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How to Cancel My Timeshare in Nevada?

Among the 50 states, Nevada is unique in what it offers to residents and visitors alike. While it is known first and foremost for Las Vegas – Sin City – the state actually has countless acres of open land and is particularly rural outside of the hubs of Las Vegas and Reno. That means that many different types of people are drawn to Nevada, and it’s a popular destination for travelers who are looking for all kinds of different activities.

No matter where in Nevada you decided to purchase a timeshare, you might be ready to get out of that ownership deal as soon as possible. Timeshares often don’t work out positively for owners, and it’s common for people to wish to exit at some point after they make the purchase. With that in mind, we are going to use this page to help you understand what your options may be in this situation and how you can get the right help to leave your Nevada timeshare immediately.

Look to Nevada Law to Rescue You

For those who have just recently purchased a timeshare, there is some legal protection in the state of Nevada that you should understand. Unfortunately, this protection is only going to help people who have just signed their papers and now want to go back on that decision and get out of the agreement. If you have been a timeshare owner for months or years, this option isn’t going to help you and you’ll have to move onto some of the other possibilities.

The legal protection that you have available if you’ve purchased a Nevada timeshare very recently is known as a cooling-off period. In Nevada, that period is five days, meaning you have as many as five days after you sign the paperwork to cancel that purchase and get out of the deal. Should you happen to be reading this while you are still within that range on the calendar, do whatever you can to get in touch with the developer right away and tell them you would like to cancel. This is the easiest way to cancel a timeshare when the option exists, so don’t let this opportunity pass. Once the calendar flips from that fifth day over to the sixth, you’ll have a much more difficult time moving on from your ownership position.

Communicate with the Developer About Canceling

Like any relationship that isn’t going well, you probably don’t feel much like talking to the developer about anything. If you are ready to move on from the timeshare, it’s because you aren’t happy with what you have received, and you probably don’t think very positively about the resort and what it has meant to your life.

That’s the reality of the situation, but you should set those emotions to the side and reach out anyway to ask for help. In some cases, there are programs and other options available to help you escape the timeshare life and move on. It’s possible that the developer will have an option to simply give back your ownership and end the contract right then and there. Or, you might be able to pay a fee to get out, which could wind up saving you money in the long run as compared to having to keep up with paying maintenance fees and assessments moving forward.

Not all developers will have programs like this available, and some might have limitations or restrictions on who can give back their ownership and when. So, this is far from a guaranteed path to get away from ownership, but it is most certainly worth a try. If you are able to succeed, you’ll avoid the struggle of some of the other paths toward canceling, and you will feel a sense of relief that comes from no longer being legally obligated to the timeshare. And, of course, if it turns out that your Nevada timeshare doesn’t have any such path available to cancel, you can then move on to the other potential solutions.

It’s Worth a Try to Sell Your Timeshare

If there is an ideal solution in this situation, it is to be able to successfully sell your timeshare, so you don’t have to be an owner any longer – and you could maybe even get some money in exchange for your ownership. Why not try to recoup some of what you have spent along the way as you are leaving? That would be great, but while it isn’t necessarily impossible to bring this dream to life, it’s going to be tricky.

To understand why it’s hard to sell a timeshare, you only need to think about why you want to get rid of the timeshare in the first place. Are you tired of maintenance fees? Don’t want to be on the hook for assessments when they come up? Those are understandable positions, but prospective buyers are likely to feel exactly the same way. Most other people aren’t going to want to take on those financial obligations either, which is a big part of why timeshares are so hard for current owners to manage to sell.

You will need to be patient and have realistic expectations if you are going to sell your timeshare. Most likely, the sale price will be quite modest – it might not even be more than a dollar – but that kind of deal could still be worth it to you. Remember, the ultimate goal is to free yourself from the timeshare and the legal obligations that it contains, so getting much in the way of a sale price should be a secondary concern.

Record Everything That Happens for Use Later

We’re going to be rather honest at this point – you simply can’t trust the timeshare developer to treat you fairly in this process. That’s not to say that you won’t be treated fairly or honestly, but you can’t trust that it will play out that way. With a significant portion of your financial future at stake, it’s better not to take chances.

With this in mind, what you want to do is keep records of any communications that you have with the developer along the road toward trying to cancel. So, if they send you anything in the mail, or an email, you want to keep those records and know where they are in case you have to prove something later on. And, if you are talking on the phone with the developer and you are offered something or told something important, don’t just trust that the person who told you that is going to honor it later. Ask to get it in writing right away so there are no problems down the road.

Don’t feel bad about being a bit suspicious about this whole process and having doubts about how the timeshare will treat you. All you need to do is look out for yourself and your family in this situation. You can be sure the people on the timeshare side of the equation are going to be looking out for what’s most important for their business, and you don’t owe them anything. Think of this as a business transaction and always stand up for your side.

Timeshare Exit Services Are Ready to Help

We’ve given you some useful ideas so far on this page, but it’s possible that you go through various options and still find yourself the reluctant owner of a timeshare. That’s a position that countless people find themselves in across the country – not only people who own timeshares in Nevada, but also in many other locations.

Getting out of a timeshare in that situation isn’t impossible, but it is tricky. To get help, look to a timeshare exit service that has been designed to make it easier for people in your spot to finally escape. A good exit service will have lawyers and other professionals on their team to find ways to work through your contract and get out in one way or another. Each situation is unique, so it’s important to have a team that understands the industry and knows how to evaluate your circumstances before proceeding strategically.

If you are going to hire a timeshare exit company, only consider working with one that is going to use escrow to keep your money safe while they work. Putting your money in escrow is an important layer of protection that you don’t want to go without. Some timeshare exit companies will take money from customers and won’t wind up delivering meaningful results, which is why you don’t want to hand over your money at the start without any guarantee of an outcome. Use escrow and have some security while the exit company gets to work.

Leave Your Nevada Timeshare Behind

If you don’t want to own your Nevada timeshare any longer, it’s up to you to take the first steps in that direction. With that in mind, pick up the phone now and call us at
833-416-8796, or use our live chat feature to get started. Given the significant financial impact that a timeshare can have on the rest of your life, this is an important matter and you want to have the right partner on your side. We’d love to get started today!

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Do I Own My Timeshare in Perpetuity?

When you are first presented with the opportunity to purchase a timeshare, you probably aren’t thinking about the end of your ownership journey. Few people think about that part of the process in advance – at the time of the sales presentation, you are only thinking about the fun vacations you would be able to have if you were a timeshare owner. And, of course, the salespeople make the opportunity look awfully enticing, which makes it pretty hard to resist making the purchase.

