Orange Lake Timeshare Cancellation

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Orange Lake Resort is a timeshare resort in Kissimmee, Florida near all of Orlando and Kissimme’s top attractions. With lazy rivers, waterslides, four golf courses and plenty of kids activities, this resort is a family’s idyllic getaway. If Disney World isn’t your thing, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Gatorland, and the Kennedy Space Center are also nearby for your enjoyment. Although Orange Lake Resort is one of the most highly rated resorts in the area, some guests who purchased timeshare here have eventually found themselves wanting to get rid of Orange Lake Resort timeshare.

A search on eBay for “Orange Lake timeshare” brings up several results of owners looking to sell their Orange Lake timeshare. Many of these timeshare advertisements are being advertised for as low as $1 as of 5/15/19. Furthermore, many of the ads priced as low as $1 don’t have any bids on them (although some do). When a timeshare is being sold online for $1 and very few people are bidding to buy it, that is a good indication that owners of that timeshare are having a difficult time selling the timeshare, even for next to nothing.

The truth is, no timeshare is an investment. Unlike real estate, timeshare does not typically increase in value. In fact, it almost always decreases in value the second it is purchased through a resort developer directly. Timeshare isn’t real estate, and in the case of Orange Lake, it’s just points with Holiday Inn. If you bought these Holiday Inn points, you basically just bought the privilege to stay at Holiday Inn resorts each year for a very long time. Even if you ask an Orange Lake timeshare salesperson if the timeshare is an investment, he or she is required to say it is not because it is against the law for a real estate agent to say a timeshare is an investment that increases in value in Florida.

So then, how can you get out of your Orange Lake timeshare if you can’t sell it on eBay for $1? Fortunately, Orange Lake resorts now offers a “take back” program where, in some cases, they will let you give the timeshare back to them. You may have to pay them a fee to do this, but at least your maintenance fees will stop.

If you feel Orange Lake misrepresented their product when you purchased it, you may want to consider speaking with a timeshare exit company for legal representation. Although, it’s almost always going to be cheaper and less hassle to give the timeshare back to Orange Lake. You did sign a legally binding contract, after all.

If you choose to hire a timeshare exit company for legal representation, our recommendation is to only work with companies that offer a no up front fee escrow payment option. Escrow is important because it is the safest way to get out of your timeshare and avoids the scammers. By using escrow as a payment method, the timeshare exit company will not get paid until your timeshare is out of your name. Any company can promise you the guarantee of your money back, but with escrow the timeshare exit company doesn’t actually get paid until after the job is done.

Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here. Or, submit a contact form, initiate live chat or give us a call for your free timeshare exit consultation.
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