Helping Timeshare Owners Review

Helping Timeshare Owners is one of the many timeshare exit companies that claims it can help you get rid of your timeshare. The company has been in business since 2010 and its headquarters is located in Orlando, FL. The company also has affiliate locations all over the U.S. in states such as Idaho, Missouri, California, Texas, Utah, Washington, Nevada and Oklahoma. A timeshare exit company by the name of Orlando Ventures is closely tied to Helping Timeshare Owners according to the BBB.

Like most other timeshare exit companies, Helping Timeshare Owners offers a 100% money back guarantee. This doesn’t really mean anything at all because the company could take your money up-front and never cancel your timeshare and refuse to provide you with a refund. This is why we here at like to recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option so the the company only gets paid AFTER your timeshare is cancelled. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

A company can take your money and promise you the world, but that doesn’t mean the company will follow through with its promises. Think back to when you first purchased your timeshare. Did the salesperson that sold you the timeshare make promises that you later found to be untrue? When you pay up-front, you lose all power and control and are at the mercy of the company you paid.

When reviewing the rest of the website, everything else appears relatively normal. On its /timeshare-cancellation/ page, it is a little odd that the company says you do not need to retain a timeshare cancellation lawyer to cancel your timeshare (as of 7/13/18). Without an attorney, the company doesn’t have any legal muscle available to bully your resort into cancelling your contract. This can sometimes result in a cheaper timeshare exit solution. However, it begs the question, if they’re not using a lawyer, what is it that they’re doing that you couldn’t do yourself?

We like how the company mentions that you are able to cancel the timeshare yourself if you fall within the state’s rescission period, which is usually 3 – 7 days. If you purchased your timeshare within the past week, it’s highly unlikely that you need to hire a company to help you with cancellation. You can easily cancel yourself by following the rescission instructions that should have been provided to you when you purchased the timeshare.

Helping Timeshare Owners Reviews

Update – As of 11/22/19 – Helping Timeshare Owners now has an F with the BBB along with 43 complaints. There is also a “pattern of complaints” warning on the BBB for this company.

This company previously had an A+ back on 7/13/18. This shows you how quickly a company’s reputation can change. This is exactly why we like to recommend exit companies that offer an escrow payment option. You never know if the company is going to take your money and not cancel your timeshare. When you pay with escrow, the company does not get paid in full until after your timeshare is cancelled.

When reading through the complaints on the BBB, it appears that many are related to a lack of communication and a demand for a refund. Some complaints mention that Helping Timeshare Owners told them to stop paying their timeshare maintenance fees. This is typically not good (or legal) advice considering that this can result in a negative mark on your credit score. Helping Timeshare Owners does appear to respond to each complaint until it is resolved, which is a good sign.

Helping Timeshare Owners Cost

Like most timeshare exit companies, the Helping Timeshare Owners cost is not displayed on its cost. However, many customers mention the price they were charged on the BBB. By reading through the BBB, we see some customers mention being charged $3,192, $1,826 and $1,862.

Overall, our advice does not change. Never pay an up-front fee to cancel your timeshare. Speak with us on live or submit the contact form on the right side of this page for your free timeshare exit consultation.