Unfortunately, life tends to come at you fast, as the saying goes. Soon enough, you might be wondering why you got yourself into the situation of owning a timeshare in the first place, and what you might need to do to get out. Can you just walk away? Would it be possible to simply leave this whole experience in the past and move on with your life? We’ll explore those questions and more in the content below.

The Basics of Owning a Timeshare

When you purchase a timeshare, you are buying the right to use a given vacation property for a certain amount of time each year. The specifics of timeshare ownership vary wildly from one situation to the next, but the general idea remains the same across the board. You pay an upfront price to become an owner, and in exchange for that money, you gain some rights over what facilities you can use, and when you can use them.

In some cases, buying into a timeshare involves purchasing access to a single facility. There might be a beautiful resort in one of your favorite destinations that operates as a stand-alone timeshare, and you may decide – likely after a persuasive presentation – that you want to become an owner at that resort. Alternatively, there are timeshare programs that are based on points and provide owners with access to countless different locations around the world. The largest include access to thousands of properties, which makes it easy for owners’ minds to become filled with visions of taking one luxurious trip after the next.

To get back to the question from the title of this article, yes, you own your timeshare in perpetuity until you are able to end your ownership in one way or another (more on that later). It’s important for timeshare buyers to understand exactly what they are committing to when making this big purchase. Too many buyers think about the fun part at the start and discount the financial responsibility that they are taking on.

Those financial obligations are too significant to take for granted, however. For one thing, if you have to finance the purchase of the timeshare, you’ll be paying down that loan for a few years, along with the interest that it carries. Further, there are ongoing maintenance fees that you have to pay when you own a timeshare, and while they might sound modest at first, the numbers add up as the years go by.

That’s not where the financial obligations end, either. Timeshare owners are typically on the hook for occasional assessments as well, which can be one-time charges to raise money for things like updates to a resort or repairs after some damage is incurred. While assessments don’t happen all the time, they are always lingering out there as something that could jump up and endanger your financial situation. The fact that you do own your timeshare in perpetuity starts to look a little scarier when you think about the fact that these obligations are hanging over your head and won’t be going away anytime soon.

It’s Not as Easy as Just Walking Away

So, in the previous section, we have highlighted some of the issues that come with owning a timeshare, and it should be clear by now why many people will want to get out as soon as possible. With that in mind, can you just walk away from your ownership of a timeshare, ending those responsibilities and giving up your right to use the resorts in question? Unfortunately, it’s rarely that easy.

To be clear, some timeshares do offer a “give back” program that allows owners to exit the timeshare if they wish to do so. However, those programs are not always available, and may have restrictions that don’t make them a viable option in your case. If you don’t have the option to hand back your ownership to the timeshare company, you will need to work on seeking another way out when you are ready to be done.

Be Sure to Care for Your Credit

If you do start to think about ways to get rid of your timeshare, one important factor to keep in mind is the health of your credit score moving forward. Whether you are happy about it or not at this point, you do legally own the timeshare, and not holding up your responsibilities as an owner will have implications on your credit. Specifically, if you fail to keep up with payments on the loan that you used to purchase the timeshare, or if you stop paying maintenance fees or assessments, your credit is certain to take a notable hit.

That doesn’t mean that you should just sit back and remain a timeshare owner if you no longer want to have this be a part of your life. It simply means that however you decide to move forward, you should do so in a way that isn’t going to impact your credit, or is going to impact your credit as little as possible. It is likely to be a tricky process, and it might not transpire as quickly as you would like, but there is hope to find a light at the end of the tunnel.

What About Selling Your Timeshare?

Just like a house – which you also own in perpetuity until you move on – it’s possible to sell your timeshare to put an end to your ownership. If you sell the timeshare, you’ll receive something in exchange for the rights and responsibilities of ownership, and the new owner will need to deal with things like maintenance fees and assessments. So, if you are ready to move on, selling the timeshare is certainly going to be an appealing possibility.

There is only one problem – finding a willing buyer. It’s difficult, and sometimes virtually impossible, to find a buyer for a timeshare, even if you are basically willing to give it away for nothing. As you are now fully aware, the owner of a timeshare takes on responsibilities like paying the ongoing fees that come with that ownership. So, most people won’t take that obligation lightly, even in the face of being offered a timeshare for as little as a single dollar.

It can be difficult to get your mind around the fact that a timeshare you may have paid many thousands of dollars to purchase can be virtually worthless. That’s a tough reality to face, but it’s often how it goes. There simply isn’t a strong market for timeshares to be sold, and with so many available, the few buyers that are out there will have plenty of leverage to get the best possible deal. Any thoughts you might have had about recouping a significant portion of what you spent on the timeshare are going to fly out the window once you start to experience the realities of the market.

Looking for Ways to Move Forward

By now, it’s probably setting in that you aren’t in a great position as a timeshare owner who would rather move on. That’s frustrating, to be sure, but don’t let it get you down for long. Instead of dwelling on the situation that you are in, start to work on making progress on getting out of this tough spot so you can look forward to a brighter, freer financial future.

There are a variety of options for trying to get away from your timeshare, with some being more effective than others. You’ll need to think carefully about your situation to determine how you want to proceed. As a starting point, as was mentioned earlier on this page, you can simply contact the timeshare developer or resort directly to ask about any programs that they might have available. Negotiating directly with the developer isn’t always going to work out, but you don’t want to dive into other approaches until you at least give it a try.

From there, you can attempt to use other strategies, including using a company that specializes in timeshare exits. When going this route, be sure to partner with a business that is going to use a third-party escrow
service to hold the money you pay until the end of the process. Paying upfront for a service that may or may not wind up being successful would just be setting yourself up for further disappointment and frustration.

Get Help Today

Ready to take real, meaningful, concrete steps toward getting away from timeshare ownership? We’d love to help. Give us a call today at
833-416-8796 to discuss your options and learn more about what might be possible with a little help from experts in this space. Alternatively, you may wish to contact us through the chat feature right here on our site. Either way, no matter how you get in touch, we are looking forward to helping you move on with a brighter financial future.

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How to Remove Timeshare Foreclosure from Credit Report?

Timeshares can wreak havoc on your financial situation. When you initially signed up and purchased the timeshare, you had visions of taking great vacations and making memories with your family. In the end, however, the whole experience turned into a financial nightmare and has become a major point of stress in your life.

In some cases, the situation might even reach the point of going through a timeshare foreclosure. When that happens, your credit report is sure to take a serious hit. If this has happened to you, take a look at the article below for some information on how you can approach this issue and what to do moving forward.

