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EZ Exit Now Review

Last updated January 13th, 2022

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    EZ Exit Now, started in 2013 and is a “faith based” timeshare exit company based out of Houston, Texas that assists timeshare owners with getting rid of their unwanted timeshare. Dan and Kristin Cobb are the CEOs for the company and the company also does business as Paragon International.

    An Analysis of EZ Exit Now’s Website

    The company website is full of information so there is plenty to absorb. We also observed the website domain name ends with a .org which is usually reserved for non-profit organizations. The website also mentions they are a faith-based organization which commonly use a .org extension. The company is certainly “for profit” and according to the Better Business Bureau, the company is filed as a corporation. This does not really matter, however we wanted to mention our observation as it could be a little confusing to a new reader.

    After getting past our first observations, we immediately looked at the “About Us” page. If you have read our other reviews, you will notice that we like to start with understanding who, what and why so we have a better idea of the company and the people involved. Once you get past the first two paragraphs which briefly describe the services the company offers, you will find the heart of the “About Us” information. There are a few paragraphs that explain that the company is:

    • Faith Based
    • Civic-Minded
    • Employer of Veterans
    • Affiliated with BBB, Christians in Business, Texas Association of Business, U.S Chamber of Commerce
    • The team is highly involved in the local community and have volunteered their time in cleanup efforts of Hurricane Harvey and Irma

    While all this information is great and shows the company has values, unfortunately, we don’t know who the “team” is as there are no pictures, titles or names on the page. We do not know anything about them other than…. they are nice people?

    Also listed under the “About Us” section in the top navigation are links to 2 other pages. One that shares information on how to get out of your timeshare. The other page titled; “Timeshare Scams” has a quick video that is just a quick commercial for the company.

    The page has tons of great information from describing what a timeshare is to how timeshare scammers operate which may sound all too familiar to our readers.

    Also, a simple but nice feature is a download feature or orange “print” icon at the bottom of each page in the event you need or want to print out the information and share it maybe with an elderly family member that may not have access to the internet.

    Next area of the company’s website we reviewed was the “Services” page where we watched a video of a watermelon exploding while dramatic music played as the text “Hit Your Timeshare with the Power of EZ Exit Now” appeared on the screen.

    Interesting and just a bit quirky.  

    Once you are past the video, the page is filled with additional educational content and explains that the company is not a listing or transfer company and the company “always come through for their clients even if it costs them <the company> money.”

    We always come through for our clients, even if it ends up costing us money in the end. We genuinely care about them, and it shows in the work we do on their behalf. “ ~ EZ Exit Now

    The process is described in 3 easy steps:

    1. Initial meeting and discussion of options.
    2. Sign and submit appropriate documentation.
    3. Reach a resolution and confirm your cancellation.

    We could not really find specifics on “how” or detailed steps the company takes to process a timeshare cancellation but did find language that mentions the company “offers reliable liquidation services” and the company does not offer listing or transfers services.

    On the “Exit-Timeshare” page, the company provides links on how to cancel with specific timeshares and in specific states. Some of the information would not apply to you if you are in a contract with a timeshare that is not listed and even so, we would still recommend you contact the business if you want to consider their services as every case is unique so consider the information as guidelines.  We also do not see any indication that the company only works with the timeshares listed on the “Exit-Timeshare” page.

    The “Testimonials” page, like the other pages, is full of information. The top section links directly to TrustPilot reviews and we do not see links to BBB, Google or Yelp reviews.

    In addition to some of the TrustPilot reviews are recorded conversations where Dan Cobb, the President and CEO of EZ Exit Now calls clients to inform them they are successfully “out” of their contracts.  The company refers to the calls as the final step or the “Woo Hoo” celebratory call. In the recordings, Dan mentions several times that the clients were “out of their timeshare” right when paperwork was signed or when “Dewey” or “Raymond” left the client’s home and the company still had to “clear the paperwork” at the county and at the resort level. Dan expresses that he likes to call his clients personally once the contract is finally terminated. The calls typically end with Dan requesting a quick sound bit of whether the former client recommends EZ Exit Now. Of the recordings we heard, they were recommending the company.

