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Day: July 16, 2021

National Service Corporation of Virginia Review

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    National Service Corporation of Virginia is a timeshare exit service located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This corporation has a long shelf-life, having been around since 1967 but went under new ownership in 1987 and has become one of the premier timeshare exit services. They pride themselves on creating long-standing relationships with clients, but does their alleged devotion to their client-base stand true?

    National Service Corporation of Virginia Website Review

    The website has obviously been updated in recent years, providing a more modern design than the time they’ve been in business. We see a very familiar setup to a lot of other timeshare exit websites we’ve seen with the vacation-themed stock photo and the promise that they will help you break free of your timeshare. They claim because they have a keen sense of the industry they can help you get free of the burden of your timeshare contract with ease. 

    There are more stock photography photos as you scroll further that are paired with vague explanations about their mission, strategy, and that they put their customers first. This really seems like the same setup of most other timeshare websites just with different stock photos and National Service Corporation of Virginia’s logo in the top left corner. So far their strategy doesn’t set them apart from a dozen other companies who promise the same things. 

    One of the defining features of this service is that they are a transfer service rather than a cancellation or reseller. They apparently provide an immediate exit solution so you can be severed from your resort quickly and easily without too much hassle. Though we aren’t entirely sure that they deliver on this promise. 

    If you look at the section titled ‘Our Story’, you’re not going to get much in the way of a credible backstory for the company. They don’t provide much information besides stating they have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2001 and that their founder’s bad experience with timeshare exit companies is what fuels them to be better. Their four-step process that they claim has been tried and tested also feels like it is a repeat of most other timeshare exit companies we see. 

    They offer a generic free consultation, reviewing your account for qualification, resolution, and then transfer. They then offer a page that gives you the general averages of how much it costs to keep a timeshare and how they can help you get things in order to be able to transfer it. Their FAQ section doesn’t even seem to offer much in the way of helpful information besides what they can try to do to help you and if they have hidden fees. 

    They claim that their cancellation fee is a one time price and that there are no additional fees, but they follow this up by saying every situation is different and may require additional fees. This is a bit of a shady move from the National Service Corporation of Virginia, claiming there is only one fee up front and no additional fees and then stating there may be additional fees depending on your situation. We also get no mention of escrow payments which are vital when it comes to ensuring your cancellation is fully processed before your exit company gets a cent.

    Overall the website leaves a lot to be desired and has contradictory information that isn’t very helpful to those who are seeking an easy exit from their timeshare. Having the company you’re trusting to take on a legal and financial responsibility for you using contradictory language is a huge red flag and you should be careful and research more before you decide to proceed.

    National Service Corporation of Virginia Reviews

    Their Better Business Bureau page provides more information than their website does, giving the potential client a clearer picture of what to expect when it comes to their services. They have a 5 out of 5 rating from the BBB and an A+, but there is a bit of confusion between the website and their BBB profile about how much they’ve been in business. We know the business has officially been around since 1967 but apparently they haven’t been accredited since 2001. 

    We aren’t given much information about how their business has changed in those 50+ years they’ve been operational either. They also only have two reviews available, both five stars, but they have a startling nine complaints they’ve had filed and closed in the last 3 years and one that was closed in the last year. Even though they’ve technically been in business a long time, that is a lot of complaints for a company who claims to be reliable and trustworthy. 

    The two positive reviews seem to be pretty generic, claiming that they would recommend this service to all of their friends due to the professionalism and care that their case was handled with. The complaints, though you would hope would be wordier in their content, but you won’t be able to read them. Either they have been closed for long enough that they can’t be seen anymore or they’ve been removed completely, you can’t view the complaints at all. 

    We think that while this may be what the business wanted, these complaints should be made available to the public so they know what others had to complain about. If you’re going to put your money towards a service you should know where that service was likely lacking ten whole times with other clients. Any further information on their Better Business Bureau page won’t give you much to go on and you’ll have to infer the rest. 

    If you’re wanting to look for any additional reviews, you’ll find three available on Yelp that are all one-star. These reviews claim they are scam artists that will take your information and then never call you back and then they will send your account to collections for unpaid fees. This is a startling thing to have happen, especially if you’ve only consulted with this company rather than establishing an actual account with them. 

