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Wesley Financial Group Review

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    Wesley Financial Group is one of the largest and most established timeshare exit companies in the industry. The company has been in business since 2011 and has offices in both Franklin, TN and Las Vegas, Nevada. 

    Wesley has more than 450 employees and has assisted more than 15,000 thousand timeshare owners with their timeshare issues. The company has managed to scale up its operation significantly while maintaining a high level of customer service along the way.

    Wesley Financial Group Cancellation Process

    Unlike other timeshare exit companies, Wesley Financial Group does not use lawyers to resolve your timeshare issues. Instead, Wesley helps its customers write letters and make phone calls to their timeshare company. This is referred to as the “Advocate Model” by Wesley.

    According to Wesley’s email newsletter, the Advocate Model is superior to using lawyers to get you out of your timeshare for a number of reasons. One reason being that when a lawyer is used to send a letter to your timeshare company, the letter is sent to the timeshare company’s legal department for review. Now that legal action has been taken by you, all communication with your timeshare company will probably go through the timeshare company’s massive legal department. Once this happens, the timeshare company may put your account on lockdown and make it nearly impossible for you or any other exit company to resolve your timeshare issue. The legal department will tell you that “you signed a contract” and ignore your legal demand letters.

    Wesley’s cancellation process does not use legal letters to cancel your timeshare, so the timeshare company does not think you’ve hired a lawyer to attempt to get you out of your timeshare. According to Wesley, this results in more successful timeshare cancellations.

    We here at, agree that this method of timeshare exit can be effective, but disagree that a lawyer is not ever needed. In some situations, a lawyer may be essential to a timeshare exit. 

    For example, some timeshare resort developers will not listen to your complaints without the threats of a lawyer by your side. You can send the resort multiple letters and complaints, but the timeshare resort developer may simply not respond. A lawyer can put pressure on the resort in a way that you may not be able to and force a response from the timeshare company.

    A lawyer may also be able to sue the timeshare developer in an attempt to get you your money back. This is especially helpful in situations where you believe you were lied to or deceived. Getting money back is rare whether you choose to use a lawyer or not though.

    Either way, Wesley offers a 100% Money-Back guarantee so you really don’t have anything to worry about if the company’s method to timeshare exit doesn’t work for you. Wesley has been doing this for a long time and won’t even take you on as a client if it doesn’t think it can help resolve your timeshare issue.

    Wesley Financial Group vs Do It Yourself

    Wesly does not use lawyers to attempt to get you out of your timeshare, so you must ask yourself what the benefits are to using its services over simply doing it yourself. Some timeshare resort developers have initiated timeshare exit programs of their own that may be able to assist you with getting out of your timeshare.

    As of February, 2021, the following timeshare resort developers offer a “deed back” or “take back” program according to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA).

    • Capital Vacations®
    • Club Wyndham®
    • Diamond Resorts®
    • Hilton Grand Vacations®
    • Holiday Inn Club Vacations® (IHG®)
    • Orange Lake®
    • Hyatt Residence Club®
    • Margaritta Vacation Club by Wyndham®
    • Marriott Vacation Club®
    • Shell Vacation Club®
    • Sheraton Vacation Club®
    • Bluegreen Vacations®
    • Vistana Signature Experiences®
    • Welk Resorts®
    • Westgate Resorts®
    • Westin Vacation Club®
    • WorldMark by Wyndham®

    According to ARDA, you should be able to contact these timeshare developers and have them take the timeshares back from you without the help of a timeshare exit company. The problem is that this isn’t entirely true. We here at have heard multiple reports from timeshare owners who have tried to contact their resort and have them take the timeshare back only to be told “you signed a contract.”

    If you owe a mortgage on your timeshare or are behind on maintenance fees, many timeshare resort developers won’t be interested in letting you give the timeshare back to them. 

