Timeshare Compliance Review

Timeshare Compliance is one of the many timeshare exit companies that may be able to cancel your timeshare contract. The company has been in business since 2012 and is based out of Irvine, California.

When reviewing the company’s website, the main thing that immediately stands out to us is the Escrow payment option. Using an Escrow service to cancel your timeshare is the smartest thing you can do. When you use an Escrow service, you protect yourself from scams because your money is not released to the timeshare exit company until the company has successfully canceled your timeshare. Learn more about 100% money-back vs no up-front escrow here. Timeshare Compliance gets a +1 from us for offering a no up-front fee escrow option.

The company’s “Compliance” page is unique and not something we’ve seen on any other timeshare exit company’s website. Here you can click through to the state in which you purchased the timeshare and learn more about how the laws in that state can be used to get you out of your timeshare contract. Timeshare Compliance has packed these pages full of detailed information. They’ve even gone so far as to cite their sources with links to websites with more information about the laws they reference. The company gets another +1 from us for this detailed analysis of the law.

Nothing special on the Videos page. Timeshare Compliance is simply embedding general videos from YouTube about timeshare scams that aren’t specific to Timeshare Compliance. The company could benefit from video testimonials from its own customers.

Nothing special on the FAQ page other than the explanation of the no up-front fee escrow option. Timeshare Compliance could benefit by making this a bigger part of their marketing strategy. A no up-front fee escrow option is the #1 thing consumers should look for when shopping for a timeshare exit firm.

The writer of their blog goes by the name of “Michael Santos”, and this person also seems to write for the blog of another timeshare exit company by the name of Resort Advisory Group. There are several similarities between the Resort Advisory Group website and the Timeshare Compliance website. Both sites are hosted on the same ip address as well. It is extremely likely that Resort Advisory Group and Timeshare Compliance is the same company operating under different names, addresses and contact information, but we can’t legally say that for sure. Look at both websites and judge for yourself.  

Timeshare Compliance Cost & Fees

Like most timeshare exit companies, timeshare compliance cost and fees are not available online. There is one review on the BBB from a customer by the name of Judith M. who mentions paying Timeshare Compliance $3,949 for her cancellation. It is important to note that the cost of Judith M’s cancellation may be significantly different from the cost to you because each timeshare cancellation situation is very different.

Timeshare Compliance Reviews

Testimonials on the company’s website are obviously positive. Very few companies display negative testimonials on their website. It’s important to look off-site when evaluating a company’s trustworthiness.

Reviews on the BBB are generally positive. A few reviews mention receiving unsolicited phone calls from Timeshare Compliance, but we can not verify these claims. If this were true, we would have to give Timeshare Compliance a -1 for engaging in unsolicited calls because no one likes phone solicitors. You may also want to ask yourself, how did the company gain your contact information if you did not request to be contacted?

There are three negative reviews on Timeshare Compliance on Glassdoor. This is a review website where employees review their employer. These Glassdoor reviews mention promises made to employees during the hiring process that turned out to be untrue once the job began.

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