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Can You Get Rid of a Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía Timeshare?

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Last updated August 17th, 2022


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    Punta Pacifico is a resort that has gone by many different names, including Encanto Bahía, Residence La Jolla, and Diamond Bay Boutique Resort. It is located in Mazatlan, Mexico. 

    As you might imagine from its being known by several names, Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía does not have a good reputation based on what we found online. While it is in a desirable location, that seems to pale in comparison to the many barriers people face to not only enjoying their time at the resort, but also to making the most of their timeshare purchases there. 

    Some of the complaints and issues that we found included: 

    • Property constantly under construction
    • High-pressure sales presentations
    • Bait-and-switch offers
    • False promises regarding timeshare deals and refunds

    So, if you are among the many people seeking to get out of Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía timeshare, you are definitely not alone. 

    While Punta Pacifico does not have a BBB page, there were plenty of other places where we found low ratings that aligned with these complaints. We found that Encanto Bahía’s TripAdvisor page has a 2.5 star rating, and Punta Pacifico’s has 2 stars. Diamond Bay’s TripAdvisor page similarly has a 2-star rating. Clearly their practices have stayed the same, even if the resort’s name hasn’t. 

    A few of the noteworthy TripAdvisor complaints we found had the following to say:

    • “I have been living down the beach from this property for the last 12 years. I have watched it change names from Punta Pacifico, La Jolla, Encanta Bahia, and now Diamond Bay. I have met people who have been scammed and were trying to get their money back. They offer everything from a free massage to hundreds of dollars if you agree to attend their timeshare sales presentation. If you decide to go to the presentation, make sure to leave your credit card at home, they want your credit card! Look them up online and you will see lots of people who have been scammed.
    • “This is a very small hotel on the beach far from Mazatlan city sights & activities. Isolated. It’s located at the end of a long dusty dirt driveway, lined with brush not an impressive entrance! Balconies have a good view of the ocean. The pool, although not heated, is pretty. No hot tub. Still under construction. A palapa pool bar is unfinished as well as the top floor of the hotel. … We were invited to attend a presentation on which was written that we would receive 2,000 pesos ( $100.00,) at the end. We attended for more than 90 minutes required, but did not receive the promised reward for our time. … do not impulse buy any deal they throw out at you!

    We also found a writeup on Scampulse that goes into further detail about Punta Pacific, Encanto Bahía’s operations. This reviewer found that the rabbit hole goes even deeper, and there are several other names this resort has used in the past, including Amazing Memories Club and Holiday Systems International. Platinum Marketing of America also seems to have been involved with their timeshare sales. 

    Their treatise goes on to say:

    • “On September 7, 2015 my wife and I attended a “presentation” for a timeshare at the Punta Pacifico resort in Mazatlan, Mexico … As with all these “presentations,” there is always a high pressure pitch with offers, options, features, figures calculated and pressure to buy their program. We, unfortunately, succumbed to their pitch, thought that they had answered all our questions to our satisfaction, used our charge cards to pay the $25,078.90 purchase price and signed their documents. … We were told that we could use money from the sale of our two timeshares and apply that to the cost of buying their resort timeshare. … We asked whether there were ANY other fees at all and were told “No,” yet we found that in order to process the sale of our timeshares to Platinum Marketing of America, we needed to come up with an additional $999.00 USD each for the two transactions. That got glossed over in the flimflam!”

    Looking into this further, we found that Amazing Memories Club has a few BBB complaints that are significant, including unfulfilled contracts and surprise fees. Platinum Marketing of America has a BBB page with no rating or accreditation. They do have a notice that says the company is not located at their listed address. This more than likely suggests that the company does not actually exist. 

    Needless to say, these are all huge red flags that speak to a company that operates fraudulently. With that in mind, while it might be difficult to get rid of Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía timeshare, it is not impossible.

    Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía Exit Program

    It was tricky to figure out which name Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía would use for their website. It appears that they are presently using Diamond Bay, and if you look up “Diamond Bay Boutique Resort” on Google, you’ll find the home page easily. In theory you could get in touch from there, by navigating to their Contact page. Should you decide to get in touch directly to get out of Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía timeshare, this would probably be the route to take. 

    However, that said, the reviews we found indicated how difficult it was to get in touch with or accomplish much through this company’s customer service. That’s why you may want to consider alternatives to cancelling a Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía timeshare.

    Avoiding Timeshare and Timeshare Exit Scams

    When it comes to scams like those run by Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía, there are always signs you can look out for. If you know what those signs are, you can keep them in mind for the future. This is not only important when it comes to vacation properties and rentals — it’s also crucial for finding the right timeshare exit company. 

    Many timeshare exit companies promise timeshare owners that they’ll cancel their timeshare with a money-back guarantee, but never deliver on their promises and keep the money that they were paid. That’s why, on this site, we are careful to only recommend companies with a proven track record of cancelling timeshares and only taking payment through escrow. You can learn more about why escrow is important on this page. 

    To avoid running into any other scams, make sure you pay attention to the following:

    • Avoid any company without an online presence. If they don’t have a website, it’s likely a scam. Online ratings and reviews of timeshare exit companies can help you with this.
    • Avoid any company with a poor or no BBB rating.
    • Avoid any company without a track record of successfully getting timeshare owners out of their contracts.
    • Make sure you get everything in writing! Having a contract is a good idea when working with a timeshare exit company.
    • Don’t settle with the first company you find: shop around. Prices can vary widely by company.

    Cancel Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía Timeshare with a Reputable Exit Company

    You have several options to get rid of Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía timeshare, including resale on your own or hiring a broker. But depending on your situation, especially if you do not have an active mortgage, working with a timeshare exit company could be a better option. Timeshare exit companies will not typically try to sell your timeshare. Instead, they work directly with timeshare developers and resorts in order to encourage them to take the timeshare back and cancel any remaining fees. 

    Using a timeshare exit company to get out of Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía timeshare is something you should only do with a reputable company. We only recommend timeshare exit companies who use escrow for payment, so you don’t invest in upfront fees and risk getting scammed again. You can find out more about why escrow is important here. And you can look into some of the companies that we recommend on this page.


    Getting out of a Punta Pacifico, Encanto Bahía timeshare isn’t impossible — you have options. But if you have other questions about your situation or any of our recommended companies, feel free to get in touch to learn more. You can contact us using the contact form on the right side of the page, initiate the live chat, or give us a call at 833-416-8796.


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