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UDI Consulting Review


UDI Consulting is yet another timeshare exit company claiming it can cancel your timeshare. This looks to be another scam operation out of Springfield, MO that is affiliated with the following companies:

Vacation Consulting Services

Mutual Release Corporation

Wyndham recently sued all these companies on September 14, 2018. As of November 23, 2018, it looks like the UDI Consulting website has been taken down. No surprises here. The “company” likely got sued by Wyndham and decided to close shop. Wyndham is one of the largest timeshare developers worldwide. If a timeshare exit company is sued by Wyndham, it’s likely going to go out of business.

We always recommend working with a timeshare exit company that offers an escrow payment option, so you are protected from scams. When you use an escrow payment option, your money is protected in a third-party account while the timeshare cancellation service is being performed. If the timeshare exit company goes out of business, like UDI Consulting has, you’d be able to get your money back from the escrow company.

100% money-back guarantee means absolutely nothing! Only use a timeshare exit company that offers an escrow option when cancelling your timeshare! Read more about escrow here. UDI Consulting had a 100% money-back guarantee, but now that they’ve gone out of business, all of its customers are not receiving their refund. They can’t even get in to contact with the company anymore.

UDI Consulting seems to have been operating similar to the three companies mentioned above. Timeshare owners were lured to a timeshare exit presentation with promises of free food and gifts. Once at the presentation, hard sales tactics were employed and timeshare owners were coerced into paying UDI Consulting several thousand dollars to cancel their timeshare.

UDI Consulting Reviews

Timeshare owners who hired UDI Consulting to cancel their timeshare have had a terrible experience. Poor customer service and outright lies. A look at the UDI Consulting BBB page tells you all you need to know. The company has an F rating and 30+ complaints.

Overall, it’s a mess. Customers are contacting their state’s attorney generals in an attempt to get their money-back. Two customers mention paying UDI Consulting about $25,000 to cancel several timeshares and now they are unable to get their money back!


We simply can’t say this enough.

Moving over to the Google Reviews and it’s more of the same. Customers claiming they spent more than $10,000 with this company only to be completely forgotten about. Customers can’t get in touch with the company and certainly aren’t able to get their money back. There have been many mentions on the BBB and Google Reviews of a man by the name of Luke McKinley who defrauded them. It looks like Luke Mckinley was the owner or a top manager at UDI Consulting.

Our recommendation should be obvious on this one. Do not use UDI Consulting to cancel your timeshare. Initiate live chat or submit a contact form on the right side of this page for more information about how to cancel your timeshare with an escrow payment option, so you are protected from scams.

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