Why a Timeshare Goes into Foreclosure

You might find your timeshare in foreclosure for the same reason that your home could go into the foreclosure process – a failure to pay. If you simply stop making payments on your timeshare and ignore the letters and warnings from the timeshare company, you will likely end up in foreclosure at some point.

This is a potential issue if you have used a loan to purchase your timeshare in the first place. When that loan goes unpaid, the foreclosure process is the path that the lender will take to address the situation. And, if the foreclosure goes through, you will soon see a major hit to your credit report.

But it’s not only a matter of paying on the loan that might have been used to purchase the timeshare. Additionally, you’ll need to keep paying the maintenance fees over time to keep your timeshare account current. If you fall too far behind on those fees, you can again be facing a foreclosure situation. Depending on the timeshare you own and the details of your account, the annual maintenance fees – along with any assessments – can be significant. It will be tempting to skip those payments in favor of spending the money on other things in life. Unfortunately, that will lead to foreclosure down the line, and the impact of that even on your financial life can be significant.

Understanding the Damage

Without a doubt, the damage to your credit report when the foreclosure is reported will be significant. Most likely, your score is going to fall at least 100 points, if not more. And, remember that your score will already have been going down as a result of the missed payments that led up to the foreclosure, so you could be left with a credit situation that is far from desirable.

It’s not only the size of the credit drop that you should be concerned with, but also the duration. It can take at least seven years, and maybe as many as ten, to get your credit all the way back to where it was before this event. That extended damage is one of the primary reasons to take this situation so seriously. Anything you can do to get a timeshare foreclosure off of your credit report, or to prevent it from landing there in the first place, is worth pursuing.

Start with a Careful Review

As a starting point, you will want to secure a copy of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus in the U.S. Those are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. You are entitled to a free report annually from these agencies, so go through the steps to get those reports and then look over them carefully.

What you are looking for here are any signs of errors that should be corrected. You can file a dispute directly with the credit bureau if you find something that doesn’t seem right, and they are obligated by law to investigate the situation and make the necessary corrections. The dispute you file could be related directly to the foreclosure process with your timeshare, or it could be something else on the report that is wrong. Either way, winning one of these disputes will help to bring your credit score up.

If you are going to file a dispute, you’ll want to take the time necessary to build your case and present all of the information that you have that supports your side of the argument. For example, if your timeshare company has reported a foreclosure on your timeshare but you have documentation that indicates such an event shouldn’t have happened, turn that information over immediately. Perhaps the timeshare company filed the foreclosure sooner than they said they would, or maybe you made a payment that wasn’t credited properly. Mistakes are relatively common in these kinds of matters, so don’t just assume that everything is correct.

Work with the Timeshare Company

After you have reviewed your credit report, you might need to reach out to the timeshare company directly to see if you can work anything out that will result in the foreclosure being removed from your credit history. While there is certainly no guarantee of getting a good outcome from this approach, it’s important to take this step and see if they will work with you.

For instance, if you explain the circumstances that led up to the foreclosure, and express a willingness to work through the issue, they might have some offers or programs available to help. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get off the hook entirely for your timeshare, of course, but you might be able to agree to some kind of payment system or arrangement that will let you save your credit. At this point, it’s a good idea to prioritize your credit and you can worry later about a way to finally get rid of the timeshare once and for all.

When you reach out to the timeshare company to talk about the options, you might be offered a settlement. The company would likely prefer to receive some money on your account rather than nothing, so offering a settlement could be in their best interest. Remember, this isn’t like traditional real estate, where they will be able to turn around and sell the foreclosed property. Your timeshare ownership has essentially no value, so they’d like to get some payment on it before you go away for good.

If you do agree to a settlement, make sure the settlement agreement directly states that any foreclosure reporting will be removed from your credit. This is critical, and you can’t be too careful in terms of getting everything in writing from the start. While it won’t be offered in all situations, a settlement might prove to be a good way to get out of this sticky situation with minimal damage.

Get Professional Help

If you can’t find a way to remove your foreclosure from your credit report, you might want to enlist the help of a professional group to deal with your credit problems. Such a service – whether it’s a company that specializes in credit repair or a general financial advisor – can provide you with direction and may have some tools to help you work back toward a better situation.

Of course, you want to be careful as you enter into an agreement with such an organization, as money is likely already tight and you don’t want to commit more funds to a service that won’t wind up delivering the results you need in the end. Have a clear conversation about what you can expect them to deliver and seek some form of guarantee before agreeing to retain their services.

Start to Rebuild

At some point, you will have done all that you can do in terms of addressing the foreclosure that may have landed on your credit report. Whatever the outcome of that process may be, the next step is to look ahead and see what you can do to start slowly but surely moving your credit back in the right direction.

The fundamentals of building your credit at this point are no different than at any other time. It all starts with only taking on a reasonable amount of debt and making your payments on time, every time. If you can maintain some open credit – a credit card that is not maxed out, for example – that will reflect well on your credit situation, as it will show that you aren’t stretched completely thin. If you are currently carrying a load of debt, work on paying that down by going over the minimum payments each month, if at all possible. It may take longer than you would like, but you can slowly restore your credit by focusing on the fundamentals and leaving this messy timeshare situation behind you.

Avoid the Foreclosure Outcome

If you haven’t yet been through a foreclosure process on your timeshare, get started today on getting rid of that ownership before foreclosure becomes a reality. Use the live chat feature here on our site for more information or reach out to us directly at 833-416-8796. There are options that may be able to help you avoid the credit harm of a foreclosure, but it’s up to you to take the first step. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Can You Get Rid of Global Exchange Vacation Club (GEVC)?

All timeshares are notoriously difficult to cancel. When thinking about whether or not you want to purchase ownership in a timeshare, one of your primary considerations needs to be what will happen when you want to get out. Most timeshares can’t just be canceled, as you are technically an owner, and the vast majority are extremely difficult – if not impossible – to sell.

What about Global Exchange Vacation Club, or GEVC? We’ll take a look at this brand specifically below to see what you may need to go through to get out of your ownership situation. The sooner you get started on this process, the sooner you will hopefully be out from under your obligations and can move on with your financial life.

What is Global Exchange Vacation Club?

Global Exchange Vacation Club offers vacation ownership opportunities, which are often referred to as a timeshare. Unlike some other timeshares, where owners are limited to a single destination, or a small group of destinations, GEVC offers access to thousands of resorts to its members. This fact alone is likely one of the biggest selling points for the timeshare and is one of the main factors when buyers decide to sign on the dotted line.

