Elite Rewards Group Review

Elite Rewards Group is one of the many timeshare exit companies that claims it can help owners cancel their vacation ownership contracts. The company is based in Houston, TX and has been in business since 2016.

Having a look at the Elite Rewards Group website and it seems this company operates a bit differently from other timeshare exit companies. It looks like Elite Rewards Group is offering some kind travel club package to timeshare owners. The club operates on points that can be redeemed for airfare, resorts, car rentals, cruises and more.

Heading over to the About Us page and we see something that strikes our interest. ERG says, “Enroll in an agreement with that gives you access to all RCI affiliated resorts in the United States and around the world.” This is highly suspicious because timeshare owners don’t need to go through a third party like Elite Rewards Groups if they want to become members of RCI. If a timeshare owner would like to become a member of RCI, all the timeshare owner needs to do is sign up with RCI directly… 

It looks like this company is attempting to establish itself as another travel club type of product. This is usually a timeshare in disguise that uses a different name because of the negative connotations that come with the word “timeshare.”

Elite Rewards Group Reviews

Elite Rewards Group reviews around the Internet are a mix between positive and negative. One review on the company’s Facebook page mentions that Elite Rewards Group lied to them at an in-person sales presentation. According to the review, Elite Rewards Group said they are part of RCI and that the meeting was only 1 hour when it was in fact 2 hours.

Heading over to the BBB and we see 2 complaints for Elite Rewards Group, but no details. There are a few reviews on the BBB with more info. One review mentioned that Elite Rewards Group used deceptive and intimating tactics to target the elderly. This negative review on the BBB mentions that Elite Rewards Group told them the timeshare would be transferred to their heirs upon their deaths, which is a blatant lie. This lie is used by many timeshare exit companies to scare owners in to thinking they need to cancel their timeshare. The truth is, if your heirs don’t want to take the timeshare upon your death, they don’t have to. Simple as that.

Three other reviews on the BBB mention that Elite Rewards Group was able to cancel their timeshare contracts. It is odd that none of these reviews mention the Elite Rewards Group travel club points product.

Heading over to Ripoff Report and we see several negative reviews for Elite Rewards Group. Negative reviews mention high pressure sales tactics, and high up-front fees. Two timeshare owners on Ripoff Report mention that they were told they had to sign “right now” or else the “deal” would no longer be available. Similar bogus sales tactics that are used when timeshares are initially sold.

Elite Rewards Group Cost & Fees

Elite Rewards Group costs seem to be on the high end. We’ve read a few reviews mentioning fees above $7,000.

Overall, we would not recommend Elite Rewards Group if you’d like to cancel your timeshare. The company holds in-person meetings at various hotels, which is always a red flag. Companies that want to meet in-person like this typically use hard sales approaches to bully people in to signing up. Our recommendation here at does not change. Always use an escrow service when paying a timeshare exit company to exit your timeshare. This is the only way you can stay protected from scams. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

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