GeoHoliday Timeshare Cancellation

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GeoHoliday is a vacation club that uses credits-based innovations and exchange systems that claim to offer flexibility and more travel opportunities. There are about 4,500 different resorts that are available to timeshare holders including some in Mexico, Spain, Europe, and Asia. With a timeshare membership, you can travel to the beaches or the mountains; however, your options may not be as flexible and carefree as you once thought.

         You might be wondering how to get rid of your Geo Holiday timeshare because of the costly membership and maintenance fees, or realizing you can travel on your own for less money. Many timeshare owners who previously believed their timeshare was a good investment later find out the truth. The majority of timeshares and travel club memberships decrease in value by 50% or more after they are purchased from a resort developer directly. Currently, eBay has timeshares for sale for $1 with no bids and no buyers, this is due to timeshare owners wanting to get out of their purchase and put this mistake behind them.

         How can you get out of this bad investment? The timeshare wasn’t all that it was pitched to be, that’s clear. Now you are trapped with a legally binding document that GeoHoliday may be unwilling to help you get out of. GeoHoliday may allow you to give the membership back to them, but if you have a loan it may not possibly. Even if it’s paid in full, you may still have issues. The trick is finding someone high up enough in management that has the power to take it back. Giving it back is always the best option if it is available. The last thing you want to be is another seller on eBay with no bids and no offers on a $1 timeshare purchase.

         When you can’t sell your membership and can’t give it back, timeshare exit companies exist to assist you. These companies can help you get out of GeoHoliday timeshare when no other options are left. We only recommend using timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option, so you are protected from scams. Escrow is important because it is the safest way to get out of your timeshare because you do not pay the exit company any money up-front. By using escrow, the timeshare exit company will not get paid until your timeshare is out of your name. Any company can promise you the guarantee of your money back if you aren’t satisfied with their work, but this is often not as it seems. Escrow is the only realistic option when it comes to your safety as a client.

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