Where are those resorts located? Well, that’s a little tricky to determine, at least at first. The website for GEVC offers limited information about the resorts that are included in the program, so you will have to contact them directly to get more information if you are interested. This system uses the RCI Points program, which is one of the leading platforms in the timeshare space.

As is so often the case in the timeshare industry, this company tends to use tactics like free giveaways in exchange for attendance at a sales seminar to bring people into the fold. These kinds of seminars do allow you to learn more about what a timeshare has to offer, but they tend to be high-pressure, which makes some people uncomfortable and could cause you to make a decision that you might not have made otherwise.

Why You Might Want to Leave GEVC

So, if you are already a timeshare owner within Global Exchange Vacation Club, why would you want to leave? While access to thousands of resorts does sound appealing, there are going to be some drawbacks that could quickly sour you on the experience. This is a process that many previous timeshare owners have been through, and you may come to regret ever getting involved with this obligation.

As a starting point, you might decide to leave GEVC simply because you don’t feel like you are getting good value for your money. As the months and years go by, and more and more of your money is spent on this membership, you may wonder if those dollars couldn’t have been better used to travel a different way. There are many different options for travel in the modern world, and timeshare ownership can quickly get expensive for what you get in return. Once the shine of the sales pitch wears off and you see what you are really getting, leaving the timeshare might start to look appealing.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some beautiful resorts that will be accessible to you as an owner. There are, and if you are able to book a trip at the right time for your needs, you could certainly enjoy the experience. But it’s that booking process that can become frustrating and perhaps not be what you expect. Reservations that are made by owners are offered on a “Space Available Basis”, and like many timeshares, that space might not be available as often as you would like. Or, if there is space available, it will frequently be in the less-desirable times of year, or in the resorts that aren’t as popular. Booking a trip to one of the top locations in the middle of the summer, for example, could prove to be difficult or even impossible.

Finally, some people want to leave their timeshare ownership because of a change in life situation or financial challenges. If you or a loved one are dealing with a physical limitation that prevents you from utilizing your timeshare, it would obviously make sense to look for a way out. Or, if other financial demands in life have put you in a position where you need to make some cuts, travel is going to be one of the first things to go.

A Tricky Process

It would be great if this was the place where we could tell you that it was easy to get out of Global Exchange Vacation Club if you no longer want to be an owner. That’s not exactly the case, however. According to the information provided on the GEVC website, your membership is in perpetuity, and it is considered ownership that is backed by real estate. In other words, you shouldn’t expect to just be able to cancel your membership and move on with your life. You are considered an owner and will have to take steps to find a way out.

As a starting point, if you have just agreed to purchase this membership and now realize that you don’t want to do it, you do have five days to reverse your decision. By law, you have to be allowed out of the contract if you request for it to be canceled within five days of agreeing to the deal. So, if that happens to apply in your case, contact the company immediately to pursue cancellation.

If you aren’t within five days of originally agreeing to the deal, you can simply reach out to the company directly to ask about options for leaving the timeshare. Although you might be frustrated, do your best to be professional and respectful in your dealings. It’s only going to be harder to get help if you approach the agents who are working with you in an aggressive and hostile manner. It’s entirely possible that they will tell you there are no options available to leave, and you’ll have to go from there to look into other methods of resolving this matter.

If a surrender program is made available, be sure to pay close attention to the details of that program so you understand what you are getting into. Likely, it will involve giving up all rights to your ownership, effectively immediately, and you might even have to pay to file the request. However, if it is only a one-time payment that is needed to get out of this situation for good, that will probably prove to be a wise choice.

Exploring Other Options

In the absence of anything helpful from GEVC, you can consider some other possibilities. First, you could try to sell your ownership on your own. This usually isn’t easy, but it’s not always impossible. There are resale market platforms that you can use to list what you own and potential buyers can contact you for more information. You should not expect to make anything off of this sale, as the timeshare is almost certainly worth nothing – the upfront price you paid to purchase the timeshare has nothing to do with its actual value on the open market.

With that said, even if you can sell it for a single dollar, that would be considered a win. You’d be out from under the ongoing maintenance fees and you can move on. It’s the ongoing obligation associated with owning a timeshare that is the real problem, so getting away from that reality and taking yourself off the hook for future maintenance fees and assessments is a big victory for your financial future.

It might also be an option to rent out your timeshare points to others who want to take vacations at the properties that you can access. First and foremost, you’ll have to confirm that this is allowed with your GEVC account. If it’s an option, you can at least recoup some money through renting it out, even if you are still the owner and still responsible for the account. That will take some of the financial burden out of the situation and help you continue on until another way out presents itself.

As a last resort, some people simply stop making payments on their timeshare. This isn’t ideal, of course, as it can lead to a major hit to your credit score and other implications. However, in cases of severe financial distress, it might be the only way to go. Before you stop making payments, be sure that you have been in contact with the timeshare company to figure out if there are any other options available to you that wouldn’t come along with such significant ramifications.

Assistance is Available

You are far from the only person who would like to cancel or otherwise get rid of a timeshare as soon as possible. With that in mind, there are companies that have been created specifically with the purpose of making this happen, and you can reach out to us directly at

833-416-8796 for guidance and a helping hand. Rather get help online? Not to worry – just use our chat feature and get the ball rolling.

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How Much is the Average Timeshare Per Month?

Owning a timeshare can get expensive. Between the upfront purchase price – which you may have financed – and the ongoing maintenance fees that you will be required to pay, owning a portion of a timeshare can quickly become far more expensive than you imagined at first.

On this page, we’ll take a closer look at what you can reasonably expect to pay if you decide to become a timeshare owner. Of course, if you are already a timeshare owner and would like to get out from under the costs that you have been dealing with over the years, you are welcome to reach out to us for assistance. Our team is here to help!

A Huge Range

The problem with writing an article about the “average” for anything that you could purchase is that the answer is sure to include a wide range. And, indeed, that’s the case with timeshares. The costs of owning a timeshare are going to range wildly from one situation to the next. Some timeshares come with a relatively modest price tag and overall investment, while others are extremely expensive.

You’ll find that the variety in prices for timeshares depends on a number of factors. First and foremost, it’s the locations that are available in a timeshare program that is going to dictate how much it costs. If you will have access to a variety of high-end properties in warm, exotic locations, you can be sure that experience is going to come with a lofty price tag. On the other hand, if only one or two properties are offered by the timeshare, and they aren’t in particularly competitive destinations, the price will be lower.

There is also the matter of the type of ownership model being used to consider. If you have a fixed-week arrangement, you will be required to travel at the same time year after year, to the same destination. This setup might be a little more affordable, depending on the timeshare, than it would be to own points that can be used more flexibly at a variety of locations.

