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Nationwide Settlement Solutions Review


Nationwide Settlement Solutions is another timeshare exit company that can help you cancel your timeshare. The company is based in Springfield, Missouri and was started in 2011 according to the BBB.

When reading over the company website, a few things stand out. For one, the company claims that it “is effective at timeshare termination 100% of the time.” A few sentences later they mention that they first determine if you’re eligible for their Resort Timeshare Fraud Victim status. So, what happens if you are not eligible for the Resort Timeshare Fraud Victim status? Does that mean the company can’t cancel your timeshare? This makes their original claim of “effective at timeshare termination 100% of the time” a bit confusing. Perhaps they are only “effective 100% of the time” if you are eligible for their service?

On their “what we do” page the company claims it can help you “Navigate the cooling off period process.” This is a big red flag if the company is charging customers thousands of dollars for this service. You absolutely do not need to hire a company to help you cancel your timeshare if you’ve recently purchased it within the past few weeks and are eligible for the state’s cooling off period. The cooling off period is a block of time, usually one or two weeks, that new timeshare owners are protected by state laws that allow them to rescind their timeshare purchase for a full refund. Each state has different timeshare recession laws, but most give owners one or two weeks to cancel and there is nothing the resort can do about it. A quick Google search for “timeshare recession” will give you all the information you need about this process.

If you’re extremely lazy and don’t want to do any research about timeshare recession laws, perhaps hiring a company like Nationwide Settlement Solutions to help would be a good option for you. Perhaps Nationwide Settlement Solutions is providing this cooling off period advice for free? In this case, the company would be performing a respectable service.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Reviews

Nationwide Settlement Solutions reviews on the company website are all very positive. There are customers on review platforms such as Yelp, Google and others giving the company 5/5 stars. However, the BBB page for this company is quite a bit different.

When we originally looked at Nationwide Settlement Solutions Reviews back in December 2016 we noted them having a B+ on the BBB. As of 6/12/18, the BBB has rated this company with an F. There are 49 complaints on their BBB page and the BBB has mentioned several issues with the company’s advertising messages. The BBB also mentions that the owner of Nationwide Settlement Solutions, Michael Miles, is also the owner of a company called American Settlement Services, which is another timeshare exit company. American Settlement Services is not yet rated by the BBB, but this company has 16 complaints on the BBB as of 6/12/18.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Cost

Like all timeshare exit companies, this company does not display its costs online. However, a look through some BBB complaints shows customers mentioning a cost of $2,500, $8,995, $7,000 and $5,300. The company offers a “100% money-back guarantee” which indicates that the company wants you to pay them up-front before the timeshare cancellation service is complete. It is the policy of to advise all timeshare owners to NEVER pay an up-front fee to cancel their timeshare contracts. What happens if the company takes your money and doesn’t perform the services it says it is going to and then doesn’t refund your money? What are you going to do? Report them to the BBB?


Be careful with any company that wants to charge an up-front fee to cancel your timeshare. You’re placing trust in the company to keep to its word. Did the salesperson who sold you the timeshare keep to their word? Maybe not. Something to think about.


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