    With very few actual testimonials and no way to view the complaints, you might want to try and dig a little bit more to see if you can get any further information but you probably won’t find much. This doesn’t directly lead towards a scam, but it definitely is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

    National Service Corporation of Virginia Cost

    There is a small place in their FAQ section that mentions a little bit about costs, but it is worded in a tricky way and won’t give you much to go on if you’re looking for a realistic idea of what to expect. They claim that you only have to pay a single cancellation fee and that there will be no other surprise or hidden fees. This is incredibly misleading as just a little further in the section they say that each case is different and there may be additional fees depending on your resort and what you need to file. 

    You shouldn’t be given a vague answer as to what to expect as far as costs go. Especially when a company claims there will be no hidden fees but then says there might be additional fees. You should have everything solidified either upfront or in your consultation call so there are no surprises. If you’re worried that your timeshare exit company will only charge fees to your credit card without authorization, make sure you vet them carefully before hiring. 

    Giving them all of your information, including your contact information, can be tricky and get you into more trouble than it is worth to get out of your timeshare. There are a lot of scams masquerading as actual companies and you should be careful before you hire one of them to handle your affairs.


    While National Service Corporation of Virginia is a longstanding company with 50+ years of experience, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the capability to handle business well. They have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2001 and in that time they haven’t accumulated much in the way of testimonials. They have two positive reviews on their Better Business Bureau profile and then those three startling reviews on Yelp. 

    To have actual customers claim that they are a scam is one of the truest ways to prove that they likely are one and you should heed the advice of these customers and refrain from giving them your information. While there are companies who have these claims against them and are innocent, it isn’t worth having a non-existent account sent to collections for fees that you never incurred. The timeshare exit business can be sketchy at times and you really should be careful who you decide to give your information to. 

    Don’t let yourself be taken in by a company that claims to be trustworthy when they really aren’t. Longstanding or not, it seems to us that the National Service Corporation of Virginia is one to avoid.

    No Attorney Timeshare Review

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      No Attorney Timeshare is a Henderson, Nevada-based timeshare exit service that has been in business since 2018. Their interesting approach to the timeshare cancellation market is a do-it-yourself style kit that has allegedly been crafted by legal experts so you can get yourself out of your timeshare with no need for an attorney. But can a DIY timeshare cancellation kit really do the job that an attorney or an accomplished timeshare exit service can?

      No Attorney Timeshare Website

      The setup of this website is immediately different from the typical timeshare exit companies we review. It has more of the appearance of an e-commerce website than a law firm or timeshare exit service as they provide a pre-packaged product rather than consultations or legal advice. They claim that their product is supposed to remove the hassle of hiring a timeshare exit team or an attorney that may draw out the process or take extra fees. 

      They claim empowerment for their timeshare owner is their mission so you don’t feel reliant on companies or firms to help you handle your cancellation. There are multiple templates included in the DIY kit so you can either cancel your financial liability loan, cancel international contracts, or cancel multiple contracts. This all in one kit is intended to be the answer to those who don’t want the hassle of dealing with other people. 

      The further you scroll you’ll see the original price of the kit was $599 but has recently been sliced to $477.20 due to a recent sale. The kit includes items like pre-written templates for cancellation letters, stop payment letters, credit repair letters, and a service refund contract letter so you can get your money back in full. It also includes free support throughout the entire process so you can consult with one of their representatives with questions, document review, or specific document creations should you need it. 

      This seems like a hefty promise for something that costs less than $500 even though it was developed by a team of attorneys so that the everyman can understand it but have the legal aid they need to get their cancellation done properly. In their FAQ section you’ll find that all of the documentation has been reviewed and created by attorneys so you allegedly have everything you need to just fill-in and sign before you mail them off to your resort. If everything is truly available in this box it makes it seem like there is no need to ever consult an attorney or timeshare exit company again, which makes us skeptical. 

      They claim they have been mentioned or recommended by ABC News, CNBC, Daily Mail, New York Post, and more. They also claim their collective team has over twenty-five years of experience in the timeshare exit industry. You’ll find some examples of the actual legal documents you should expect in the kit, so you can have an idea of what will be included. 

