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Lemon Lion Consulting Review

Anthony Labrada founded Lemon Lion Consulting in 2017, headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Lemon Lion Consulting, as an enterprise, comprises timeshare industry specialists with a combined experience of more than two decades. The company’s members have participated in various sales-related activities, including but not limited to vacation package sales, line sales, timeshare listings, and real estate sales. In recent years, Lemon Lion Consulting has facilitated the release of many timeshare owners from their contractual and financial obligations with resorts, granting them genuine financial independence. The organization is not a law firm and does not provide legal services.

The team’s collective expertise has resulted in developing a well-established procedure that guarantees the complete elimination of one’s timeshare. This procedure comes with a 100% success guarantee, or a full refund will be issued. In response to the impression of a lack of transparency in the timeshare industry, the company has taken a firm posture against all forms of evil behavior perpetrated by companies in this sector. The company aims to empower consumers to oppose such practices and promote greater industry accountability.

Lemon Lion Consulting has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to effecting change in the timeshare exit industry. This study outlines a reasonable approach to costs that do not compromise service quality. Lemon Lion Consulting has assisted numerous timeshare owners in terminating their contracts permanently and attaining financial independence from the resort. This Lemon Lion Consulting review provides a fair and accurate assessment of Lemon Lion Consulting. In this article, we have conducted an extensive analysis.

Lemon Lion Consulting Website Review

Lemon Lion Consulting has created a website to showcase its capabilities, services, and guiding principles. A sleek and modern layout greets site visitors on the homepage, featuring an enticing image and a phrase that concisely summarizes the company’s primary objective. The website exudes professionalism and conveys a sense of dependability, which contributes to formulating a positive first impression. The website’s header contains the company’s logo and slogan, a menu with links to the Homepage, About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, Proof of Performance, Contact Us, Self-Help pages, and a phone number.


The homepage has a professional appearance, and on it are the precise words that many timeshare owners have longed to hear. It does not merely ask clients to take the first step to remove their timeshare but to remove it permanently. To get started, a ‘Click Here’ icon leads to a consultation form. Lemon Lion Consulting assures its clients that it can assist.

Three stages are described on the homepage as to how Lemon Lion Consulting conducts its timeshare eliminations.

What Our Customers Have to Say

On this page, you will find selected Lemon Lion Consulting reviews from its customer; however, the source of the endorsement is not hyperlinked for citation reasons.

Want to Learn More?

The website homepage has a section labeled “learn more,” which the firm uses to persuade prospective customers to book a free consultation with an expert in the field for thirty minutes.

Self Help

Including a section labeled “Self-Help” on the website’s homepage demonstrates that the corporation thinks customers are responsible for being knowledgeable. Customers can either supply themselves with the necessary support or contact the appropriate channel as a direct consequence of this.

Say Goodbye Permanently to Your Timeshare Burden

The ‘Fight Back’ feature that may be seen on the site is part of an effort to urge customers to stand up for their liberty. Lemon Lion Consulting constantly tells customers that the developers of their timeshares are taking advantage of them and that they need to get brave for themselves.

Lemon Lion Consulting presents the customer with the logos of several reputable sources. It links to pages where the client can get further information about those sources and see what others have said about them. Some websites that fall within this category include Forbes, Trustpilot, and Google. At the bottom of the webpage, we can discover a map and contact information for Lemon Lion Consulting, such as their office location, phone and fax number, and email address. Going to Lemon Lion Consulting’s website and looking at the Homepage will give you solid foundational knowledge about the company, which is a notable achievement.

About Us

Lemon Lion Consulting summarizes its history, guiding principles, and team members; this explains the company’s broad capacity to aid enterprises in realizing their objectives and being innovative. According to reports, the staff comprises industry specialists with in-depth field knowledge, guaranteeing consumers receive customized and effective solutions. There is no mention of the company’s founder or employees, making it difficult for the client to relate to the business, as there are no photographs or job descriptions of the employees. This page also contains self-help resources.

