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Interval Exit Services Review


Interval Exit Services is one more timeshare exit company that may be able to help you get rid of your timeshare. The company has been in business since 2019 and is located in Tampa, Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Website Review

Starting with the homepage and we see a few things we like and a few things we don’t. Interval Exit Services claims it has won 1,000’s of cases and had over $2,000,000 refunded to its clients. For a company that has only been in business since 2019, it’s unlikely that it has won 1,000’s of cases but it’s not impossible. It’s also unusual for a timeshare exit company to be able to obtain a refund for its clients, but again not impossible. Most timeshare exit companies are only able to cancel the timeshare and stop future maintenance fees.

We also see that Interval Exit Services claims a timeshare attorney is not necessary when attempting to cancel timeshare debt. This is similar to Wesley Financial Group, another timeshare exit company that does not use lawyers. While it is true that a lawyer is sometimes not needed to cancel a timeshare, in some cases, it is.

Heading over to the “What We Do” page and we see a common scare tactic used by many timeshare exit companies. Here the company mentions, “They want you to leave this to your kids??” indicating that heirs (kids) will be stuck with the timeshare upon the death of a family member. The truth is, there are several ways for heirs to refuse to take the timeshare upon the death of a family member. An informed estate attorney should be able to advise you of this along with other inheritance matters.

Continuing on down the What We Do page and we see that Interval Exit Services claims that timeshare sales strategies include mentions of buy back programs, but those claims of a buy back program aren’t actually true. This was true several years ago prior to 2016, but nowadays many timeshare developers have buy back options available for their owners. Although, these programs are usually only available to timeshare owners who are current on maintenance fees and do not have a mortgage on their timeshare.

Heading over to the Mission Statement page and we see a mention of a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. A 100% Money-Back Guarantee means nothing at all because you pay the timeshare exit company up-front and they may never return your money if they don’t cancel your timeshare. This is why we like to recommend timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option to cancel your timeshare so the timeshare exit company is not paid in full until after your timeshare is cancelled. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

Heading over to the FAQ page and we see that Interval Exit Services advises its websites visitors not use a timeshare exit company if the timeshare is paid off. Instead IES advises owners to contact your timeshare developer directly and see if they will take it back. This is good advice, but we are confused why IES has a page on its website under “services” for paid off timeshares?

Heading over to the “Mortgaged Contracts” Services page and we see that IES offers a Ownership/Debt Reduction service and a Ownership/Debt Elimination service. Apparently, these services may be able to help you eliminate or reduce your timeshare debt, but they won’t cancel your timeshare. This differs from many of the other timeshare exit companies in existence because most exit companies advertise services to cancel your timeshare, not just reduce the amount you own.

Interval Exit Services Reviews

Interval Exit Services reviews are hard to come by online. As of 5/28/20, we can only find three reviews on Google and one review on the BBB. The one review on the BBB is from someone who admits they were not a customer, but wish they had been after receiving a cold call from IES. This is a bit unusual because people typically do not like to receive cold calls. Most legitimate companies in this industry don’t make cold calls either.

Two of the reviews on Google are positive, and again both reviews mention being called by IES. Neither positive reviews mentions obtaining a successful exit from their timeshare. Seems a bit odd that three positive reviews for this company don’t mention anything about getting rid of a timeshare. Their is one negative review on Google that mentions a rude employee, but IES responded to it as best it could.

Interval Exit Services Cost

Like most timeshare exit companies, the Interval Exit Services cost is not show on its website. This may come out in future online reviews though.


Overall, there were a few things that concerned us when reviewing Interval Exit Services, but nothing over the top. We still like to recommend using timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option because the timeshare exit company does not get paid until after the timeshare is cancelled. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

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