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X Timeshares Review


X Timeshares is one more timeshare exit company that may be able to help you get rid of your timeshare. The company has been in business since 2019 and is located in Irvine, CA.

Heading over to the company’s website and we see a few things we dislike. To start, the company has stolen our copyrighted content on our website with the following statement on their homepage:

“Legal timeshare cancellation is easier in 2018 than it used to be. Many resorts have opened “take-back” programs that allow distressed timeshare owners to give their timeshare back to the resort developer. These programs are not available to all, but they are a good start.

If you own a timeshare with a brand or resort that doesn’t have an exit solution, you’ll need to either sell the timeshare, stop paying the maintenance fees and take the hit to your credit, or hire the assistance of a timeshare exit company. If you’re ready to get some assistance you’ve come to the right place.”

We wrote this content almost verbatim on our How To Get Rid of a Timeshare article several years ago.

Scrolling down further on the company’s homepage and we see some misleading statements. Here X Timeshare plays on customer emotions by leading them to believe that their children will get stuck with the timeshare if the timeshare is not cancelled. This isn’t exactly true. There are various options available to timeshare owners to prevent children from inheriting the timeshare upon a parent’s death. As long as the children are not added to the deed of the timeshare before the parent’s death, there is likely a method available to them to prevent them from inheriting the timeshare. An estate attorney should be able to help with this.

We also see that X Timeshares states that most timeshare exits do not need the intervention of a lawyer. This implies that X Timeshare does not use lawyers to assist with a timeshare cancellation, but we can’t say for sure. Not needing a lawyer to cancel your timeshare is certainty true for some timeshares, but we wouldn’t say “most” timeshare exit are able to operate this way.

Below this we see some reviews from the company’s customers. These reviews may be real, but it looks like X Timeshares has chosen to use stock photography images to represent each review. This means the company purchased the images rather than obtaining legitimate images from the customers that wrote the review. This can be problematic in some states because falsifying testimonials can be a felony.

Scrolling down further and we see that X Timeshares has written that 85% of all timeshare buyers regret their purchase. This quote has no source, so one must wonder where this quote comes from?

There isn’t much else on the website other than a “Check Eligibility” button, so we’ll explore that next. After going through the “Check Eligibility” survey a few times we learned that it doesn’t matter what you select because at the end of the process a form asking for your name, phone number and email address is displayed. So you’re not really checking eligibility, you’re just giving useless answers to a pointless survey.

If you choose to submit your information at the end of the “Check Eligibility” survey, there is a disclaimer stating that you are giving X Timeshares permission to share your information with its 8 other marketing partners. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it makes us wonder if X Timeshares is even a company that cancels your timeshare. Perhaps it simply sells your data to other companies?

X Timeshares Advertising

X Timeshares is a newer timeshare exit company that we often see advertising on Facebook. We have not seen this company advertising on any other platform at the moment. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but larger timeshare exit companies typically advertise in a few different outlets.

X Timeshares Reviews

Although X Timeshare is a newer timeshare exit company, the company does have more than 50 reviews on the BBB. The reviews appear to be mostly positive with 0 complaints as of 6/24/2020. The company also has a few positive reviews on Google as well.

X Timeshares Cost

Like virtually all timeshare exit companies, the cost for the company’s service is not available online. This is very common. Timeshare exit companies typically need to speak with you on the phone to figure out how much work and time it will take to cancel your timeshare. This calculation typically results in the price of the cancellation service.


In summary, there are a few things that concern us with X Timeshares. We particularly don’t like that the company has chosen to take our content and present it as their own. We also don’t see any mention of an escrow payment option on the website, which is something we like to recommend. When you pay with escrow, the timeshare exit company does not get paid in full until after the timeshare has been cancelled. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

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