      They claim over 10,000 timeshares have been cancelled in over five countries and they have satisfied customers through all of those cancellations. If you peruse their website a bit further you’ll find sections pertaining to how to get started with the kit and why you should choose them. They have a familiar story about being a couple who purchased a timeshare and that from their experience with timeshare exit companies they figured there must be a better option. They developed the kit to make the whole process easier and more affordable for individuals who don’t want to be hassled by attorneys or timeshare exit representatives. 

      They have a full section of reviews and testimonials, including video reviews praising their product and they claim to have the endorsement and attention of multiple news and finance outlets. Though putting the logos of these news outlets seems to be a bit of a stretch, we aren’t entirely sure if they were just mentioned as an interesting product to look into. There are no confirmations of their credibility available on their website, and being essentially an attorney in a box doesn’t really make us feel very confident in the ability of the product to do what it says it will. 

      They have a section of frequently asked questions you can peruse but they are also relatively generic and sort of assert that the DIY is entirely infallible. Someone asked what to do if their documents are rejected by the timeshare resort, and they were told there are documents to overcome that. What happens when that documentation is rejected as well? We aren’t given concrete ideas of what to do should the box fail.

      The website is also kitschy and organized to look like a store selling a cheap product rather than a real legal solution to your timeshare troubles. Because you pay upfront for the box, there is no need for escrow payments, but it also reduces the risk of any additional payments being taken out from your card. We don’t fully trust this service but let’s see what former clients think.

      No Attorney Timeshare Reviews

      There are no reviews available on their Better Business Bureau page and because they provide a product rather than a service they are not accredited. There are two complaints that were recently open against them though, so we assume that despite all the cheerful reviews up on their website there is likely something they left out. The complaints seem to be based around the product not living up to the expectations advertised. 

      This DIY timeshare exit kit seems to be lacking in some of the most vital aspects, which is the attorney to help assemble and send off the documentation. While they claim anyone will be able to navigate their product without needing additional help, it seems these dissatisfied clients were not able to do so and thought the documents provided were unhelpful. No Attorney Timeshare seems to dispute these claims that the product isn’t useful but they don’t provide much evidence to the contrary. 

      While it may seem like this is a perfectly good and inexpensive solution to your timeshare exit troubles, it may only end in confusion and your timeshare contract still intact. While they claim to take questions and inquiries, you have to expect that a service that costs under $500 is not going to be an adequate replacement for proper professional or legal advice. Of course not every attorney or timeshare exit company is trustworthy either, but there are certainly ones out there that can provide more to help you than something from a box. 

      No Attorney Timeshare Cost

      This is the only thing that is relatively upfront and easy to understand. Because you’re not working with a service there is no need to set up payment plans or have to deal with changing costs or hidden fees. You pay an upfront price of $477.20 or $599 if you end up getting it after the sale is over and there are no additional fees that will be processed after it is safely at your doorstep. 

      You’d think this takes the hassle and worry out of the timeshare exit process as you won’t have to be concerned your money will continue to pile up or be taken despite lack of action. This doesn’t live up to the expectation though according to several dissatisfied clients and you have to do most of the work. It is essentially the laziest and cheapest attorney in a box that you feed $500 for less than stellar results.


      It isn’t entirely unexpected to assume that a DIY timeshare exit kit won’t do the same job as a qualified and professional attorney or service. While it does help to be able to cut down on costs and learn how to handle things on your own, your resort isn’t going to be incredibly likely to help you out of your contract with some generic paperwork a company threw together. Timeshare scams are tricky enough to navigate alone and without having someone to help navigate your case, it isn’t likely they will let you free with just some documents you paid a fee for. 

      The idea is nice of course, considering during the pandemic it was hard to meet with attorneys and such to get these things done but you might be better off with a remote attorney or service rather than a DIY kit. We should probably save the do-it-yourself projects for things like baked goods, crafts, and hobbies, instead of legal aid to get you out of a pricey commitment. 

      What we are saying  is that while it may not outrightly be a scam, you shouldn’t waste your money on something that isn’t guaranteed to work. You might essentially spend money to ultimately lose money as you pivot to an actual attorney to help get out of your timeshare. If it doesn’t work, you’re out $500 and there are no money-back guarantees mentioned on the website. Not to mention their ‘How It Works’ asserts that unless you have a valid reason your timeshare won’t be cancelled. 

      All in all it’s probably best to avoid this product and put your time, money, and energy elsewhere. 

