, Graham has been a solo practitioner since 2012; prior to that, he was employed by a few different corporate firms in the Phoenix, Arizona area, including Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck, LLP, and Wood Smith Henning & Berman, beginning in 2002. It was not difficult to find Arizona court records that highlighted his breadth of experience in the local legal field.

    After starting his own firm, Graham focused on several areas, including elder law, probate, and consumer practice. The Timeshare Cancellation Law Group seems to be founded upon this past, as the website emphasizes the firm’s use of consumer law knowledge to assist clients with exiting their timeshares. Generally, there seems to be a preference for avoiding litigation when possible, and starting the process by communicating with the timeshare company on behalf of the client.

    Overall, the approach appears to be quite different to that of timeshare exit companies, and there is an emphasis that the promises such companies make cannot always be trusted. Rather, Timeshare Cancellation Law Group notes that they seek the following for clients:

    • Complete contract cancellation
    • Immediate cancellation of payments
    • Maintenance fee cancellation
    • Mortgage balance cancellation
    • Credit protection/correction

    The website states that Timeshare Cancellation Law Group uses a credit and risk management approach to achieve these results and, again, backs up these steps with their background knowledge in consumer law. It also states that the firm works alongside a licensed, certified “credit derogatory prevention and restoration firm” in order to assist clients. While further information is not provided about this firm, it is an interesting addition, and we would say helpful to potential clients as well. Most people looking to exit a timeshare are concerned about the long-term effects on their credit, and it is possible to take steps to cancel your timeshare that do not ruin your credit.  You can learn more about getting out of a timeshare without ruining your credit here.

    Timeshare Cancellation Law Group Cost

    Timeshare Cancellation Law Group’s website does not list any costs, but does indicate that clients can start with a free consultation and are promised a flat fee that aligns with clients’ budgets for any ensuing legal services. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee—not a money-back guarantee—which, alongside the fixed rate, is at the very least encouraging given their approach. Please remember that we do not tend to recommend companies or firms that rely upon money-back guarantees to retain clients for several reasons. You can review those reasons and learn more about why escrow is a preferable option here.

    General Advice on Hiring a Timeshare Cancellation Attorney

    As we’ve outlined elsewhere on this site, working with an attorney to exit your timeshare is typically quite effective, but it can run you a higher cost, particularly if you owe a mortgage on the property. In addition, it will most likely be a more collaborative process, so it can require more time and effort on your part.

    Because Timeshare Cancellation Law Group is, by definition, a law firm, it is worth considering whether you have the resources and time to go this route to exit your timeshare. While you will in all likelihood end up working with someone who has extensive legal knowledge related to business practices and property ownership, if you have other options at your disposal—such as working with a broker or a transfer company that is actually reputable—it could save you a great deal of time, money, and trouble to explore them.

    However, that said, if you have already exhausted other options, working with an attorney might be the most optimal way forward for you. Please be aware that, if an attorney is offering to work with you at a rate that fits your budget or a fixed rate, you should never be expected to pay upfront.


    Overall, Timeshare Cancellation Law Group seems to have potential, and if you are more inclined to pursue exiting a timeshare with legal counsel at the helm, this could be at minimum a place to start gathering information. Because the firm is such a new business, we cannot necessarily make a robust recommendation for Timeshare Cancellation Law Group at this time. Especially with so many other reputable timeshare exit companies with years of experience. See our top recommended timeshare exit companies here.

    However, there seems to be a good faith attempt at providing a new service using past experience with consumer law as the foundational basis, so at the very least, the firm looks worth exploring for those who are going down the route of hiring an attorney in the greater Scottsdale, AZ area.

    We’d also encourage you to keep in mind the other avenues you can take with companies that have built up years of experience in working with people to exit their timeshares. Everyone’s experience is different, so if you have more questions about how to cancel your timeshare, please be sure to either initiate the live chat, call us at 833-416-8796, or submit a contact form on the right side of the page.