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Linx Legal Review

Linx Legal is a timeshare exit company located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and Scottsdale Arizona. They also work remotely and have been in business for eleven years. Their slogan is that “Only the Best is Good Enough”, making hefty claims that they will not stop until they can release you from your unwanted timeshare without the hassle that other companies may put you through. But is Linx Legal the best or are they just good enough? 

Linx Legal Website Review

We were immediately impressed by the appearance of the website. The landing page is incredibly professional and in neat colors that won’t distract the eye too much or make the client feel overwhelmed. They make the immediate claim that they are the industry’s premier timeshare debt cancellation company, which is your immediate first impression.

The more you scroll, you’ll find a small quiz you can take. This part of the landing page does feel a little out of place, but it is at least neatly incorporated into the overall appearance of the website. It seems to be a playful way to initiate contact with them but the contact information below it is in font that doesn’t quite match the rest of the website. It isn’t enough to detract from the rest of the landing page, but it doesn’t quite fit everything else. 

They have some sections positioned underneath boasting their A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website, as well as their 100% money-back guarantee should you not be released from your contract. Although a money-back guarantee sounds nice, we prefer to work with companies that offer an escrow payment option instead. When you pay with escrow, the exit company does not get paid in full until after the timeshare issue has been resolved. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

You can also book a consultation or review career opportunities and view testimonials through these links. They also ensure that you will not be foreclosed upon and that they will do whatever they can to take care of you to get the refund you deserve. This is good news because exit companies that simply tell you to stop paying your maintenance fees and let the timeshare go into foreclosure don’t actually do anything at all. You could have stopped payment on your timeshare all on your own.

Something we don’t often see on many of these sites either is a section specifically dedicated to those who help run and manage the business. There is a detailed description of the Vice President of Linx Legal and what his experience in the industry is so you can get an idea of who you’ll be working with. This information is done in further detail if you click on their ‘Who We Are’ tab. 

This is a truly unique addition as many of the typical websites we see for timeshare legal aid or exit companies don’t give you a rundown of who you’ll be working with. We get to see a full roster of sixteen individuals who handle everything from marketing to case managing and are given an idea of who they are and what their experience is. This helps potential clients get a feel for the people they’ll be working with and adds credibility, so you don’t feel like you’re simply working with a corporation but more individual people.

Although it’s nice that this company display’s its employees on its website, we find it suspicious that the company owner is not shown. Upon further research, we found that the company CEO is Rosario Craig Musumeci. A quick Google search for this individual shows that he previously worked as a VP of Sales at Wyndham. This is probably why Mr. Musumeci doesn’t want to appear on his website. It’s not a good look to sell people timeshares and then charge them thousands of dollars to get out of those timeshares later.

The company also includes a video below their roster that showcases who they are and what they do. It is an animated video that is supposed to give you a basic rundown on what Linx Legal is and how they are going to help you get what you need. It can come across a little cheesy but it does get the point across and is relatively informative. 

What we also like about their website is their fully-packed ‘What We Do’ section, which on a lot of websites seems to be just filler text. Linx Legal has jam-packed this section with plenty of helpful links to further explain subjects like Timeshare 101, The Five Biggest Lies in Timeshare, Statistics, Scams, and further information on lawyers and cancelling your fees or contract completely. This way potential clients can go and poke around those pages with their questions before they ever have to contact Linx Legal. 

They even give you access to a step by step process of cancelling your timeshare with multiple vacation rental companies. They don’t seem to want to keep any information from potential clients and are dedicated to answering questions and guiding you through the process before you decide to contact them. They have a separate page to let you know where they work and that they service remotely throughout the United States, but also have three brick and mortar offices so you can come in if you are close by. 

They assure clients they won’t lie or scam you and that they aren’t a law firm, but they do have attorneys on retainer should they be needed in a legal capacity. It is a bit deceiving that they’d call themselves “Linx Legal” when they’re not actually attorneys though. This will likely get them in trouble with the law down the road.

You can also look up a good portion of their employees so you can be sure of who you are working with and know that their credentials are legitimate. 

Overall this seems like a solid website for a solid company, but we don’t like how the company owner hides himself on the website and how the company calls themselves “Linx Legal” when they aren’t actually attorneys.

Linx Legal Reviews

The company itself has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on their Better Business Bureau profile and they have 59 total reviews, so there are a solid number of individuals who have given Linx Legal 5 stars. Out of their 59 reviews, only three of them are below 5 stars. 

One concern is that they have had two complaints filed against them in the last three years, though you can only view one of them on the BBB website. We also see several reviews mention that Linx Legal called them out of the blue (cold called) without them asking to be called. We typically do not like to recommend companies that call you out of the blue. 

The complaint comes from an unnamed individual who claims that one of the company’s representatives has been spam calling him to try and get him to use their services even though he’s already allegedly refused. He claims he was called ignorant by one of the managers who called back when he asked to be removed from their calling list. One of the representatives of the company responded to this claim with profuse apologies and assured the individual that this employee had allegedly been terminated. 

The other complaints have not been published in detail on the BBB website so we do not know what they entailed. All that’s known is that the complaints have been dealt with. As for their positive reviews they have a plethora on the BBB website that you can peruse, as even their 4,3, and even 2 star reviews still appear to be professional and positive. 

All in all it seems Linx Legal handles all of their cases with grace, dignity, and professionalism. 

Linx Legal Cost

You can book an initial consultation with them, but it doesn’t mention if this consultation costs or not. The only mildly disappointing thing about Linx Legal’s website is that there are few mentions of payment, which leaves the customer guessing until they can contact one of the company’s representatives. Giving the potential client a run down of what they can expect as far as payment plans and costs go. 

We do like to recommend that clients go for a company that offers escrow payments as they are the most secure way to ensure your transaction reaches completion without any money being released beforehand. This is the best way to keep your company working for you without charging along the way and making things more expensive. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.


If you’re looking for a reliable timeshare exit company with staff you can trust, Linx Legal may certainly be what you’ve been searching for. They have upfront and honest information available on their landing page and give every potential client access to a majority of if not all of who they have on staff. This is a real game-changer as it gives Linx more credibility in comparison to companies that make it hard to track down their employees. 

You are also given access to a plethora of information on how to be released from contracts held by different resorts and how to avoid being scammed by your timeshare or your exit company. They offer trustworthy and helpful advice to those who are struggling to end contracts and find someone who is willing to advocate for them.

While it is a little concerning that they’ve had three complaints filed against them to the BBB, they have made efforts to resolve at least one of these issues and are consistently getting positive reviews for their hard work. We also don’t like the use of “Legal” in their brand name or that they don’t seem to offer an escrow payment option.  Other than that, Linx Legal seems to have what we’re looking for in a timeshare exit company as they are upfront, credible, and offer plenty of information so you don’t go into this process blindly. 

Overall they seem to be a solid company with good values that is simply trying to help timeshare owners reach some form of relief with their contracts. Don’t hesitate to look up their staff on LinkedIn if you’re wanting to see more detailed information about their credentials. 

Looking for an exit company that offers an escrow payment option? Take a look at our recommended timeshare exit companies here. 


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