Understanding What You’ll Spend

One of the ways people get into trouble with timeshares is that they don’t understand clearly from the start exactly the various ways they will be expected to pay for their ownership. With so much fluff presented during the sales pitch, and so many beautiful resorts shown as a great place to spend time with family and friends, you might lose track of the details and get into something that you don’t entirely understand.

First and foremost, there is the upfront cost of the timeshare purchase. This one is easy enough to understand, and you could choose to pay for it in cash at the time of the purchase, or you might finance it and pay over time. If you take that second option, you’ll need to make monthly payments to pay down the loan, much like a mortgage you may have taken out on your house. Some people mistakenly think that if they pay cash upfront to cover the cost of the purchase, they won’t have more expenses to worry about down the line. Sadly, that simply is not the case.

The elephant in the room here is known as “maintenance fees”. These are ongoing costs that owners must pay into the timeshare to contribute to the upkeep of the various properties that you may have the right to access as an owner. Like everything else, the maintenance fees you pay will vary from one timeshare to another, and can range from a few hundred dollars per year to a few thousand. If you fall behind on your maintenance fee payments, you might suffer credit consequences, and the developer may even take legal action against you.

So, if you finance the purchase of your timeshare, and then add the maintenance fees on top of that monthly payment, you’ll quickly be looking at a rather significant, ongoing bill. Eventually, if you remain an owner for long enough, you will successfully pay off the loan that you used to purchase the timeshare – but the maintenance fees will remain.

It’s Not Done Yet

Those two categories – a loan and the maintenance fees – are going to account for the primary costs that you experience as a timeshare owner. However, that’s not quite the end of the story, as it’s also possible to be hit with a special assessment. These occur when something happens to the resort that needs to be addressed. As an owner, you are legally on the hook for a portion of the repairs or renovations that might be required.

For example, consider a case where a resort is badly damaged by a storm. The costs that are incurred to fix the resort in the aftermath will be the responsibility of the owners – and those expenses will be divided up and billed out to the owners through an assessment. These can be particularly difficult to deal with because they aren’t expected and can be significant in cost. You don’t need to include assessments in what you will expect to pay month after month, but they should be in the back of your mind as a possibility that you should save for to be prepared just in case.

Considering the Value – Or Lack of Value

When you add it all up, you might find yourself spending a few hundred bucks each and every month to maintain your ownership stake in a timeshare. Or, if you purchased access to a higher-end, luxury facility, you might see a bill that is in the thousands. Whatever the case, you’ll want to think carefully about whether or not that money is going to deliver the value you deserve in terms of fun, relaxing, memorable vacations.

This is where the experience of being a timeshare owner usually starts to turn. If you add up everything – the purchase price, the maintenance fees, the assessments – you are spending a lot of money to go on vacation. And, even if you do enjoy the vacations, you’ll have to ask yourself if there would be a more affordable, flexible way to have the same experience. With so many travel options available today, including private home rentals, shared properties, hotels, and more, it’s not necessary to have a timeshare in order to find great places to visit.

There is also the matter of the ongoing nature of timeshare ownership to consider. If you just travel by paying for one trip at a time, you aren’t obligated to pay for anything beyond the current trip you are booking. If something comes up next year and you can’t travel, you won’t have spent a dime. Or, if you experience something like a loss of a job or disability that impacts your earning ability, those timeshare bills won’t be hanging over your head. Then, when your financial picture improves again, you can get back to traveling as you see fit. The flexibility that comes with not owning a timeshare and just traveling one trip at a time is a big plus that is too often overlooked.

The Matter of Getting Out

As we have seen in this article so far, timeshares can place a notable strain on your personal finances. Whether you can technically afford to keep paying for it and just don’t want to, or you simply can’t make ends meet while keeping up with these payments, finding a way out is important.

Unfortunately, this is where it gets sticky for most timeshare owners. While you might have been told during the initial timeshare sales pitch that you could turn around and sell your ownership when you are done with it, that rarely works out to be the case. Sure, you can list your timeshare for sale, but you are unlikely to find many – if any – willing buyers on the market. Even if you would be willing to sell the timeshare for a dollar just to get rid of the obligation of the maintenance fees, it might be tough to find anyone who wants to take the deal.

At the same time, timeshares generally aren’t in the business of letting owners out of their contracts. They view this as something that you own in perpetuity, not unlike traditional real estate. Of course, with regular real estate, you would have no problem finding an interested buyer to pay a fair price, but timeshares don’t tend to have any intrinsic value. So, if you contact the timeshare company directly about canceling your ownership, you are likely to run into a brick wall.

Start Saving Right Away

It gets old spending money on a timeshare month after month, especially if you aren’t getting much value in return in the way of trips and experiences. By giving us a call at 833-416-8796, you can discuss your options and consider the next move to work toward getting rid of your timeshare and creating some financial flexibility in your life. You are also welcome to use the chat feature here on our site to get started. We would love to serve you!

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Vacation Village Timeshare Reviews

Vacation Village Resorts is one of the primary players in the timeshare industry. Along with plenty of other big names, Vacation Village Resorts has played a significant hand in how the timeshare world has been formed over recent decades. There is a good chance you have come across this brand over the year in one place or another.

In addition to offering its own collection of properties for owners to visit and explore, Vacation Village also partners with RCI and Interval International to make it possible for owners to exchange points and book trips at other resorts. If you have been thinking about buying a timeshare, or if you have been offered a sales presentation with Vacation Village and want to know more, you might find this page helpful.

While timeshare ownership might work out for some people, many others would like to be done with their existing timeshare as soon as possible. If that sounds like the position you are in, take a moment to review our list of the best timeshare exit companies as a starting point for this process. Getting out of your timeshare can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Start reviewing your options today.

Vacation Village Timeshare Pros and Cons

You never want to rush into a major purchasing decision. With something as significant as a timeshare – which not only comes with a meaningful upfront cost, but also ongoing maintenance fees that last indefinitely – you want to be sure you are making the right choice for you and your family.

With that in mind, we’d like to start by reviewing some pros and cons that you might find when reviewing what Vacation Village has to offer. There is an element of subjectivity here, of course, as what is a pro or a con to one person might not look that way to the next. You’ll need to make your own decisions with the points below offered as a starting point.


The places owners are able to visit are the clear selling point when considering Vacation Village. Like many other timeshare companies, this brand has locations focused on some of the prime tourist areas across the country, so you’d have a nice selection to pick from as an owner when trying to book a trip. This portfolio includes classic timeshare destinations such as Orlando and Las Vegas, along with quieter options like the Berkshires.


