Wesley Financial Group Review

Wesley Financial Group is another timeshare exit company that might be able to help you get rid of your timeshare. The company has been in business since 2012 and has its main headquarters in Nashville, TN.

This company has an interesting backstory. According to a prnewswire.com press release from 2011, one of the owners of Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell, was previously a Vice President of Sales at a company called The Vacation Ownership Group (VO Group). The VO Group was shut down by the FBI in 2013 for fraud and other charges according to this court document here. McDowell was not included in any of the sentencing hearings involving VO Group. This might be because he wasn’t an employee of VO Group when the FBI shut them down. Perhaps McDowell foresaw the FBI investigation and got out early?  

Wesley Financial Group Cost

Like almost all timeshare exit companies in existence, Wesley Financial Group does not disclose its cost online. We recommend always being cautious of any timeshare exit company that wants to charge an up-front fee for its services. You could pay the company to begin a timeshare cancellation service, and then later find out that the company has simply taken your money and run or gone out of business. This recently happened with a company called Aconsumercredit in Florida. Timeshare owners paid Aconsumercredit money up-front to cancel their timeshares, and then Aconsumercredit went out of business and none of their customers got their money back. This is why we only recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer a no up-front fee escrow option. A “100% Money-Back Guarantee” means absolutely nothing.  Learn more about why a no up-front fee escrow option is important.

Wesley Financial Group Reviews

Wesley Financial Group has an A+ with the BBB and 53 positive reviews as of 4/9/18. There are 4 complaints on their BBB page, but all have been addressed and answered by Wesley Financial Group. Furthermore, Wesley Financial Group reviews on glassdoor.com are mostly positive, but these reviews are written by employees themselves as that is the nature of glassdoor.com. The company’s website, timesharecancellations.com, has several positive testimonials from their customers. Their Yelp page isn’t as positive though. There is one disgruntled customer demanding a refund, and 3 other positive reviews.

Wesley Financial Group reviews also include video testimonials from their customers on their website. Video testimonials are the highest level of review a company can receive. Think about it. If a husband and wife is willing to go on camera and endorse a company, they are likely satisfied customers. They aren’t hiding behind a keyboard and they’re willing to put their name out there just to express their gratitude for the company’s services.

Wesley Financial Group Commercial

This company has run commercials to advertise its services. The commercial features company owner, Chuck McDowell, and two of the company’s satisfied customers. Again, video testimonials from actual customers are always a very positive sign. If the commercial featured paid actors, the company would not be as trustworthy. New commercials from the company mention a website by the name of icanceltimeshare.com. This is a different domain name, but the brand behind it is Wesley Financial Group. icanceltimeshare.com reviews should be one in the same with Wesley Financial Group.

Chuck McDowell Lawsuit Against Wyndham

The commercial also mentions a court case that Chuck McDowell was involved in against Wyndham, one of the largest timeshare companies. It’s important to note that the lawsuit he won didn’t involve getting a timeshare owner out of their timeshare. The lawsuit was brought by Wyndham against Chuck McDowell for allegedly divulging Wyndham’s trade secrets. The jury decided that Chuck McDowell did not divulge Wyndham’s trade secrets, so Chuck McDowell won. You may read more about the lawsuit here.

Note – icanceltimeshare.com is the same as Wesley Financial Group, so don’t get confused.

Overall, we always advise using an escrow option to cancel your timeshare. Contact us through live chat or the contact form on the right side of this page to learn about no up-front fee escrow options to cancel your timeshare.