Advocate Financial Services Review

Advocate Financial Services is yet another timeshare exit company that may be able to help you cancel your timeshare. The company has been in business since 2011 and is in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

It looks like this company operates a little bit differently from the other timeshare exit companies. Rather than working with lawyers to cancel your timeshare, Advocate Financial Services says that it offers an “Educational Platform” that helps owners learn about laws that can be used to help consumers get rid of their timeshare. Everything is a little vague, so let’s head over to the Contract Cancellation page to learn more.

Heading over to the Contract Cancellation page and Advocate Financial Services begins to explain that timeshare owners have certain rights under “Consumer Protection Laws.” They claim that if the timeshare company lied and deceived you, then you may be entitled to receive compensation. This information sounds good in theory, but it must be noted that it is typically very difficult for a timeshare owner to get any kind of refund when cancelling their timeshare.

The “Educational Platform” is mentioned again on the Contract Cancellation page, and raises a few questions. If the company does not work with lawyers, what exactly are they doing for you? Why would you need to educate yourself on consumer protection laws if you need to hire a lawyer to help you cancel your timeshare? If you hire the right lawyer, he or she should already know what the consumer protection laws are.

We have lots of questions about what this company can do for you that you couldn’t do yourself.

On the credentials page, the company mentions that it is insured and bonded with a $50,000 surety bond. This is the first we’ve seen of this “surety bond” from any timeshare exit company. Apparently, this can protect consumers if Advocate Financial Services does not perform the service as promised. This is a different angle to a no up front fee escrow option. Although this sounds good, we’d still recommend working with companies that offer an escrow payment option so the company does not get paid until after the work has been completed. This keeps the timeshare exit company motivated to complete the work so they can get paid from the escrow account. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

Advocate Financial Services Review

There aren’t many reviews of this company online that we can find. We do see two reviews on the company’s BBB page though. One positive and one negative. The negative review mentions harassing phone calls, but it was resolved. The positive review mentions a successful cancellation of the client’s timeshare.

There are several positive reviews on the company’s website on the Testimonial page. Advocate Financial Services does a good job on this page because the testimonials appear to be live audio recordings and pictures of hand written testimonial letters. These could of course be fakes, but they look real enough.

Advocate Financial Services Cost

The Advocate Financial Services cost is not available online. This is typical in the timeshare exit industry. Each timeshare situation is different, so costs can vary.

Overall, our recommendation does not change. Always use an escrow payment option when cancelling your timeshare. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here. If you still have questions about cancelling your timeshare, contact us using live chat or submit a contact form on the right side of the page or give us a call at 213-282-5595.