As you may be aware, there are commonly some issues that come along with timeshare ownership. Vacation Village is not immune to these problems, and as a result, there are some potential cons that you should be aware of while considering a purchase.

Long Sales Presentations

Perhaps the biggest complaint across the entire industry is regarding the pressurized, lengthy sales presentations that often occur. Many people have found themselves in a presentation they wish they would not have agreed to attend, and they wind up in that presentation for much longer than expected. If the timeshare doesn’t respect the value of your time from the start, that’s not a good sign for the rest of your experience as an owner.

Lacking Availability

Another problem is something that you certainly aren’t going to hear about during the sales presentation. If you do decide to become an owner, you might face a grim reality about your ownership experience soon after – it can be hard to book desirable times at some of the premier properties in the portfolio. Availability is often not as abundant as you might have been led to believe, therefore you’ll be paying for your timeshare but might not be able to use it in the manner that you would prefer.

Vacation Village Timeshare Complaints

Every business has its share of dissatisfied customers. No matter what market a business is in, or what kinds of customers it serves, at least a few are sure to be unhappy. Unfortunately, in the timeshare industry, there are seemingly more unhappy customers than in most markets, so it’s never hard to find some people who are complaining about the way they have been treated or the value they have been provided.

To help you gain a perspective on how Vacation Village Timeshare owners feel about their purchase and subsequent experience, we have grabbed a couple of screenshots from Better Business Bureau complaints that have been filed. There are many more of these to be found on the BBB website if you would like to review them for yourself.

Is Vacation Village Timeshare a Good Investment?

The idea of a timeshare as a great investment is an easy one to get excited about. To be sure, plenty of people have talked themselves into the idea of being able to buy a timeshare, use it for a while, and then sell it for a profit. In fact, some of those people were likely given the idea by a salesperson who was trying to close a deal.

As the old saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Buying a timeshare and then selling it for a profit later is not a realistic view of how this experience is going to play out. More likely, you are going to spend money upfront that will never be recovered, along with the money that you have to spend on maintenance fees over the coming years.

The root of the problem with seeing timeshares as an investment is the difficulty that you are sure to have when trying to sell your timeshare later on. The secondary market for a timeshare is weak, to say the least. It will be hard to find an interested buyer, and if you do, it’s unlikely that they’ll make you much of an offer. Plenty of owners turn to timeshare exit companies as a way to just get out from under their timeshare obligations without getting anything at all in return.

Is Vacation Village Timeshare Worth It?

The concept of getting your money’s worth for something you purchase is baked deep into our consumer, capitalist culture. Whatever it is that you are spending money on, you always want to make sure that it’s a fair deal. That applies to small purchases like a meal at a restaurant, and it certainly applies to larger purchases like timeshares.

If you have been thinking about buying a timeshare, whether it is with Vacation Village or another timeshare company, you’ll want to confirm that the money you spend is going to be worth it in the end. That’s where many people who have purchased timeshares previously wind up running into trouble. Given the price of a timeshare, in addition to the ongoing maintenance fees, it is common for people to feel like they didn’t really get a great value from their purchase.

When you take out the possibility of having this purchase serve as a quality investment opportunity, as we discussed above, it starts to look difficult to really make the argument that it will be worth it in the long run. What you might end up with is a timeshare ownership experience that really just boils down to taking rather expensive vacations without the typical flexibility that comes with booking one vacation at a time. And, if your financial situation changes in the future, you won’t be able to readily get out of the timeshare and away from the ongoing maintenance fees.

Vacation Village Timeshare Lawsuits

We all use the input from past purchasers to inform our choices about the things we buy. Even if it is something relatively affordable, you probably do a quick search online to see what other people are saying who have used it previously. That same line of thinking should apply to looking at the lawsuits that are faced by many timeshare companies, including Vacation Village.

It is relatively common for timeshare owners to sue their timeshare company, which is a concrete sign that they are seriously unhappy with their experience. This is more than just writing a strongly worded criticism somewhere on the web (although we already saw some examples of that approach above). This is actually taking the step of getting legal help to seek damages and permanently sever ties with the timeshare company. Given the frequency of such activity, it’s worthwhile to think twice about whether or not you want to join in.

You Aren’t Alone

We know that it can feel frustrating to be stuck in a timeshare that you no longer want to own. Many other people are in your position, hoping to find a way out of their contract so they can stop paying lofty maintenance fees and move on with their lives. Toward that end, we’d be happy to help. Give us a call at 833-416-8796 to learn more about your timeshare exit options. You can also use our live chat or fill out the form here on our site. However you do it, get in touch right away and start working toward a timeshare-free future.

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What’s the truth about timeshare maintenance fees

So, You bought a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, Fast forward 5 years and you wonder if you made the decision, Now let’s do the math, first was the upfront cost who purchase your timeshare, you paid $7,000 for your mortgage with yearly maintenance fees that started out at $865 per year, now ARDA the American Resort and development association estimate an average increase in maintenance fees of 8% per year.

let’s say we got a deal and your maintenance fees only increase to an average of 6% every year. Wohoo! So, after 5 years your fees went up from $865 to $1,124, Ouch! Throw in that unexpected special assessment fee when a pipe broke on third floor timeshare in somebody else’s unit and don’t forget to include the cost in your flights, car rental, food and entertainment while you were there, add all that up you spent a total of $32,950 on 5 vacations at the same resort on the same week every year an average of $6,950 per vacation assuming you’ve even use your timeshare every year. well have you?

Now let’s compare this to the cost of booking a vacation at the same exact resort through popular travel site. a vacation package that include flights, rental car, room and the added bonus of being all inclusive with food, drinks, activities tips and taxes. all that will cost you about $3,368, which means that over 5 years you will spend $16,841 on your vacation. inconvenience of not being locked in to a timeshare contract that saves you 50% a year, all while improving you access, upgrading your resort status and your experience this method also gives you the freedom to schedule your vacations whenever you want, where you want without restricting you to one location. it has slope of blister one year, sunbathe on a beaches of maui.

does your timeshare pencil out? if not contact timeshare exit team. timeshare exit team doesn’t buy, least or donate timeshare. those are all methods that’s still leads you liable, instead they negotiate with the resorts to end your timeshare. get out safely, legitimately forever. timeshare exit team

We hope this information was helpful to you.
If you’d like to learn more about how to cancel your timeshare, initiate live chat, give us a call at 833-416-8796 or submit a contact form on the right side of the page.

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TS Solutions Group Review

TS Solutions Group is another company that may be able to help you get out of a timeshare. They are headquartered in Reno, NV, and have been in operation since 2017.

