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Timeshare Elimination Group Review

Timeshare Elimination Group is another company that may be able to help you get out of a timeshare. Though it’s unclear when they were founded or where they are located, there are some indications that they are in Costa Mesa, CA; their website is marked as having been created in 2021.

Timeshare Elimination Group Website

The Timeshare Elimination Group website is certainly attention-grabbing — at first glance, the home page has very loud, large calls to action, where they claim to “specialize in timeshare cancellations and terminations worldwide,” and guarantee successful release from timeshare contracts. These are quite outlandish claims to begin with; the somewhat unprofessional look and graphics of this page makes these promises even more difficult to take seriously.

From the Home page, you can navigate to their services (from the “Read More” button) or contact form (“Fill Out the Form” button), or to another page from the top navigation bar. The sections listed are entitled Get Out of Your Timeshare, Can’t Get Out of Your Contract?, and Avoiding Timeshare Resale Scams.

Each of these pages does offer fairly legitimate-seeming information about how people get into timeshares in the first place, and the methods that resorts use to get people to sign up for them. On the Get Out of Your Timeshare page in particular, they include extensive descriptions of the presentations that are typically offered, as well as the different means of getting rid of a timeshare. There’s also decent advice regarding why one should be wary when it comes to the timeshare resale market on the page Avoiding Timeshare Resale Scams, including to “do your research before choosing a company to sell your timeshare,” and to “talk to a timeshare attorney. Many of them offer free consultations. Take advantage of their generosity and find out what your rights and responsibilities are.”

That said, the content on these pages is not well-written. Poor grammar and confusing phrasing both contribute to this problem. It did not give us the impression that the writer necessarily knew what they were talking about; it sounded more like they were simply recycling information that’s already available.

The page Can’t Get Out of Your Contract? in particular is where Timeshare Elimination Group’s promises are described, but even that information is vague. They say, “Our program details your consumer rights and the legal steps used to get you out of your timeshare,” and that they ”have the resources and the expertise to get the timeshare cancellation completed once and for all.” They also allude to having “a proven process,” but the following is about as detailed as they get regarding that:

  • “This timeshare termination service provides:
    • A guaranteed way to void any timeshare mortgage.
    • A proven method to cancel any timeshare contract.
    • A way out of your ever rising timeshare fees.
    • A never before seen insider’s view of the timeshare industry.
    • A knowledgeable manager to walk you through the entire cancellation process.
    • A simple exit strategy that doesn’t leave your heirs financially responsible.
    • Relief, freedom, and peace of mind.”

They also claim, “We also teach you how to get the premium timeshare property weeks for cheaper than you could as a timeshare owner,” which doesn’t seem like something a timeshare exit company should be interested in doing. Overall, it’s a lot of fluff that gets nowhere near to the heart of how Timeshare Elimination Group would actually help you.

In addition to this shortcoming, the website does not provide specific information about Timeshare Elimination Group as a company — meaning, about who owns it, where it is located, and how long it has been around. Searching for this information via Google brought up no results. That said, the main phone number on the website is actually the same phone number (minus the extension) for another timeshare exit company we recently reviewed, Client Protection Group. While this company is BBB-accredited, and has several positive reviews, the fact they are using another avenue to direct traffic their way without being transparent about who owns them is disconcerting.

Timeshare Elimination Group lists another website as the point of contact for getting out of a timeshare contract. Called WeCancelTimeshares, this website looks to be managed by someone called Steve Smith — a name that came up in Client Protection Group’s reviews — and has a few different websites and blogs (via Weebly and WordPress) that offer similar information, as well as a Pinterest page (with a few infographics saved) that says they’re located in California. They claim: “We Match Timeshare Owners with Timeshare Transfer companies, Timeshare Liquidation companies, and Timeshare Cancellation Law Firms, depending on each individual case.”

But their writing, like that of Timeshare Elimination Group’s website, is overall pretty devoid of substance. Not only that, but neither Timeshare Elimination Group nor WeCancelTimeshares came up in a business entity search, either in California or elsewhere. The WeCancelTimeshares websites all use the right keywords and phrases to discuss timeshare scams and timeshare exit, though, so we could only further conclude that these hubs exist to send people to Client Protection Group without outright saying that they do so.

Needless to say, this isn’t a very trustworthy practice. While every company has the right to advertise their services, this is shadier than outright advertising. It’s more of a front for doing business with Client Protection Group. That we could only find this connection by looking up Timeshare Elimination Group’s phone number makes it even more likely this is the case, and essentially impossible for us to evaluate this company as legitimate.

Timeshare Elimination Group Reviews

Since there was no business ownership information for Timeshare Elimination Group that we could find, there weren’t any reviews available, either. If you’d like to read about the reviews available for Client Protection Group, you can read our review of their company here.

Ultimately, we suggest working with a company that has been around long enough to have accessible online reviews on pages such as Yelp, Google, and the BBB that reflect their successes. All of the companies that we recommend have this in common; to learn more about which companies we encourage people to work with, visit this page.

Timeshare Elimination Group Cost

Costs are not listed on the Timeshare Elimination Group website. They do claim to offer a free consultation as well as a money-back guarantee; the latter is something we do not recommend engaging with. Generally speaking, money-back guarantees are another way of asking for upfront payments, which isn’t a good way to do business with a timeshare exit company. Instead, we always recommend working with a company that uses escrow for payment. You can learn more about why escrow is important on this page.

Avoiding Timeshare Exit Scams

The timeshare exit industry is unfortunately full of fraudulent businesses, as well as practices like these. The following are a few tips you can keep in mind to avoid any future scams while looking for a company that can actually help you leave a timeshare:

  • Don’t believe everything you read. Many scam companies rely upon using common industry phrases, but either do not use them properly or do not have information to back them up. They also tend to make exaggerated promises. A legitimate company will not overpromise in this way, and will give you the full details on how their process works.
  • Keep an eye out for upfront payments and/or nontraditional payment methods. Requests to pay via wire transfers or prepaid money cards are major red flags, but so are demands for upfront fees that do not use escrow, as well as agreements that do not have written contracts. No money-back guarantee is enough to promise that you will get a refund if a service does not go as planned.
  • Resist pressure to act quickly or pay for a service immediately. A trustworthy timeshare exit company will not attempt to push you into an agreement before you are ready. High-pressure sales tactics are huge red flags, and point to a company you want to avoid working with.
  • Always ask about licensing, identification, and insurance when it comes to local businesses. To get a better idea of which local businesses are trustworthy and reputable, always be sure to get more information about their licenses and insurance. Checking identification is wise as well, especially when it comes to businesses that deal with your money and personal information.


Based on several factors, including the fact that no company information exists for Timeshare Elimination Group, the likelihood that they’re simply a front for Client Protection Group to acquire more clients, and the fact that they are not actually a business, we certainly cannot recommend trying to exit a timeshare with them. It truly sounds like, if not an outright scam, just another means of taking your money before you give the real timeshare exit company even more money.

When it comes to getting out of a timeshare, you should be able to get everything you need from one reputable source, and not have to base your trust solely on money-back guarantees. Furthermore, you should know exactly who will be working on your contract, and what their professional background is. Fortunately, there are a handful of companies that we have found to be reputable and legitimate, and can definitely help you with your situation. You can review the list of companies we recommend on this page.

And if you still have questions about this company, another company, or getting out of timeshares in general, you can give us a call at 833-416-8796, initiate the live chat, or fill out the chat, or fill out the contact form on the right side of the page.


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