    The website also has a page dedicated to “Videos” that don’t appear to be EZ Exit Now’s own content, but content from various news sources in addition to the familiar “Dave Ramsey” video that we have seen on other timeshare exit websites. On the top right portion of the website, there are links to the company’s social media sites including YouTube.

    Overall, when comparing to other timeshare company websites, this website probably has the most informative content. We would encourage you to read through their information to help you gain broader knowledge and to better understand your specific situation.

    In terms of a web presence outside of the company website, we were able to locate a LinkedIn profile for Kristin Cobb, but not one for Dan Cobb. No additional insight into who may work for the company nor does the company have a Glassdoor.Com profile.

    EZ Exit Now Reviews

    EZ Exit Now “off-site” reviews are overall positive but we did see a steady increase in unhappy customers since our last review.

    The company’s rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has gone down a couple of stars since our last review on 1/26/2019. In 2019, the company had an “A+” 5 (out of 5) star BBB rating, while now the company has a 3.22 (out of 5) rating and 9 reviews with a total of 7 customer complaints. The most recent review is from April 2020 and the company still holds an A+ accreditation.

    Here is a review that describes one reviewer’s perspective and EZ Exit Now’s response:

    For Google, the company has a higher star rating that the last time we reviewed them. In 2019, the company had a 4.7-star rating and currently, EZ Exit Now has a 5-star rating (out of 5) with 21 reviews.

    We did notice the most recent review was 10 months ago (from the date of this review article) and was very short and to the point.

    Facebook, like our last review, still shows 5 (out of 5) star rating based on 65 opinions. The most recent review was July 2020 and was negative.

    There is no response from EZ Exit Now to Mr. Lane although it seems like there may have been a response at one time that may have been deleted. Due to the length of the Facebook comment, we did not publish it in its entirety, so we recommend you visit the company Facebook page for more information.

    Trust Pilot shows 24 reviews submitted in the past 12 months. The company holds a 3.9-star rating (out of 5).

    The most recent review was from January 2021 and is below:

    Unfortunately, no response from the company and not many current reviews to reference.

    How Long is the EZ Exit Now Process?

    While no specific timeframe is mentioned on the website, we did hear Dan Cobb mention in one of the audio recordings under “Testimonials” that the fastest time the company was able to get someone out of their timeshare was about 60 days and most often the length is 90 days. In the review from Trust Pilot, it seems that case took over two years, but we do not have insight to the specifics for the case. Some reviews describe the overall length as “took longer as anticipated.” Leticia, who provided a review on BBB mentioned the process took about a week.

    EZ Exit Now Cost for Services

    Like other timeshare exit companies, the EZ Exit Now cost is not displayed on the web. This is due to the individualized of the services that timeshare exit businesses provide. There are so many factors that go into cancelling a timeshare that most timeshare exit company fees vary on a case-by-case basis. In the TrustPilot comment above, the reviewer mentions a cost of about $6,100 while other statements from reviews are generic of vague and simply state, “cost a lot of money”. We encourage our readers to read through reviews as sometimes you will find great “nuggets” of information about the company that you may not find on the company website.

    Additionally, a review on the BBB site and another on TrustPilot makes it seem that EZ Exit Now will pay for all maintenance fees while the contract termination is in progress.

    Of course, any mention of specific cost in a review should be referenced as a guideline and not an exact cost.

    EZ Exit Now’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Concluding Thoughts

    We were not able to locate specific language on the company’s website that promises a “100% Money Back Guarantee” or “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”. However, it is implied in some of the reviews and a quote on the company site states, “We always come through for our clients, even if it ends up costing us money in the end.” leads up to believe the company offers a type of refund if the company is not able to provide services or is no successful and the company also charges customers up-front fees for their timeshare contract cancellation service.

    While EZ Exit Now appears legitimate, we like to recommend timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option, so the exit company is not paid in full until after the timeshare is cancelled. No money is released to the timeshare exit company until the successful termination of the client’s timeshare contract. Learn more about escrow and why you should care here.

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