Vacation Consulting Services Review

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Vacation Consulting Services is yet another timeshare exit company that claims it can get you out of your timeshare contract. The company has been in business since 2014 and is located in Springfield, MO.

Vacation Consulting Services is one of many timeshare exit companies that was sued by Wyndham in Sept. 2018. Getting sued by Wyndham is no joke. Wyndham is one of the largest timeshare resort developers in the world. This is likely why Vacation Consulting Services has chosen to take down its website.

It is highly recommended that timeshare owners avoid paying up-front fees to any timeshare exit company that is currently being sued by a resort developer such as Wyndham. If the company goes out of business, it is highly unlikely that you will receive your “100% Money-Back Guarantee” from the timeshare exit company.

Learn more about the differences between 100% Money-Back and No Up-Front escrow options.

Vacation Consulting Services Reviews

The Vacation Consulting Services reviews online are not good. This company has and F with the BBB and several negative reviews on the BBB, Yelp, Google and more. Many negative reviews mention that Vacation Consulting Services uses deceptive advertising tactics to lure timeshare owners into an in-person meeting. At this in-person meeting, Vacation Consulting Services pitches its overpriced timeshare cancellation service.

It is common for unscrupulous timeshare exit companies to lure timeshare owners to in-person sales meetings. Timeshare exit companies know that the timeshare owner was previously susceptible to high-pressure sales tactics when the timeshare was originally purchased, so the timeshare exit company uses the same tactics again on the timeshare owner to sell its cancellation service.

Vacation Consulting Services Cost

Vacation Consulting Services costs can’t be found online. Sometimes these costs are mentioned in online reviews, but this does appear to be the case with Vacation Consulting Services.

Their isn’t much of a point in review this company any longer. It’s just another scam up-front timeshare exit company that was eventually shut down. To learn more about how you can cancel your timeshare with a no up-front fee escrow option, fill out the contact form on the right side of the page or initiate live chat in the bottom right hand corner.