      The Abrams Firm Review

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        The Abrams firm is a timeshare law firm based in Olympia-Lacey, Washington that has been in business since 2001. They are an accredited law firm managed and run by Mr. John Abrams who claims that his firm has been the recognized leader in consumer protection since the early 2000s. Though they allege their mission is to always get timeshare owners the rapid solutions they need due to the predatory timeshare industry.

        The Abrams Firm Website

        There seems to be a reason why their web URL is as they appear to be the end all be all of the firms to represent timeshare exiters. Something we really like is they lay out what you should expect from them immediately on the landing page. They used to be entirely pro-bono but now their consultations are entirely pro-bono and their flat fees start at $1000, but they assert they won’t take any fees upfront. 

        They cancel or terminate your timeshare within about a month and a half and the costs for these services never go above $4000 which is the maximum they will charge to help you. If you’re someone who is having an issue with a popular resort and there are others like you who are having similar problems, they recommend class-action filing so you and others like you can be free of timeshare scams without any extra costs. We like how much information is present on their landing page, offering up as much knowledge, news, and up-to-date information they can to potential clients. 

        Their ‘About Us’ section is even more impressive as it is separated into multiple sections. They have their general about them statement which lists their mission and why this business is so important to them, but then they have more in-depth sections about who is on staff with them. This includes two attorney profiles, their history in consumer protection, and then some information about their consumer protection lawyers. 

        Their credibility is immediately established by the profiles of two of their attorneys on staff, including Mr. John Abrams himself and his Partner Kathryn Bosse. Their credentials are laid out in detail from their Licensure to their Education and where they’ve practiced or mentored. This is comforting for those seeking timeshare exits as they know their contracts are in qualified hands. 

        They claim to put people first and have spent their time protecting timeshare owners and defending them against those resorts that would seek to take advantage of them. They allegedly go to great lengths to accomplish their goals as well. They also make a point to assure potential customers that they aren’t a scam company and you won’t get unwanted calls or flimsy promises when you take a pro-bono consultation with them. 

        They assert that their customers are thoroughly informed of their rights and the courses of action the firm is going to take on their behalf and only when they have the consent of the client do they charge their flat-rate service fee. This price is agreed upon before any service is given and the client knows what to expect up front without any hidden fees or lack of communication. You speak directly to the attorneys handling your case instead of salespeople or caseworkers who don’t know your case personally and they ensure you know what’s happening every step of the way. 

        They have a huge knowledge base section that provides in-depth information about nearly every timeshare and timeshare exit question you might have burning in your mind. They have answers to anything from your cancellation timeline depending on your state to spotting timeshare scams. If you have any further questions you can check out their blog for deeper explanations and further research. 

        If you have no further questions and have fully perused their experience and credentials, you can check out their contact sheet. This will help you get in contact with them and you can detail the information about your resort and why you’re contacting them so they know going into your call. 

        While we can’t say they are the perfect option to go with to help exit from your timeshare, they are one of the most upfront firms we’ve seen. They lay out what to expect as far as fees go and while they don’t offer an escrow payment option, they do ensure you know your fee is only processed once they’re sure they can take on your case and get you free of your contract. This firm appears to be one of the better options you can find out there.

        The Abrams Firm Reviews

        Unlike other timeshare exit solutions, the Abrams Firm doesn’t try to sell you on their services by adding a testimonials section to their website. Oftentimes those sections are filled with five-star reviews that you aren’t quite sure if they are true or if the company wrote them themselves. It is a bit hard to find testimonials from those who have used Abrams Firm, however. 

        They have two customer reviews on their Better Business Bureau page that are 5-star, but they also have two Google reviews that are 1-star. This is where their seemingly perfect facade does seem to be a little faulty. The two 5-star reviews are unsurprising, they carry some details about the firm being easy to work with and that they were given the results they had hoped for while working with them. 

        These individuals had been scammed before and were refreshed by the professionalism they found at Abrams Firm. The one-star reviews aren’t too concerning, but they do offer a different perspective than we’ve seen so far. One of them claims that their money was taken and they weren’t communicated with afterwards, and another says that they advise you to do more research and they believe there may be unprofessionalism and criminal activity. 

        While we have nothing to back up these claims and things have so far appeared to be normal with this company, we do always advise you to do more thorough research before you employ a firm or company to help you exit your timeshare. It is important that you trust the company you are going to put money towards and that you have a grasp on their credibility and ability to help you with your contract.