TS Solutions Group Website


TS Solutions Group has a very average-looking website, with a simple design, setup, and navigation. Overall, the copy is pretty straightforward and easy to read. Their Home page includes the promise of a free consultation, a list of their general services, and information about their mission. There isn’t anything here that goes above and beyond what we typically see on timeshare exit company websites.

The About page has the same list of what they can help with, which includes dealing with, among other issues, increased maintenance fees, difficulty selling a timeshare, and unexpected special assessments. It’s a bit repetitive, though it does get the message across to a degree. However, it’s overall not very informative in terms of TS Solutions Group’s expertise, or who operates the business. They do not really note what their specific method is to get you out of a timeshare.

The FAQ page seems like it would address more about this subject, but the most we found was the following answer to how they get people out of timeshares:

  • “It really depends on your specific situation. There are so many different timeshares, management companies, types of contracts and types of usages. Your timeshare transfer, or elimination will be tailored to your specific situation. Our staff has over 100 years combined experience in the industry, so you can be assured that the best solution will be applied to your specific situation.”

While overall neither this page nor the rest of the website make lofty claims or unrealistic promises, being vague is also not exactly a helpful way to present their processes. Still, again, the website does not necessarily undermine the company’s professionalism, and is at the very least a solid hub for getting in touch with the company.

TS Solutions Group Reviews

TS Solutions Group appears to be well-reviewed with the BBB. There, they have an A+, and 4.75 out of 5 stars. They’ve also been accredited since 2019. Here are a few of the comments that past clients have made:

  • “Thanks! I am so excited today. I just got the notification I was completely released from the ownership of my timeshares. TS Solutions Group got rid of both of my headaches. I am glad this company found me. I had tried to sell my timeshare 3 different times with no success. Joe was very knowledgeable and patient in explaining everything and helping me get started in the process. I would recommend this company to anyone I know that has a timeshare.”
  • “I just signed up with TS Solutions Group. I appreciate the information shared with me. I appreciate being explained what is happening with my timeshare. Their rep was easy to work with. It was nice to not be pressured. I look forward to getting this done.”

Though most of their BBB page reviews are of this nature — i.e. positive and relieved — they do have two standout complaints. These are worth noting because they speak to an experience of being solicited by TS Solutions Group. Specifically, they are as follows:

  • “I recieved multiple calls at home and on my cell. Each time I informed each caller of the fact I am content with my timeshare and did not require nor solicitthis service. After continuous calls on both my cell and home numbers which included telling them to stop calling, the calls became border line harassment. I kept blocking numbers but calls kept coming. When I recieved [sic] a call from one of the managers and started to inform me of my disdain at the harassing calls, he hung up. This practice needs to stop.”
  • “Receiving multiple calls from various spoofed numbers. People are in The Philippines that say they are in Las Vegas. She is not able to tell me what state Las Vegas is in or what major freeway in in Las Vegas. I don’t know how this scam works but none of the information matches.”

While, based on the information we have found, TS Solutions Group appears to be who they say they are, we would say it’s worth taking these complaints into consideration if you’re thinking about consulting with them. If you found out about them or any other company because they solicited you for business, that’s generally considered manipulative and not a good sign.

Aside from the BBB, we did not find any reviews of TS Solutions Group on Facebook, Google, or other business review sites such as Trustpilot.

TS Solutions Group Cost

While we did not find specific information about costs on TS Solutions Group’s website, they do address costs in their FAQ. They state: “[Cost] will really depend on your specific situation. We always look for the least expensive route. Your TS Solutions Group Advisor will explain exactly what needs to be done to eliminate your timeshare.”

That aside, if their Contact page is any indication, they appear to offer a free consultation for their services. Filling out the form on that page says it will lead to receiving “free information” about exiting your timeshare.

We would not only encourage starting with a free consultation before agreeing to anything with TS Solutions Group (or any other company), but we would also strongly suggest making sure that they do not require upfront payments. Instead, you should always make sure the timeshare exit company or consultant you work with uses escrow for payment. This means that they do not get your money until they have successfully helped you out of your contract. To learn more about escrow and why it’s important, you can visit this page.

What to Look for in a Timeshare Exit Company


One positive thing, as noted, that TS Solutions Group has to offer is a high rating with the BBB, which is one of the qualities we say to look for in a timeshare exit company.

So what else should you look for in terms of green flags? What is indicative of a trustworthy timeshare exit company? To begin with, whatever company you choose should have a solid reputation, and as noted above, they should also use escrow for payment. A few other qualities you should look for in a timeshare exit company include the following:

  • An A (or higher) rating with the BBB, accreditation, and few (if any) complaints
  • Several years in business
  • A physical office address rather than a PO box
  • A professional-looking website
  • A written contract for any services rendered

There are several companies that can speak to having these qualities, and we are committed to researching them thoroughly and featuring them on this website. You can review a list of our recommended companies on this page. All of them have a great track record of success in getting people out of their timeshare contracts, and have proven themselves to be legitimate and trustworthy.


While TS Solutions Group appears to have a fairly straightforward business model, we did not come up with enough information to make a serious recommendation for their services. With a company like this, it’s always worth asking extra questions to know what you would be getting into, and again, to make sure you would not be expected to make any upfront payments. It’s possible that they are a legitimate timeshare exit company, but you would have to know more about them to be absolutely sure.

All of that said, we have several companies that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and can potentially help you with your timeshare situation. Again, to learn more about those recommended companies, you can visit this page.

If you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can give us a call at 833-416-8796, initiate the live chat, or fill out the contact form on the right side of the page.

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Timeshare Solutions Plus Review

Timeshare Solutions Plus is another company that may be able to help you get out of a timeshare. They are located in Apple Valley, CA, and have been in business for six years.


Timeshare Solutions Plus Website


Timeshare Solutions Plus has a fairly professional-looking website, albeit a bit overloaded on the design side, which makes it slightly hard to read. The copy has some misspellings that have the same effect. That said, the content itself is quite simple and straightforward, as are the promises they make. Meaning, in general, we did not find that their claims to be over-the-top, and their timeshare-related language is easy to understand.

The Who We Are (About) page suffers from the same problem that many other timeshare exit companies’ do — in that there’s not enough information about the owners/operators to make a call about their expertise. They do include a short list of common timeshare situations that lead people to seek to be released from their contracts, including what you’d expect, such as increased maintenance fees, inability to travel, and having paid an upfront listing fee with no results. This doesn’t necessarily indicate anything especially outstanding in terms of capability or trust, but it’s not redundant or fluff content, so that’s a positive.

