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How To Get Rid Of a Westgate Timeshare

If you own a Westgate timeshare and you’d like to get rid of it, you’ve come to the right place. Here at TimeshareExitCompanies.com, we provide advice to timeshare owners who are looking to get rid of their vacation ownership. We do not cancel timeshares ourselves. Instead, we provide guidance to help timeshare owners avoid scams.

Many timeshare owners were told their timeshares were an investment during the initial sales presentation. This leads many owners to believe that their timeshares will easily be sold on the resale market for more than what they originally paid. The reality is that Westgate timeshares typically drop in value by 50 – 90% the second they are purchased from Westgate directly. Many Westgate timeshare owners have difficulty even giving the timeshare away for free!

When you buy a timeshare from a resort developer like Westgate directly, the cost of the timeshare is highly inflated to cover things like sales commissions, free gifts, sales facilities and more. Free Westgate timeshares for sale on Ebay and Craigslist are being advertised by existing timeshare owners who simply want to get rid of a Westgate timeshare to stop their maintenance fees. These owners don’t have the same overhead as a resort developer.

Once a timeshare owner realizes they’re unable to sell or even give their timeshares away, many will contact their resort or resort developer for advice. Some timeshare resort developers like Wyndham, Westgate and Diamond have introduced “deedback” or “take back” programs that allow owners to give the timeshare back to the resort developer for a fee. Westgate’s deedback program is called the Westgate Legacy program. Owners who no longer have a mortgage left on their timeshare have a higher probability of being accepted into the Westgate Legacy program, but all owners looking to cancel should contact Westgate for all of the details.

You’d think Westgate would be happy to take back your timeshare for free considering the company charges thousands of dollars to sell you the timeshare in the first place, but that is simply not a reality. Westgate does not want you to stop paying your maintenance fees, so it will charge you a fee to give it back to them.

Cancel Westgate Timeshare

Some timeshare owners choose to contact a third party timeshare exit company to assist them with their timeshare cancellation because they heard about these companies on TV and radio commercials, Dave Ramsey and more. These companies should only be used as a last resort. Westgate timeshare owners should always contact Westgate first before hiring a timeshare exit company. Timeshare exit companies can assist timeshare owners with cancellation, but will almost always cost more than Westgate’s Legacy program. However, if you’ve already contacted Westgate and were not granted access to the Legacy program, what other choice do you have?

You could simply stop paying the maintenance fees, but that will usually have a negative effect on your credit score. However, if you’re at an age when you don’t plan to need you credit anymore, this may be a wise option.

You could try to sell the timeshare on Ebay or Craigslist, but as we mentioned before, these timeshares are rarely sold. Avoid working with resale companies that charge high up-front fees to advertise your timeshare for sale on their site as these are usually scams. Your timeshare will be advertised on their site, but just like Ebay and Craiglist, it likely won’t sell.

You could also try using a timeshare broker to sell the timeshare, but this will almost certainly be a failure. Timeshare brokers work on a commission basis and can not charge up-front fees. If the Westgate timeshare is being advertised for free, the timeshare broker will not receive a commission in the unlikely event that the timeshare sells. Timeshare brokers will usually only want to work with high value timeshares and vacation clubs. It’s simply not worth their time to work in low-value or free timeshares.

How To Choose a Timeshare Exit Company

Choosing a timeshare exit company can be an important decision. Don’t be fooled by a “100% Money-Back guarantee” that is prevalent on almost every timeshare exit company’s website. A !00% money-back guarantee means nothing at all because the company could go out of business at any moment. If the company goes out of business, there is a high probability that you will not receive your money-back. This recently happened when a timeshare exit company by the name of Aconsumercredit in Florida went out business.

This is why we here at TimeshareExitCompanies.com only recommend working with timeshare exit companies like Trash Your Timeshare that offer an escrow payment option. Learn more about the differences between 100% money-back and escrow payment options here. Using an escrow payment option is the only way to protect yourself from scams.

If you’re still wondering how to cancel Westgate timeshare, submit a contact form on the right side of the page or initiate live chat in the bottom right corner for a free consultation.