    If you’re current on maintenance fees and are paid in full on the mortgage, the timeshare company may still not take the timeshare back even though ARDA has claimed it would. This is where things can get tricky if you’re attempting to get rid of your timeshare on your own without the help of an exit company like Wesley Financial.

    If your timeshare company has chosen not to take your timeshare back, you’re now left with two choices. 

    1. Hire Wesley Financial Group to help you through the timeshare exit process and attempt to protect your credit.
    2. Attempt to get rid of the timeshare yourself.

    If you choose to try and get rid of your timeshare yourself, there is a higher chance that your credit will be negatively affected at the end of the process. Your timeshare company may also attempt to sue you for losses and garnish your wages, but this is rare.

    Wesley Financial Group is here to help when your timeshare company chooses to ignore your requests to get out of your timeshare. The company has resolved thousands of timeshare issues for its clients and has methods to protect your credit throughout the process.

    Qualification For Services

    Unlike other unscrupulous timeshare exit companies, Wesley Financial Group is selective with the timeshare owners it works with. The company will only work with timeshare owners that feel they were lied to or misrepresented during the sales process. 

    So, if you inherited the timeshare from your parents or purchased the timeshare on the resale market, Wesley won’t be able to help because you did not originally purchase the timeshare.

    The company is also selective with the timeshare developers it works with. Wesley is able to work with more than 300 different timeshare resort developers around the world, but it can’t work with some travel clubs.

    Wesley gets a +1 from us for being selective with the timeshare owners and developers it works with.

    A greedy timeshare exit company would take everyone on as a client and hope for the best. Wesley isn’t about that. The company is only interested in working with owners it knows it can help. This is likely why the company has been in business for as long as it has and has garnered so few negative reviews online.

    Note – A travel club is different from a vacation club. Some timeshare developers stopped calling their product a timeshare and changed the name to “Vacation Club” or “Vacation Ownership” because the word “timeshare” had become too affiliated with a scam. For example, “Marriott Vacation Club” or “Disney Vacation Club.” A travel club would be something where you pay for a membership in exchange for access to different “travel discounts.” Two examples of travel clubs would be Travel Advantage Network and Pacific Palm Destinations.   

    Track Record of Success

    According to a press release in early 2020, Wesley announced that it had “successfully cancelled 3,390 timeshares in 2019, resulting in nearly $50 million in mortgage debt relief for its clients.”
    According to the same press release, the company cancelled 1,114 timeshares in 2018 with nearly $15 million debt relief. The press release further goes on to state that it typically takes Wesley an average of less than 300 days to resolve your timeshare issues. 
    A new press release was published in January 2021 that stated Wesley experienced year-over-year increases of 195% in timeshares canceled and 234% in the amount of debt relief. This press release also mentions that Wesley was named Fortune Best Workplaces for Women™ for 2020 and debuted at No. 203 in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies.
    Cancelling thousands of timeshares is no easy feat. Wesley’s growth from year to year is a strong indicator of its successful timeshare resolution process.

    Wesley Financial Group Is Financially Strong

    Wesley offers a 100% Money-Back guarantee, so it is important that it has enough money in the bank to honor this guarantee should it ever need to. In the past, there was a company by the name of Resort Release that offered a 100% Money-Back guarantee, but did not have the money in the bank available to honor the guarantee so the authorities shut Resort Release down.

    Wesley has a high rating with Dun & Bradstreet which shows it is financially strong and has a high net worth, among other things. A high net worth is important because it shows that Wesley Financial Group is able to keep its promise of a 100% money-back guarantee if the resolution of your timeshare issue is not achieved.

    It is unlikely that a Wesley Financial Group customer will need make use of this 100% Money-Back Guarantee though because Wesley does not take on customers it doesn’t think it can help. 

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    Wesley Financial Group Reviews

    Wesley Financial Group has more than 250 positive reviews on Google, more than 400 positive reviews on Trustpilot and more than 200 positive reviews on Best Company. The fact that the company has positive reviews on various websites around the Internet speaks volumes about its legitimacy. 