        The Abrams Firm Cost

        We like how upfront and honest the Abrams Firm seems to be about how much you should expect to spend. They used to offer pro-bono aid but since going National they have had to keep up with more fees. They do ensure that their clients know what they are getting into before they get into it though, which is something we can appreciate. 

        They assert that there are no upfront fees and that clients should expect to pay a $1000 flat fee at a minimum but they will never charge more than $4000 for any case. They claim there are no hidden fees and that payments are only taken once it is certain they will be able to help you with your contract. You should feel reassured after dealing with a timeshare scam that an honest and upfront company will help you out of your troubles. 

        As far as exit companies and firms go, Abrams is one of the few we’ve seen be this upfront about their costs. You shouldn’t be surprised by any hidden fees or exorbitant costs that you weren’t expecting. In that vein, $1000 to $4000 seems to be a reasonable expenditure for release from a pricey contract and hefty recurring maintenance fees.


        While they may not be the absolutely perfect solution for everyone, The Abrams Firm offers highly credible and helpful options for those seeking a swift and inexpensive exit from their timeshare. Their attorneys appear to be dedicated to providing help to those who have been swindled and scammed by untrustworthy timeshare companies. The information they offer in droves on their website sincerely seems like they would help most uncertain timeshare exiters with burning questions they might be having but don’t want to wait until the consultation to have answered. 

        They also provide a thorough description of their attorneys’ credentials so you know exactly who is helping you and where they got their experience. While there are some uncertainties as far as whether their credible appearance is reality, they don’t have an abundance of testimonials trying to over-assert their credibility either. The small number of reviews split down the middle in good and bad, seems almost more trustworthy than dozens of 5-star reviews from sources you aren’t sure are actually real. 

        While they don’t offer anything in the way of escrow payments, you can be assured you won’t have your card charged any extra or hidden fees. The Abrams Firm appears to be upfront about their costs and won’t try to lead you astray for a few extra bucks to line their pockets. Of course, every solution has flaws, but they do seem to be one of the best when it comes to being honest upfront about what to expect. 

        We’d recommend this firm, but think you should do as much research as possible first so you know your decision is well-informed.

        National Cancellation & Transfer Review

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          National Cancellation & Transfer is a Springfield, Missouri-based timeshare cancellation company that has technically been operational since 2001. Though they’ve allegedly been in business for twenty years helping get individuals out of their timeshare contracts, they have only been accredited since 2015. In those 5 years they claim to have become experts on timeshare exit solutions, but do those claims hold up to what they actually offer?

          National Cancellation & Transfer Website Review

          The initial thought we get from their website is that it looks a bit like one of those cheesy attorney ads that you’d find on the side of a bus or on a billboard. It has the stock photography, the kitschy logo, flashing images, and bright colors you’d expect from a cheap attorney or exit solution. This doesn’t give us an immediate feeling of credibility, but there are things we can look over to see if they at least offer any helpful information. 

          Their landing page however, is disappointing in this aspect. They don’t offer much information about how they’ll help you out of your timeshare but instead offer some fluff about evaluating your options and getting the help you need with confidence. The only thing they offer of substance on the landing page is that a phone consultation is free, they have affordable exit options, and you put no money down and can get 100% financing if your credit qualifies you. 

          They do have a section of testimonials available on the landing page, but these even seem like they are lacking. One of the pictures seems like an actual family while the other two look a bit like stock photography. They do offer some articles below that section so you can peruse and possibly get answers to questions that you have before you have to go through a full consultation with a representative. 

          They then try to offer their free ebook which is supposedly packed with answers about timeshares and how to be free of yours forever. Offering an ebook does feel a bit tacky to try and shove in a potential client’s face as the option they should take to get further information. Your clients shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the information they need before they pursue you as their timeshare exit solution. 

          Under their ‘About’ section, you’ll find a small section about the company itself, including their Principal Operator Wade Phillips. He claims that he was a timeshare owner once upon a time and that his experience is what led him to help others like him be free of their pesky contracts. They claim their credibility comes from their over five years in business and the experiences they’ve had with their clients in that time. 

