Timeshare Exit Solutions Review & Cost

The brand Timeshare Exit Solutions has a bad reputation for scamming consumers in Europe. They’ve been known to call timeshare owners without the owners giving them consent to do so. This is a big red flag in the timeshare exit industry. No company should ever call you unless you give them express permission to do so. This is sometimes referred to as “cold calling.”

This company was originally operating off of a European domain name, but their website has since been taken down. Their scam is a bit more complex than others commonly found in the timeshare exit industry today. They set up multiple business names to make it seem like each business is endorsing the other one. You may sign up for a service with one company that looks legitimate, and then later receive an unsolicited call from Timeshare Exit Solutions. You may wonder why Timeshare Exit Solutions has called you, but the way they position themselves makes them seem reputable.

Here’s what’s going on. You sign up for one company that looks legitimate, and then that company turns around and sells your contact information to Timeshare Exit Solutions. They may even be the same company! Timeshare Exit Solutions then calls you and tells you that they’re working with the other company you signed up with. They will say you must pay them an “arbitration” fee to complete the cancellation of your timeshare with the other, legitimate company. Once this fee is paid, Timeshare Exit Solutions disappears. The up-front cost of their “service” can range from a couple hundred dollars to even a couple thousand!

When you call the other “legitimate” company that you signed up with and tell them you spoke with their affiliate, Timeshare Exit Solutions, they will say they have no idea what you’re talking about. In some cases, this may be true. Timeshare Exit Solutions may have hacked your contact information from the original company you signed up with. Most of the time this is not the case though. It’s most likely the same company wrapping you up in one big web of carefully crafted lies.

There really isn’t a reason why you should ever have to pay an “arbitration” fee. This fee doesn’t typically exist. If you use the services of a timeshare broker, this could be considered an arbitrator, but it’s not really the same thing. Timeshare brokers work on your behalf to sell your timeshare and don’t get paid until it is sold. It is illegal for a timeshare broker to collect money up front. This is what makes the “arbitration” fee even more absurd.

When looking to exit your timeshare you should either work with a timeshare exit company or your resort directly. Never a middle man such as a timeshare “arbitrator.” In some cases your resort may relieve you of your timeshare commitment if you agree to pay a few year’s of maintenance fees. This is a win-win situation for the resort. Your resort doesn’t have to deal with foreclosing on your timeshare. It will also have enough time to resell your unit to someone else. If your resort isn’t willing to work with you and you don’t think you can sell your timeshare on the resale market, you don’t have many options left and may then may consider the services of a timeshare exit company.

Not all timeshare exit companies that collect an up-front fee are a scam, but with so many of them that don’t, why would you take the risk? This is basic street smarts. At least ask for the ability to pay half up-front and half when the timeshare is out of your name. Most timeshare exit companies are not large operations with strict corporate policies. If you simply express your concerns to them they may be willing to work with you until you’re comfortable enough to use their services.

Now that Timeshare Exit Solutions has been exposed by our specialists and many others around the web, it’s very possible that they’ve changed their name. This is not uncommon with fraudulent timeshare exit companies. Many times scammers will operate under one name for a while and move to something different when they begin to receive bad press. Always be cautious of the up-front fee and always do your research. Good luck!