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Timeshare Exit Team Review

Timeshare Exit Team® specializes in helping timeshare owners get out of their unwanted timeshares. They’ve been in business since 2012 and are based in Lynnwood, WA with offices all over the United States. They are much different from a timeshare resale company because they don’t claim to sell any timeshares. Instead, they focus on getting you out and stopping your maintenance fees as fast as possible.

If you own a timeshare you signed a legally binding contract. Timeshare Exit Team® helps you break that contract. They start with a free consultation to assess your specific timeshare. If you meet their qualifications they will present you with a few options to get out of your contract. You’ll want to make sure you have as much documentation about your timeshare as possible before the free consultation to get the most accurate advice.

Once you’ve decided on an option, they will work on your behalf until they’ve completely gotten the timeshare out of your name forever. If for some reason they’re not able to do this, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. The process is expected to take between 9-18 months and the cost will vary by timeshare. However, a representative from Timeshare Exit Team® was quoted in saying an average cost is $4,000.

Alternative Options

Timeshare Exit Team® offers an excellent solution for timeshare owners who are unable to sell or even give away their timeshares. However, before using any timeshare exit company you should educate yourself on alternative options before making a pricey mistake. One alternative option is to sell your timeshare on the resale market for cash. Do a search on Ebay for your timeshare resort and look for ads that are most similar to your timeshare’s features (week number, number of rooms, view etc.). If there are people bidding on your timeshare, you might be able to get some cash for it by selling it on the resale market. Be careful here. Many timeshares aren’t worth much at all (with a few exceptions like Disney Vacation Club). It’s probably going to be cheaper to sell your timeshare than to hire a company to cancel it for you, so don’t forget about this option.

Reviews From the Web

Timeshare Exit Team has an A rating with the BBB and positive reviews around the web. They’ve been nationally endorsed by Dave Ramsey who is a popular financial advice personality on the radio and on television. They have over 30 office locations and run multiple radio ads throughout the country. We here at BestTimeshareExitTeam.com have never used their service specifically, but based on their reputation around the Internet and success in getting people out of their contract, our Timeshare Exit Team® review concludes that this is a legitimate company.