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Primo Management Group

Primo Management Group, Inc (PMG) headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is a consumer advocate, timeshare exit company. The company was formed in 2015 and was co-founded and previously owned by Sean Chesser. Israel Sanchez Jr. is also a co-founder and the company’s current CEO.

An Analysis of Primo Management Group ‘s Website

We like to provide an overview a company’s website and offer our perspective with the intent of helping to educate our readers to they can make an informed decision about which timeshare exit company to hire.

First, when searching for this company, be sure to add “timeshare share exit company” in addition to the company name as there are other companies that share the same name but are not related.

Once we clicked on the website, we immediately noticed the site offers a free chat option powered by “Live Chat”. This is great for anyone who wants to communicate quickly with an agent to get immediate answers to their questions. We encourage you to utilize the “Live Chat” feature if you are ready for a free consultation and if not, be prepared to see the “Live Chat” appear every time you visit a page which can be a little annoying if you are simply trying to read information.

Another feature we noticed that is subtle and helps to enhance the site is a “pop-up” that appears on the bottom left every so often that shows how many times someone interacted with the website. It is a nice way to share with other site visitors that they are not alone in their dilemma.

We like websites that offers various formats to display and share information such as articles, blogs, reviews and especially videos that include the owners or founders of the company. This gives us a sense about who is behind the company and why they formed the timeshare exit company and it is always great to see videos versus reading a lot of text.

On the “Home” page, we watched a video (also listed on the company’s YouTube channel) from Lifetime’s Morning TV show, “The Balancing Act” with hosts Montel Williams and Olga Villaverde interviewing Isreal Sanchez, CEO and a former client about the company. The video is informative and shows the company does invest a bit in marketing efforts as “The Balancing Act” operates much like infomercials in which the company featured does pay for a spot on the program. We cannot confirm if Primo Management Group paid or not to be featured, but we thought it was worth mentioning “The Balancing Act” business model.

While it was great seeing and hearing Isreal Sanchez in the interview, we viewed the “Our Company” page under the “About Us” navigation to see if we could learn more about who is on the Primo Management Group team. We found a short blurb about Isreal, also known as “Izzy”, but no information about who else is part of the team. We typically like to see names, faces and titles listed on the company’s “About Us” pages.

Unfortunately, we did not see any of this information about the core team but under an additional page titled, “Our Attorney”, we read about Catherine Medling who is an attorney that represents Primo Management Group as General Counsel, but not the direct clients as Primo Management Group is not a law firm.

Of course, we clicked the “Learn more about Catherine” link which took us to the Florida Bar website in which we learned she is in good standing and is also a criminal defense lawyer.

This is not an indication that Primo Management Group is in constant need of a criminal defense lawyer. It is important to understand that a “timeshare exit” attorney does not exist, however many lawyers sometimes from various law practices, help in fighting fraudulent sales practices and misrepresentations we see far too often in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry.

We think it is great that Primo Management Group has legal counsel, and the company has a page dedicated to the company’s attorney. Her name is also listed on the company’s BBB profile.

Also found under the “About Us” navigation was a “In the News” page which as you can tell by the title of the page, is dedicated to various articles where the company may have been featured or is referenced. We clicked through a few and of the few we checked, they appear legitimate and link directly to the articles and not additional pages on the company website.

On the “Proof of Performance” page, the company lists some of the company’s customer testimonials along with an image of the letter the former client received confirming timeshare termination. The customer testimonials also include a picture of the reviewer in addition to their full name.

We would encourage you to visit the frequently asked questions section on the home page or also accessible from the top navigation under the dedicated “FAQ” section. In this section, the company covers the basics such as cost, how long is the process and how Primo Management Group operates.

Contained in this section, we learn that Primo Management could help you exit your timeshare even if you still owe a mortgage and your name will be permanently removed as owner from timeshare “guaranteed”. If you have additional questions, the company encourages you to contact the company using the “Free Consultation” service whether through the “Live Chat” feature or by completing a client contact form accessible on the website.

Cost and how long is the process is always contingent upon the client’s case, so we did not find specifics which is a good thing. We cover length and cost later in this review.

Overall, the company website’s is decent in that the layout is simple and information is found easily. There is a nice balance of types of information and a focus on providing just enough information to the visitors of the site.

In addition to conducting an analysis of the company website, we also like to research to see if the timeshare company we are reviewing has additional websites or otherwise a web presence in addition to the standard reviews and company website.

While not linked from the company website, we discovered the company’s You Tube channel that has some informative videos along with a Facebook group that does have almost 4,000 likes and appears to have frequent, recent activity.