Proof of Performance

There are testimonials on the Proof of Performance page; the Cancellation proof differentiates Lemon Lion Consulting from other Timeshare exit websites. Even though these documents are watermarked with the Lemon Lion Consulting logo, they may appear to be forged; however, they are all from separate timeshare resort developers. It is commendable that Lemon Lion Consulting has added this feature and concealed a sensitive portion of the document to protect its clients.

Contact Us

The company’s business hours and contact information are listed on the contact us page. This page contains the office address, phone number, and company email address. In addition to the contact information, this page contains a consulting form that doubles as a timeshare calculator.

Self Help

The Self-Help page is a resources page; Lemon Lion Consulting has made resources accessible to customers to enlighten them on dealing with and exiting their timeshare issues. 

Resources available are:

  • Rescission Resource: This material guides you on how to rescind your timeshare within the speculated timeframe.
  • Truth about resale: This material gives in-depth knowledge about truths timeshare owners should know about Timeshare resales.
  • Timeshare Exit Secrets: This material tells all the secrets that timeshare owners need to know while exiting their timeshare.
  • Agreement Reviews: This resource is designed for clients who need Lemon Lion Consulting to assist them in reviewing contracts at no cost.
  • Inhouse Financing: This resource guides clients to qualify for instant loans without denting their credit cards.

It is vital to point out that every page has an inviting pop-up for users to speak with an agent. Lemon Lion Consulting strongly emphasizes its dedication to expeditious and individualized communication, ensuring potential customers can contact them and initiate a dialogue about their consulting requirements. The Lemon Lion Consulting website is visually attractive and easy to navigate, both important design considerations. The color scheme is modern and vibrant, and the background is predominantly white, making the text easier to read. Visitors can go to various site areas due to the site’s well-designed and user-friendly navigation menu.

In general, Lemon Lion Consulting’s website conveys the company’s expertise, commitment to producing excellent results, and customer-centric approach. The website is a powerful instrument for attracting new clients and demonstrating the value that Lemon Lion Consulting brings to businesses seeking strategic direction and growth. Its engaging design, well-organized layout, and comprehensive content contribute to the site’s success in attaining these objectives. The site’s overview is adequate but could be improved.

Lemon Lion Consulting Cost

The website of Lemon Lion Consulting does not list any Lemon Lion Consulting costs. The timeshare cancellation industry is accustomed to this, as fees are frequently determined following a free consultation.

The cost of a timeshare contract is frequently determined by its complexity. And whether you still owe money on your mortgage has a substantial effect. Due to the difficulty terminating these contracts, your Lemon Lion Consulting cost could increase. Depending on your circumstances, the typical range for severance pay is between $2,000 and $15,000. As we frequently emphasize, you can discuss a better deal if the prices differ.

Lemon Lion Consulting Rating

Based on six user evaluations, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page for Lemon Lion Consulting has earned an “A” grade. In addition, the business has yet to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Lemon Lion Consulting reviews on Google a positive, with a 5-star rating from 11 Google reviews.

Overall verified review of Lemon Lion Consulting is good-looking but needs to be better, as Escrow needs to be mentioned for transparent payment protection over its clients.


Throughout the Lemon Lion Consulting review, there is no plan for an escrow payment option after obtaining a Lemon Lion Consulting cost list; as they do not provide an escrow payment option, it is difficult to determine the dependability of Lemon Lion Consulting as a whole. There is no mention of their cancellation policy, and it is unclear if they employ third-party timeshare attorneys or provide credit protection services. You should engage with a timeshare exit provider that provides an escrow payment option for your protection throughout the cancellation procedure. 

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By providing my contact information I am giving and its partners permission to contact me about this and future offers using the information provided including calls and text messages to my wireless telephone numbers. I also consent to use of emails and the use of an automated dialing device and prerecorded messages. I understand that my permission described herein overrides my listing on any state or federal do not call list and any prior listing on the do not call lists of our partners and is optional. I acknowledge that this consent may only be revoked by email notification to


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