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Catalyst Consulting Firm Review


Catalyst Consulting Firm is one of the many timeshare exit companies that may be able to relieve you of your timeshare. The company has been in business since January 2018 and is located in Springfield, Missouri.

This is yet another timeshare exit company that is part of the Vacation Consulting Services, and Mutual Release Corporation network. All of these companies are currently being sued by Wyndham as of Sept. 2018.

It is highly recommended that timeshare owners avoid paying up-front fees to any timeshare exit company that is currently being sued by a resort developer such as Wyndham. If the company goes out of business, it is highly unlikely that you will receive your “100% Money-Back Guarantee” from the timeshare exit company.

Learn more about the differences between 100% Money-Back and No Up-Front escrow options.

Looking at the Catalyst Consulting Firm website and we see the same thing we see on most timeshare exit company websites. They have the useless “100% Money-Back Guarantee” that states customers will receive their money back if Catalyst Consulting Firm is not able to cancel their timeshare. This indicates that there is an up-front fee. Like we’ve mentioned time and time again, NEVER pay up-front to cancel your timeshare. Always use an escrow service.

Moving over to the services page and we see that Catalyst Consulting Firm advises timeshare owners on “how to recoup 100% of the investment you have made towards your timeshare ownership.” This is a huge red flag. To start, a timeshare is not an investment. Most timeshares decrease in value by 50 – 90% the second they are purchased from a resort developer. Secondly, most timeshare exit companies are not able to “recoup” anything when cancelling a timeshare. Instead, they simply cancel the contract in exchange for a fee for their services.

Looking at the company’s Facebook page and we see Catalyst Consulting Firm praising itself for helping a timeshare owner get out of their timeshare after the owner was “forced” to take the timeshare after a death in the family. This is misleading because no one is ever “forced” to take a timeshare when a family member dies. Timeshare exit companies use this misleading information to pressure customers into using their services.

Catalyst Consulting Firm Reviews

Catalyst Consulting Firm reviews aren’t shown on the company’s website, which is a little odd. There are a few positive reviews on the BBB page though. Reviews talk about how Catalyst Consulting Firm invited them out to an in-person meeting where they were pitched a timeshare cancellation service.

Catalyst Consulting Firm Cost

Like virtually all timeshare exit companies, Catalyst Consulting Firm costs are not available online. No surprises here.

Overall, our recommendation does not change. Do not ever pay a company up-front to cancel your timeshare. Always use a company that offers an escrow service to protect yourself from scams. Contact us through the contact form on the right side of the page or through live chat for your free timeshare exit consultation.


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