We did not find much information on Sean Chesser who helped co-found the organization other than according to the BBB and his LinkedIn profile, he also owns a landscaping company in addition to a company that sells blinds. It seems like he very much as an “entrepreneur” mindset.

Primo Management Group Reviews

We read many positive reviews about Primo Management Group. According to the reviews, many were successfully exited from their timeshare contracts and received frequent, friendly communication from the Primo Management Group team.

At the time of this review, we were not able to view any reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site.

When accessing their BBB profile, we received an alert stating that the business was currently updating its profile and that we would not be able to read any existing reviews.

This may mean the company is truly in process of updating the company profile or may have decided to remove the company profile all together.

If you check out the company’s YouTube channel, you will find a video titled, “New Video Regarding Timeshare Scams and the BBB” in which they describe how the BBB rating system is flawed. While it sounds like they are harshly criticizing the BBB, the person speaking in the video does describe some tips on how to spot scams whether through reviews or information on a company website and within the BBB. It is also worth noting that some of the customer testimonials on the company’s “Proof of Progress” page were from the BBB (circa 2018), the company definitely had a profile at one time.

While we are not able to view the company’s BBB rating and we may never see one, we did locate a profile on Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).

For our readers who may not be familiar with the BCA, BCA is a non-profit organization that started in 1928. They were formally known as the Better Business Bureau of the Southland. The company uses a sophisticated formula to provide a grade based on several factors such as government actions, length of time in business, complaint history, type of business, licensing information, advertising review and background information. A triple A (AAA) is the highest rating the BCA provides. The BCA currently rates Primo Management Group an A.

Primo Management Group has been a member of the BCA since February 2019 and the company has a 5-star rating (out of 5) based on 163 reviews and only 1 complaint. The company’s most recent rating and review was provided February 25, 2021.

Here is a review written by Jennifer Paluck.

She describes the “Owners Review” which is a tactic that timeshare developers use to entice timeshare owners to upgrade their existing timeshare for additional fees.

Primo Management Group has a Yelp presence and as of this review, the company has a 4.5-star rating (out of 5) based on 8 reviews.

We looked at the “1 star” and while many people complimented Primo Management Group on timely communication, this one person didn’t agree, however it appears that they person was still successfully terminated from their timeshare contract and never updated their rating.

We were not able to locate a profile for Primo Management Group on TrustPilot.

The company’s Facebook page does have “reviews” activated so we were we able to review. The company currently has a 4.9-star rating (out of 5 stars) based on 44 opinions (or reviews).

The most recent review at the time of our review is from February 18. In the review, the person mentions Primo Management Group will help if the person’s credit score dropped during the process of timeshare termination. We didn’t see any specific information on the company website that offers credit repair, but this is a common service that timeshare exit companies offer.

How Long is the Primo Management Group Process?

Under the company’s FAQ section on the website, the company states the process is “usually less than 12 months” but encourages people to call in for a free consultation as every situation is different.

A Yelp reviewer mentioned the time frame to be less than a year while a BCA reviewer stated they started the process in October 2017, and everything was finalized in September 2018. One person stated they were successfully released from their timeshare in less than 3 months.

Every case is different so it would be difficult to for any timeshare exit company to provide an exact time range for the client until the team understands the specifics of your case. Be wary of any timeshare exit company who does so and only use timeframes mentioned in reviews as a guideline.

Primo Management Group Cost for Services

There is no mention of cost on the company website, but we did find a few reviews that mentions the costs of services. The review below posted on Yelp, from March 2019 compared the costs to 1.5 years’ worth of maintenance. It is not clear if the reviewer had to pay up front or if this the person utilized escrow.

We encourage you to read through the reviews to gain more insight and understand that every case is different so while you may see mentions of specific costs, use the information as a guideline only.

Primo Management Group “100% Money Back Guarantee” and Concluding Thoughts

While Primo Management Group appears legitimate and provide great services to the company’s clients, we see in the multiple reviews that the company does ask for fees up-front. One reviewer on Yelp even mentioned “being apprehensive about paying an up-front fee.”

The promise of a money back guarantee is also prominently displayed on the company website’s home page and on the “About Us” page.

We like to recommend timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option, so the exit company is not paid in full until after the timeshare is cancelled. No money is released to the timeshare exit company until the successful termination of the client’s timeshare contract. Learn more about escrow and why you should care here.

If you want to find out more about low up-front fee escrow payment options or timeshare exit companies, engage in our live chat or fill out our contact form.


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