The FAQ page is quite brief and basic, but that does mean the content doesn’t go on and on; rather, it does offer most of the information you’d want to have to make a decision about working with Timeshare Solutions Plus. Most notably, this is where they guarantee to release you from your contract in less than twelve months, but also offer a refund of fees — which presumably means timeshare-related fees — if they do not get you out of your timeshare in less than sixteen months. This is very interesting and not something we see very often. It is certainly worth asking about if you elect to take advantage of their free consultation to make sure it does not mean they require upfront fees.

Overall, while Timeshare Solutions Plus’s online presence could stand to improve, they do not make any egregious claims or promises, which is a promising change of pace in terms of the timeshare exit companies that we review. Their reviews, which we’ll describe below, show a stronger side of this company.


Timeshare Solutions Plus Reviews


When we looked into reviews of Timeshare Solutions Plus, we found that they have an A+ with BBB, and have been accredited since 2018. There are no complaints listed, and most of the reviews are glowingly positive. For example:

  • “Outstanding!!! Thank you so much Yvette for helping my family be free of this burden and not be trapped by the lies these companies trick people into. It has been truly and honor and a pleasure working with you. So many times the stress of the financial burden started to break me and the emotional support and compassion you provided was unheard of and greatly appreciated. Overall it was a seemingly painless process and you were able to get me free in 10 months. Thank you to you and your team for allowing our family to have our lives back! You are a blessing from God and I’m so thankful that he guided us to you. Thank you again!”

We also found that Timeshare Solutions Plus has several positive reviews with a business review site called Revdex, including the following:

  • “I found Timeshare Solutions Plus (TSP) to be a breath for [sic] fresh air, among a throng of misleading timeshare ‘helpers’. Others wanted lots of money up front, without a guarantee of results or unwilling to commit to a reasonable time frame for a solution. TSP was wonderful. Yvette chatted with me through the process, proposed a reasonable timeframe, didn’t ask for $ up front and was able to assist in getting our timeshare cancelled. Thanks to all at Timeshare Solutions Plus for the help, the encouragement, the honesty and the great work.”

Timeshare Solutions Plus only has one five-star Google review, and a handful of Facebook reviews, but all of the latter are very positive and sound like they come from real people. For example:

  • “Yvette is so kind and honest. Within minutes of our conversation, she had given me alternatives for helping me that may very well have meant that she would not get my business. But because of her honesty, she offered me information that helped me in my specific situation. We found that it may not be the best fit for me to take the path with Timeshare Solutions Plus but I know that Yvette and Timeshare Solutions Plus only have their customers best interests in mind.”

So, generally speaking, it appears that Timeshare Solutions Plus not only delivers on their promises, but also does not pressure clients into working with them. Additionally, they don’t charge upfront fees for their services, which is a huge green flag, and one that we don’t see very often. Escrow, which it sounds like this company might use, is something we typically look for in companies when it comes to recommending their services. To learn more about escrow and why it’s important, you can visit this page.

Timeshare Solutions Plus Cost


While there is no specific information about costs on Timeshare Solutions Plus’s website, it’s worth noting a second time that they do not require upfront fees. This was mentioned in the reviews, which did not cite any specific costs either. They also offer the chance for a free consultation prior to working with them. If you want to learn more about their costs and payment model, taking advantage of the free consultation would probably be the best way to do so.


What to Look for in a Timeshare Exit Company

There are several qualities that indicate a company is one you want to get involved with to get rid of a timeshare. The use of escrow for payment — and in turn, not requesting upfront payments — is just one of those traits. Companies who either work with attorneys or have industry connections are typically going to be more efficient at working with the timeshare or resort itself, and will ultimately get you more for what you pay. If you owe a mortgage, this might not be an option for you, but you can still look for a timeshare exit company that consults with lawyers and uses a reputable payment method. You can find out more about the costs you can expect for the different methods of exiting a timeshare here.



Timeshare Solutions Plus appears to be a refreshing change from most timeshare exit companies, in that they actually deliver on their promises. Furthermore, it’s promising that they don’t require upfront payments to do so. This is something they have in common with our other recommended companies, which you can learn more about here. Overall, while their online presence could use some work and attention, Timeshare Solutions Plus certainly seems to be worth looking into if you are looking to get out of a timeshare and want help from a legitimate third party to do so.

Still have questions about this company, another company, or timeshare exit in general? Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more. You can give us a call at 833-416-8796, use the live chat, or fill out our contact form to get started.

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IHG Timeshare Cancellation

IHG timeshare, or Holiday Inn Club Vacations by IHG, is a timeshare resort developer with resorts all over the USA. One of the most popular IHG timeshares is the Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, FL.  IHG timeshare cancellation will follow a similar process as an Orange Lake timeshare cancellation.

If you own an IHG timeshare and would like to get rid of it, you may be wondering what options you have. You can try to sell the timeshare, but many owners are unable to do so, even for as little as $1. For example, if you do a search on eBay for one of IHG’s most popular timeshares, “Orange Lake timeshare”, you’ll likely see several timeshares being advertised for sale for $1 with no bids.

If no one will buy the timeshare for $1, how can you get rid of it? You may consider walking away from your timeshare maintenance fees, but that would not be wise because there could be a negative impact made to your credit score. You may also consider donating the timeshare, but even that may be difficult to do. If you can’t sell the timeshare for $1, why would anyone, even a charity, want to be burdened with the maintenance fees?

You could try calling IHG and asking if they will take the timeshare back from you. In some cases, resorts have started taking timeshares back from owners. Typically, if you owe a mortgage on the timeshare, your chances of giving the timeshare back are usually lower, but this isn’t always the case.

If you can’t sell, can’t donate and can’t give it back to IHG, what other options do you have? Not many, which is why so many timeshare exit companies exist nowadays. These companies specialize in helping timeshare owners get rid of IHG timeshare.

Not all timeshare exit companies are the same. Some exit companies work with lawyers that attempt to get you out of your timeshare if you feel you were lied to during the sales presentations. Other exit companies do not work with lawyers and simply help to guide owners through the foreclosure process once an owner has decided to stop paying their timeshare maintenance fees on their own. If you inherited the timeshare from a family member, many timeshare exit companies that work with lawyers will not be able to help you because your family member may have been lied to but you were not.

No matter what you decided to do, our advice does not change. We only recommend working with companies that offer an escrow payment option, so the timeshare exit or resale firm is only paid AFTER your timeshare has been cancelled or sold. This holds the timeshare exit or resale firm accountable because they are not paid until after they have successfully helped you get out of IHG timeshare. Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

Still have questions? Contact us with the contact form on the right side of the page or initiate live chat. You may also call us at 833-416-8796

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