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How to get rid of Massanutten timeshare

Massanutten lies within a valley at the southern end of Massanutten Mountain. Massanutten is in Rockingham County, Virginia, United States. It’s an all-in-one vacation attraction. Surrounded by ski resorts and tons of different timeshares; Massanutten is a popular destination all year. The enormously huge vacation attraction features restaurants, snow skiing, fishing, golfing, they also have horseback riding, and some locations even feature indoor water parks.

If you decided to buy a timeshare here are now looking to get rid of Massanutten timeshare, you’ve come to the right place.

More often than not, timeshare owners are misled to believe that their timeshare is a good investment. However, the opposite is true. It can be nearly impossible to sell a timeshare. This is why so many timeshares are advertised for $1 on eBay. You can visit eBay right now and you’ll likely see few bids and even fewer buyers on Massanutten timeshares. These posts are from  timeshare owners who have had enough and simply want to get out, but can’t find any buyers so they just want to give it away. It would be nice if you could donate your timeshare, but timeshares are such a bad investment that no charity will take them. No one wants to be burdened with a timeshare that has rising maintenance fees each year.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of a Massanutten timeshare, the first step is to figure out what timeshare you own because Massanutten is an area, not a resort. Once you’ve figured out what timeshare you own, it’s time to figure out if you can give it back to your resort directly. Most resorts do not offer this as an option. They don’t have much of an incentive to help you get out of your contract. Your resort is making money while collecting an interest rate on numerous fees and loans if you have them as well as your yearly maintenance fees. Occasionally, resorts may be willing to work with you to get out of your timeshare so they can increase their inventory to in turn sell to new timeshare owners, but this usually only applies if you do not owe a mortgage.

So what can you do to get rid of Massanutten timeshare? Timeshare exit companies are here to help. They may be able to get you out of Massanutten timeshare when you can’t sell, can’t donate, and can’t give it back to the resort you originally purchased from. We here at are a review website assisting timeshare owners with finding a reputable timeshare exit company to work with. We review timeshare exit companies and help you avoid scams. We usually advise that you work with a timeshare exit company that offers escrow as a payment method in order to avoid scams and false promises. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

Using escrow is a safe payment method to use while processing your Massanutten timeshare cancellation because you don’t have to pay all of the fees upfront to the timeshare exit company for the service. By using escrow, you do not have to pay the timeshare exit company in full until after the timeshare is canceled and out of your name. Timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option are the best choice by far. An escrow service provides protection for both the timeshare owner and the exit company.

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