Kings Creek Plantation Timeshare Cancellation

Kings Creek Plantation is a resort nestled into the scenic Williamsburg, Virginia. Golf packages, Olympic sized swimming pools and a variety of dining options make this resort a favored option while visiting the town. Right off your doorstep lies America’s historic triangle of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. After purchasing a timeshare with this resort and going on a few trips, you may find that you prefer to vacation to other locations instead. If you find yourself not using the timeshare, you may want to get rid of Kings Creek timeshare top stop your annual maintenance fees.

         It is very common for timeshare owners to believe their timeshare purchase was a good investment like real estate that would increase in value over time. However, in reality, the vast majority of timeshares decrease in value by fifty percent right after they are purchased from a resort developer. For example, head over to eBay or Craigslist and search “timeshare” and you will likly see several advertisements for as little as $1. Even at $1, you’ll likly see no one bidding on the timeshare, which indicates there is little to no market for the product. So how then can you cancel Kings Creek Plantation timeshare if you’re unable to sell it, even for $1?

         Timeshare exit companies exist to help you get out of your timeshare when you can’t sell it and your resort won’t take it back from you. These companies can help if you feel you were misled during the sales presentation to purchase a product that was misrepresented. Many work with lawyers to get your contact cancelled and stop your maintenance fees.

If you choose to work with a timeshare exit company, our recommendations is to work with companies that offer an escrow payment option so the timeshare exit company only gets paid after your timeshare is cancelled.

         Using escrow as a payment method is the best way to cancel your timeshare because it protects you from all possible scams. This is why so few timeshare exit companies offer escrow as a payment option. An escrow service provides protection for both the timeshare owner and the exit company because the company cannot get paid until they have followed through on their promise, and in turn, the companies are satisfied with the knowledge that they will get paid once the timeshare is canceled.

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