    Wesley also has an A+ on the BBB with only 25 complaints in the past three years. This is an impressive feat for a company that assisted 3,390 timeshare owners in 2019 and 1,114 owners in 2018.  

    Let’s analyze a few reviews to determine their validity: 


    This is exactly the kind of review we want to see from a timeshare owner. The timeshare owner, Dan, states that Wesley Financial Group helped him get rid of his Marriott timeshare AND get money back from Marriott. It is not common for a timeshare owner to receive money back after a timeshare cancellation, but Wesley made it happen, and within only two months!

    Here is another great review from customer Yyvette Wade. What we like about this review is the owner stating that they did not receive a bad mark on their credit report. Some timeshare exit companies will assist with your timeshare cancellation, but your credit will receive a negative mark. That does not appear to be the case with this customer. 


    This positive review was found on Best Company and mentions a Wyndham timeshare cancellation with a debt of a $170,000.  That is an awful lot of money to save a timeshare owner!


    Wesley Financial Group reviews also include video testimonials from customers. Video testimonials are the highest level of review a company can receive. Think about it. If a husband and wife is willing to go on camera and endorse a company, they are likely satisfied customers. They aren’t hiding behind a keyboard and they’re willing to put their name out there to express their gratitude for the company’s services. This is another good indication that Wesley Financial Group is a trustworthy company. Have a look at some of these video testimonials here:

    Wesley Financial Group Cost

    Reviews online can help give you an idea of the Wesley Financial Group cost. Some reviews state that the cost was $4,000 while others have stated their cost to be $23,000. In general, if you owe a mortgage on your timeshare, the cost will be higher than if it’s paid in full. This is true for most, if not all, timeshare exit services.

    Like almost all timeshare exit companies in existence, Wesley Financial Group does not disclose its cost online. This is understandable because timeshare cancellation is a customized service. Some timeshares are easier to cancel than others. The mortgage balance on the timeshare can also be a factor. You will need to contact Wesley Financial Group directly for an accurate quote, as every timeshare situation is different.

    Chuck McDowell Lawsuit Against Wyndham

    Chuck McDowell is the CEO of Wesley Financial Group. He has had a significant impact on the timeshare exit industry because he won a lawsuit against one of the largest timeshare resort developers in existence, Wyndham. The lawsuit was brought by Wyndham against Chuck McDowell for allegedly divulging Wyndham’s trade secrets when helping timeshare owners cancel their timeshares. The jury took only 12 minutes to decide that Chuck McDowell did not divulge Wyndham’s trade secrets, so Chuck McDowell won the case. This was a major step forward for consumers hoping to get rid of their timeshare, and Chuck McDowell took the risk in court against Wyndham to make it happen. 

    Wesley Financial Group Commercial

    This company has run commercials to advertise its services. The commercial features company owner, Chuck McDowell, and two of the company’s satisfied customers. Again, video testimonials from actual customers are always a very positive sign. If the commercial featured paid actors, the company would not be as trustworthy. New commercials from the company mention a website by the name of This is a different domain name, but the brand behind it is Wesley Financial Group. reviews should be one in the same with Wesley Financial Group.


    Typically, we advise timeshare owners to work with timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option because this ensures the timeshare exit company does not get paid in full until after your timeshare has been cancelled. However, using an escrow payment option will usually result in a higher fee for the timeshare exit company’s services.

    Wesley Financial Group does not offer an escrow payment option, but we’ve chosen to make an exception with them because of their high Dun and Bradstreet rating and years in business. This means you may be able to save some money by not needing to worry about paying extra for an escrow payment option with a different exit company.

    Wesley Financial Group is not a fly-by-night timeshare exit company that is going to take your money and run. The company has the financial net worth to return your money if it is unable to cancel your timeshare. Overall, Wesley Financial Group is one timeshare exit company that we can recommend for help with your timeshare cancellation.

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