Resort Advisory Group Review

Resort Advisory Group is one more timeshare exit company that can help you cancel your timeshare. The company has been in business since 2011 and is located in Vista, California.

Having a look at the Resort Advisory Group website, the first thing that stands out to us is the mention of a 100% money-back guarantee and how Resort Advisory Group will “refund” you the fee for their services. This indicates that Resort Advisory Group charges an up-front fee to cancel your timeshare. We here at never recommend working with any timeshare exit company that charges an up-front fee. Doing so could result in you paying for the company’s services, and the company never doing what they said they were going to do. There have been many examples of this happening recently with fraudulent companies such as Resort Relief, Aconsumercredit, Last Resort Fee and more. Learn more about 100% money-back vs no up-front escrow fees here.

Moving on to the Services page, nothing out of the ordinary here. Resort Advisory Groups explains that it can help timeshare owners who were lied to during the sales presentation. It appears as though Resort Advisory Group is only interested in working with timeshare owners who may have faced illegal sales tactics during the timeshare presentation. This differs from other timeshare exit companies that cancel timeshares regardless of if you were lied to or not during the presentation.

Moving over to the Process page and we get Resort Advisory Group’s 7 step process for cancelling your timeshare. Here we see that Resort Advisory Group will send potential customer’s a booklet for them to fill out and send back before beginning with the timeshare exit. It looks as though Resort Advisory Group is carefully vetting its potential clients before working with them, which can be a good sign.

The FAQ page is packed with useful information about the company. Here Resort Advisory Group explains how it pressures resorts to cancel contracts. Resort Advisory Group mentions that, in some cases, customers can get a refund on their timeshare purchase. This is surprising considering the recent changes in law in Florida that have made refunds due to misrepresentations made during a timeshare sales presentation much more difficult to achieve. Perhaps this is marketing fluff.

The FAQ page also mentions that it typically takes six to 12 months to cancel the timeshare. This is in-line with many other timeshare exit companies, no surprises here. What is most interesting on the FAQ page is that Resort Advisory Group admits that it is not a law firm. This conflicts with the “Why work with Resort Advisory Group?” FAQ question that says some timeshare contracts will not stand in a court of law. If Resort Advisory Group is not a law firm, how is it so sure what will and will not stand in a court of law?

It has also come to our attention that Resort Advisory Group is likely the same company as Timeshare Compliance, but we can not legally say this is a fact. The two websites are very similar though and both have the same blog author of “Michael Santos”. Both websites are hosted on the same server as well.

Resort Advisory Group Reviews

Resort Advisory Group reviews on its website are obviously very positive. These written reviews mention great customer service and an overall a pleasant experience. Reviews on a company’s website aren’t exactly trustworthy though as the company could simply be making them up. Let’s see what reviews off the website have to say.

Reviews off-site are also very positive. A few negative reviews mention that Resort Advisory Group ignores Do Not Call lists and engages in robo-calling activities, but we cannot verify these claims. Most other reviews on the BBB and Facebook are positive.

Resort Advisory Group Cost & Fees

The Resort Advisory Group cost is not available online. It is not displayed on the company website and does not seem to appear in any reviews made about the company’s services. Resort Advisory Group says it can’t display its fees on its website because it doesn’t know how much time your specific timeshare cancellation will take. This is a fair statement.

Overall, we still recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option, so you are 100% protected from all possible scams. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here. Why take the risk when there are other companies that do not charge up front?

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