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Can You Get Rid of a Grand Miramar Timeshare?

Last updated August 17th, 2022


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    Grand Miramar is a resort located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The hotel is owned by AlSol Hotels and Resorts and has a timeshare program as well.

    While we did not find information on their official website about this timeshare/private residence program, there were several reviews posted online from people trying to cancel Grand Miramar timeshare. In fact, it was far easier to find people selling their Grand Miramar timeshares online than it was to find the official program itself. 

    While we did not find a BBB page for Grand Miramar, there were several TripAdvisor complaints and warnings about their timeshare sales practices. Their ComplaintsBoard page was also particularly damning, boasting a 1-star rating based on 10 reviews. 

    Some of the noteworthy complaints on ComplaintsBoard included the following:

    • “On November 14 we entered into two contracts with Legacy Centurion at the Grand Miramar. We paid $39, 500.00 USD for a 3 bedroom rental agreement [21 weeks @ $4, 900.00 per week for 5 years] plus a $2, 500.00 USD “activation fee” to DD Woodward. All of this money was sent by wire transfer. We were to receive our pay out in 45 days. … We were not paid for either contract and cannot afford to lose $52, 900.00 USD!! We are retired, living on a fixed income and this financial loss has been devastating to us as it equates to around $73, 000.00 CAD!!! If there is no intention of paying us, which there clearly isn’t, then please just cancel the contracts and refund our money. We don’t understand why you do this to people. It’s ruining our lives and you don’t need to.”
    • “Nothing has been delivered as promised on their end! Whether it is Grand Miramar, Legacy Centurion or Diamond Management Group, it appears they are scamming. … We have done it all. We paid everything they asked, fees, taxes, everything because we believed they were legitimate. From buybacks to you will get your money in 5 days after paying this. Thousands of dollars and they have neither fixed what they promised or paid any of it to us.

    Additionally, this was a well-summarized comment on a RedWeek forum thread about problems with Grand Miramar: 

    • “This company doesn’t care if you rescind within the legal 5 day timeline, they do not refund you, knowing full well what they are doing is illegal. We canceled within 6 hours by email; within 12 hours in person; and within 2 days with a certified letter that included the legal order from Profeco ordering them to refund us. They still didn’t refund us. You are not dealing with run of the mill crooks, these are brazen. Our credit card dispute was what got our money refunded 3 months later.”

    Unfortunately, all of these problems are indicative of Grand Miramar’s timeshare program being little more than a scam. If you are one of the many people who have run into this scam head-on and want to get rid of Grand Miramar timeshare, there is more than one route you can take in order to do so. Working with a resale broker, lawyer, or timeshare exit company are a few of the better options that you have. 

    Typically, a resort like Grand Miramar would have a timeshare exit program of their own, but since we could not find official information on the timeshare program in itself, it does not seem likely that they have one. You can, of course, find their contact information and Terms and Conditions easily by doing a Google search or going through their main website.

    Grand Miramar Class Action Lawsuits

    Grand Miramar might have made their timeshare and timeshare exit information more accessible were there more class action lawsuits open against them. 

    While they do not yet have any active lawsuits, we found a notice from a law firm called Hawkeye Associates that seems to indicate that one was being put together. If you look up “Hawkeye Associates” and “Grand Miramar Resort Scams,” you can find this PDF easily. There are several additional complaints listed there, which you can read through and determine whether or not your situation matches up.

    Get Out of Grand Miramar Timeshare with a Timeshare Exit Company

    If you are having a hard time contacting Grand Miramar or selling your timeshare on your own, working with a timeshare exit company might be your best bet. Timeshare exit companies typically do not try to sell your timeshare. Instead, they tend to work directly with the timeshare developer or resort in order to encourage them to take the timeshare back and cancel your fees. They may work with lawyers in order to do so. 

    Working with an exit company to get rid of Grand Miramar timeshare is something you should do only with a reputable company. You can explore some of the companies that we recommend on this page.

    Avoid Timeshare Exit Company Scams

    We are careful about who we choose to recommend because there are plenty of scams in the timeshare exit industry, as with timeshares in general. Many timeshare exit companies promise timeshare owners that they’ll cancel their timeshare with a money-back guarantee, but never deliver on their promises and keep the money that they were paid. 

    We found that the California Department of Real Estate has an active warning from 2013 about this kind of timeshare rescale scam as it specifically relates to Grand Miramar. You can find this information if you search the terms “DRE CA Grand Miramar scam.” Here is the basic essence of the notice:

    • “The DRE’s Enforcement Unit has discovered what appears to be a new and growing scheme that targets and preys upon the owners of vacation timeshares in Mexico. Some of the properties identified are the Mayan Palace, Moon Palace, Groupo Palace, and the Grand Miramar. Other Mexican vacation resort properties have been mentioned as well. The scammers usually contact and solicit the owners of the timeshares by telephone or email (from the reports received, the parties never meet in person), and tell the owners that they (the callers or writers) either have buyers or renters for the properties, or that they (the scammers) will market the properties for sale.

    To avoid this kind of scam, we always recommend that you work with a timeshare exit company that offers escrow payment as an option. That’s what the most highly recommended companies we list have in common. This is a plus because it means the company doesn’t get paid until your timeshare has been cancelled and you’re completely satisfied. You can learn more about why escrow is important on this page. 

    A few other pointers that will help you avoid timeshare exit scams include the following:

    • Avoid any company that doesn’t have an online presence. That is highly indicative of a scam. Searching for online reviews of the timeshare exit company will help you figure out if this is a problem.
    • Avoid a timeshare exit company with a low or with no BBB rating. Unaccredited companies are suspicious as well. 
    • Do not get involved with a company that has no record of success in getting timeshare owners released from their contracts. 
    • Try not to simply go with the first company you find, as they aren’t your only option, and there might be better pricing elsewhere than what you initially see. 
    • Make sure you get everything in writing. Moving forward with a timeshare exit company without a contract is not a wise idea.


    While timeshare scams like Grand Miramar’s are unfortunately rather common, there are plenty of ways to get help in getting yourself released from them. Working with a legitimate timeshare exit company is just one of those ways. 

    If you have further questions about how to get out of Grand Miramar timeshare, or about timeshare cancellation in general, feel free to get in touch. You can do so by initiating the live chat, filling out the on-page contact form, or giving us a call at 833-416-8796.


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