          They also claim to offer multiple solutions so you can find the most affordable and easiest one for your individual needs. Of these options you’ll find you can exercise your rescission rights if you’re early enough in the timeshare process, can sell your timeshare, consider one of their DIY options so they can guide you through because it is more affordable, or they can help you with a full-service solution and offer you their 100% money-back guarantee as well as financing. 

          Their ‘How We Do It’ section leaves much to be desired as it pretty much restates everything you can find on their landing page. There isn’t much substance and they don’t offer any detailed explanation about how they help you through your exit process. Fees are also conveniently left out of any of the information provided, which is frustrating for potential clients. 

          You should know what to expect as far as upfront fees or payment options go. They don’t provide escrow options either, which is one of the most secure ways to pay for your services while ensuring your contract is completed. If you want to know more about escrow payments and how they can benefit you, check out our blog. 

          Their FAQ section doesn’t offer much in the manner of substance either. They even dodge the question about how much it will cost to have them relieve you of your timeshare and keep playing up that money-back guarantee line. This is endlessly frustrating for those clients who are seeking assurance after already being scammed out of money by their timeshare. 

          The rest of their website is their blog/articles section where you can peruse to find answers to your questions, as well as their full money-back guarantee statement and another link to their ebook. All in all the website is largely unimpressive and though they have some helpful resources there aren’t enough to get us excited about this service as your timeshare solution.

          National Cancellation & Transfer Reviews

          They do offer a testimonials page on their website, but once again this seems to be filled with the same old collection of positive reviews that the business possibly had made for them. The only review that seems to be legitimate has a picture attached to it of a happy family that seems satisfied with National Cancellation & Transfer’s help. If you want to find more reviews that will be more honest, you’ll likely have to head to their Better Business Bureau profile. 

          This is where things get interesting as we can find 2 normal reviews and a startling 7 complaints filed against this business on their BBB page. The two reviews are both five-star, claiming that the company did exactly what they said they would do and they have no complaints. This in addition to the testimonials provided on their website you might be inclined to believe they are an all right company, but you’d likely be wrong. 

          Five of the seven complaints have been closed, whereas two still remain open and unresolved. The first one claims they handed off the money so they could get in contact with an attorney the service knew, but that they weren’t called back about any details. This one seems like it was resolved easily enough and the company claims that they handed the number off and the client has allegedly been in contact with the attorney ever since. 

          The second claims they handed off $3200 for a contract termination but that for 18 months nothing was handled by the company in question. The company claims that they have been taking the right course of action and a refund should not be administered. Most of the rest of the claims seem to be in similar taste, claiming they paid anything from $1600 to $3000+ to this company with no results and a severe lack of communication. 

          When companies take on clients and take upfront fees like this and then ghost on communication, it is one of our biggest red flags that they might be a scam. Your timeshare exit company should be communicative and willing to work within the parameters you have set aside but when they take the money and fail to do so, that is a bad sign. If you want to know what more red flags for scams look like, check out our blog.

          National Cancellation & Transfer Cost

          We aren’t given any indication on their website how much the services of National Cancellation & Transfer cost, but if you look at the complaints on their BBB profile you can get some clues. Between $1600 and $3200 seems to be the general range to expect for the cost of their services, though it could also be higher depending on those we haven’t gotten testimonials from. You should always know what to expect as far as costs upfront and that’s typically what a lot of companies will save for their initial consultation. 

          If you get a price range you’re not comfortable with while on the phone with the company, you should make a note of it and then keep hunting for another. There’s no reason you can’t shop around for a better timeshare exit company, especially when you’ll be dropping well over a grand on getting released from your contract. You shouldn’t have to compromise in that aspect and it won’t be too hard to find a company you can trust more with your money.


          If it walks like a scam, talks like a scam, and acts like a scam, likely it’s a scam. The cheesy way that the company presents itself on their website is bad enough, but to have 7 complaints filed against them in their supposed 5 years running isn’t something to be proud of. While we won’t go as far as to say definitively that the company is a scam, it has a lot of the red flags that would typically lead you to that conclusion. 

          It is important to thoroughly vet the companies you consider for your timeshare exit journey as they will be holding on to a lot of your money and personal information. If you can, try to find a company that offers escrow and has a website that provides more thorough information and a credible background on those running it. 

          National Cancellation & Transfer doesn’t include those options and you’re probably better off finding something else to suit your needs.