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Timeshare Compliance Review

Last updated August 17th, 2022

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    Timeshare Compliance is a trustworthy timeshare exit company that may be able to cancel your timeshare even if you still owe a mortgage. The company has been in business since 2012 and is based out of Irvine, California.

    When reviewing the company’s website, the main thing that immediately stands out to us is the Escrow payment option. Using an Escrow service to cancel your timeshare is the smartest thing you can do because the timeshare exit company does not get paid in full until after the timeshare has been cancelled. Learn more about 100% money-back vs low up-front escrow here.

    Timeshare Compliance gets a +1 from us for offering an escrow option.

    Website Review

    When reviewing the company’s “Services” page it appears that Timeshare Compliance specializes in helping timeshare owners who feel they were deceived during the sales presentation. This differs from other timeshare exit companies that claim they can simply help anyone who wants to exit. The fact that Timeshare Compliance is selective with the timeshare owners it chooses to work with is a very good sign. In the past, a greedy timeshare exit company by the name of Resort Release took on every single client without any sort of selection process and later went bankrupt because it couldn’t cancel everyone’s timeshare. Timeshare Compliance is selective with its clients because it only wants to work with timeshares it knows it can cancel. 

    Working our way over to the Calculator page and we see an interesting tool that helps timeshare owners understand how much money they are truly spending on their timeshare each year. This can