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Cancel Any Timeshare Review

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    Cancel Any Timeshare, also known as Vacation Ownership Consultants LLC is an attorney-based timeshare exit company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have been in business since 2014 and they pride themselves on an alleged 100% success rate, as well as their attorney-based services. While having attorneys be the base of the company would typically put a lot of people at ease, does that make this exit company more trustworthy than others in the market? 

    Cancel Any Timeshare Website Review

    The first impression you get from their website’s landing page is that it is busy. The page is cluttered with a plethora of information, images, links, and videos that are intended to draw the eye. They draw the eye a bit too much as you’re not quite sure where you should be looking first. Immediately you know that they are an attorney-based company which is a comfort for those who feel more at ease knowing that a licensed professional is handling their case. 

    They claim immediately to be easy and affordable and provide a welcome video, so you can get a feel for who they are and what they do right away. The unfortunate downside is that the link to the video no longer works and has yet to be updated with a new video. A broken link as the first impression is already kind of setting the site off on the wrong foot, but there’s certainly more to look at. 

    They have a link below the broken video that says to check your eligibility and that link leads to a very thorough eligibility form. This is a nice addition as it is something you don’t find very often. Usually you have to make contact with the exit company first before you determine your eligibility. 

    If you scroll further on their website you’ll find their dedication to consumer protection, complete with a stock image of lady justice with her weighing scales. They want any potential clients who might be skeptical that they can have their contract dismissed, not to be deterred by what they think is a binding contract. They assure clients that they will look for every loophole, potential breach, mistake, or potential fraud to help you get free from your contract. 

    Scrolling again you’ll see they offer a few options in terms of the services they provide. They offer deed transferring, timeshare termination, timeshare cancellation, and help with document research. Below this section you’ll find another form to fill out if you want to contact them for a consultation. They also include infographics of how much clients are overpaying and how mortgage rates and maintenance fees skyrocket over time. 

    Their landing page is certainly cluttered with information, but the information isn’t just filler. You can find some helpful gems if you read thoroughly. In one of the sections they mention a full money back guarantee if they can’t win or get you out of your contract. Below that you’ll find two pricing plans for termination and cancellation, though if you follow the learn more links for each you won’t get too much extra information about costs. Following the termination link, the only valuable information I was able to find was that they offer 0 down and 0% interest payment plans to certain clients but you have to schedule a consultation to hear how you might qualify for those. Relatively the same happens if you follow the cancellation link as well. 

    Their “About Us” is underwhelming as it essentially details how long they’ve been in business but nothing about those on staff or the specifics of how they conduct their business. To find out who is on staff you’ll have to find their BBB page where you can see that there are three people mentioned who manage the business. These individuals are Jeremy Russo, Michael Cantrell, and Kira Fairbank, and there isn’t much information available beyond that unless you search their LinkedIn pages, which don’t give you much either. 

    Overall the website doesn’t have too much going for it, but it is solid enough and leads you directly to a consultation and proper eligibility forms. It seems the website is more to lead potential clients to the avenues to contact those on staff. Further than that, you’ll have to find out the answers to your remaining questions when you contact them. 

    Cancel Any Timeshare Reviews

    The reviews you’ll find on their website are all organized in a convenient Reviews tab that seems to be the most efficient and forthright part of their website. All of their reviews are sectioned off depending on where they come from, so you have a Yelp section, BBB, Facebook, and TrustPilot. They also have links in each of these sections that lead you to their profile on these websites for further reviews. 

    Of course all of the reviews featured on their website are positive so they don’t really present an unbiased representation of their services, but if you go to the links they’ve provided you can see that largely their client response is positive. Some other members of the group are mentioned by name such as Raymond Reese and Wendy Draskovic, so at least we know there are others on staff that clients can search to find credentials. 

    The overwhelming consensus seems to be that this service is efficient, treats their clients with dignity, and makes the process quick and painless. This is a good sign as there are many exit services on the market that try to milk as much time and money out of their clients as possible by drawing out the process. Though we don’t know for certain if this is true, it seems to be the general review that working with Cancel Any Timeshare, or VOC as they are also known, is easy and takes the pressure off. 

    If you dig a little deeper, you will find that they have a 4.9 overall rating on both Angi’s list and the BBB website. They have 0 customer complaints though and the only “poor” rating is a 4 star that still details the client having an allegedly good experience with the service. Angi’s list while at a 4.9 rating, doesn’t allow you to see the lower rated review so it can’t be said what that entails. 

    Overall they seem to have a solid customer base and good reviews due to diligence, efficiency, and solid work ethic. 

    Cancel Any Timeshare Cost

    Once again we aren’t given any details on how much their services cost aside from the promise of a possible 0 money down 0% interest plan for those who qualify. It is unfortunate you aren’t given the details on the website of what qualifies you for this plan, but instead you have to speak to one of their representatives first. This seems like a bit of a waste of time, but they do try to get the majority of your information in their initial forms so they can tell you upfront whether you qualify or not for their services. 

    We also would have liked to see the mention of an escrow payment option as this is the safest and most efficient way to put money down for a service like this. An escrow payment ensures that no money is given to the service until their part of the bargain has been completed. If you want to take some time to weed through reviews for more information on payment options, costs, and fees you won’t find very much there either. 

    It seems your best bet is to fill out their contact form and wait to speak with one of their representatives at a later date. 


    It seems that overall Cancel Any Timeshare makes hefty claims to be a fast and efficient service that will help get you out of any timeshare with little hassle. The nicest part is that they seem to back up those hefty claims with glowing customer reviews, plentiful information, and an efficient website despite a few unfortunate glitches. 

    There may be some heavy-handed paragraphs that don’t lead to much important information, but this service makes up for it in their good customer service and thorough forms. It does seem the best way to get all of the information you’re looking for is to contact them, so it can be a bit bothersome if you’re someone who wants answers quickly. 

    We do think that there should be more attention paid to giving potential clients more information about pricing, who’s on staff, and general credentials so they don’t have to go digging for it themselves. This would just take their website and the overall credibility of the service up a notch. Without these additions they may be losing out on potential clients who won’t take the time to check out their testimonials. Those individuals need more information to chew on before they make a decision about the service they’ll be using for their timeshare troubles. 

    All in all they seem to be a solid group that is backed up by qualified attorneys and a great customer base. 


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