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July 23, 2021

Titan Exit Group Review

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    Titan Exit Group is a timeshare termination service located in Costa Mesa, California. They have been in business since 2019 and claim to be the solution to your timeshare headaches. One of their biggest missions is to give unhappy timeshare owners some relief from the hefty timeshare fees and fighting with their resort. While they seem genuine with these hefty promises, do they actually hold up to their own mission statement?

    Titan Exit Group Website Review

    The initial impression of the website is underwhelming at best. It has the same gestalt of the typical mediocre timeshare exit company with the poorly rendered stock photography and the business statement that drops at the moment you begin navigating the landing page. The initial statement is a little bit kitschy as well claiming that they take care of everything legally, ethically, and forever. To get to their contact page you have to click on a small tab that says ‘how do I get out’, which isn’t really a professional way to get people to your contact information. 

    The website’s general appearance isn’t the worst we’ve seen, but it definitely doesn’t give off a professional appearance. While we normally wouldn’t be nit-picky about the font either, it isn’t something that we’d attribute to a website that offers legal help. The font and stock photo choices don’t suit the professional and legal nature of the business and it cheapens the overall effect. 

    They also claim they were mentioned on Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN, though we aren’t given anything definitive about how they were mentioned or why. Their landing page has a video included to provide more information about why you would contact them and if you’re tired of your timeshare you should get a hold of them. The rest of the landing page is a small section dedicated to what they do and how they do it, but it is mostly fluff and doesn’t provide much to really describe their business process. 

    They claim to investigate your case, advocate for the cancellation of your contract, and then they resolve the issue for you. If you are looking for further information, they show a few of their blogs on the landing page to give you a sneak peek at their actual blog section offers. The only other information you’ll find on their landing page is their contact information, contact sheet to get in touch for the free consultation, and their headquarters address. 

    If you do decide to navigate over to their ‘how do I get out’ section, you won’t get much out of it. They only really mention why someone would get a timeshare and why you might want to get rid of it. They describe timeshares as money pits that don’t have any resale value and that it can be incredibly overwhelming to hold onto one of them. They claim that they are the best chance to get free from your timeshare without the hassle and pain that some timeshare exit services or attorneys might put you through. 

    If you’re hoping to learn more about Titan Exit Group in their ‘about us’ section, you aren’t going to find anything helpful. Even on their Better Business Bureau page, you’ll only find their contact information and there’s very little to back up their credibility. We don’t typically recommend timeshare exit services that don’t have much information about their credentials on their website or their Better Business Bureau profile. 

    Overall the website itself is underwhelming and we don’t like how little information they provide. Most of the information available is filler text and doesn’t make them look very credible. We could chalk this up to a lack of experience, but even then it seems like the website itself is on the weaker end of the timeshare exit companies we typically review.

    Titan Exit Group Reviews

    If you’re looking for testimonials that will help you make a decision about whether you should use the service or not, you’re going to be a little hard-pressed to find them. Titan Exit Group has no active reviews on their Better Business Bureau profile, and other than the reviews on their website from satisfied customers there isn’t much else to go on. 

    They do technically have an A rating from the BBB and are accredited by them, but there is nothing to back this up for potential clients to look at. If you want to see what they do well, you can peruse their vague testimonials from happy customers on their website, but we find those reviews tend to be lacking in substance and credibility. Any timeshare exit service can post up reviews on their website and claim they are legitimate even if they aren’t. 

    While we don’t think this leads to them being a scam, we do caution potential clients to be wary when they decide to contact the group for help exiting their timeshare. With the lack of information about who owns the company and who runs it, you don’t know who is going to be answering the phone when you contact them. These groups tend to get your information and then hold onto it even if you decide not to use them. 

    Navigating the exit from a timeshare is difficult enough without having to field spam calls and emails from a company you don’t even want to use. Without any information on a LinkedIn or their BBB profile as well, you could be putting yourself into a situation that could end in utmost disaster. With no point of reference and no credentials available for a business, it can be incredibly risky to contact a company that essentially has no presence. 

    You won’t know what you’re getting into and you could end up losing money or putting yourself in a complicated position while also navigating the issues with your timeshare resort. If there is no research to be done, it is best to proceed with caution until you can gather any further information.

    Titan Exit Group Cost

    We’re seeing a recurring theme with this company and we’re not finding any information on how much their services cost or what their payment plans look like. Even though they’ve only been around almost two years we don’t think that following the same formula as other timeshare exit companies is the best way to proceed. With only a free consultation available and no information about their services or costs before you take it, you’re left to either wonder or contact them. 

    They also don’t offer any escrow payment options outright, which is something we tend to recommend. Escrow payments not only protects you from losing money, but it ensures that your case is handled completely before any payment is sent through to the company. They have to complete their end of the contract before they get anything from you. 

    This is an important element that can make potential clients feel more comfortable with the company before they hire them. It may hurt the business to have their information fully upfront, but it can also keep them from getting potential clients as most people don’t want to go blindly into a consultation with a company they know nothing about. If you want to learn more about why escrow payments are so important, take a look at our blog.


    Though they are still a relatively new timeshare exit service, Titan Exit Group is severely lacking in any relevant information a potential client might be looking for. Their website is outdated for a company that only started in 2019 and they have a lot of text on their landing and subsequent pages, but nothing of substance. They only really list what you already know about timeshares and why you would want to exit your contract. 

    Even their FAQ section is lacking in substance and you won’t be able to find any information about who runs the company or anything confirming the credibility of the group itself. This is concerning, considering you’ll be asking them to help you with legal work and handing off your money and personal information. So even if the company is just new and figuring out how to navigate the market, they could be more upfront about their services rather than filling up their website with fluff that doesn’t help potential clients. 

    While this doesn’t have the telltale signs of a scam, there are some red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. It is best to do as much of your own research as possible before you hire a timeshare exit company officially. There are also plenty of other companies that can do what you need while providing plenty of information about their services and what to expect before you even contact them. 

    All in all, if you can find another company that has even a fraction more information available and some reviews to go off of, you’ll be better off with them than Titan Exit Group. It isn’t a bad

    Resort Cancellation Services Review

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      Resort Cancellation Services is a timeshare exit service located in Orlando, Florida. They have been in business since 2017 and claim that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if they can’t cancel your timeshare. They also state that they can cancel your timeshare with any developer and that they will shut down any nasty or annoying phone calls, service fees, and credit problems for good. But with all these hefty promises in place, can they really stand up and deliver on them?

      Resort Cancellation Services Website Review

      The landing page for Resort Cancellation Services looks well organized if not a little bit cheesy. Though they went into business in 2017, the design is a little outdated and could use a modern touch-up. Immediately they mention they are a legal timeshare cancellation service and offer up a contact sheet so you can sign up for a free consultation right away. 

      They also claim that even though they’ve only been in business about four years, they have twenty years of experience within their team alone. There doesn’t seem to be a way to back that up though, which is something we find a little frustrating about some timeshare exit companies. They claim to have more experience than the years they have been in business but don’t provide much to back up those claims. 

      Most of the information provided on this landing page is your typical, run-of-the-mill statements about being timeshare exit experts who’s biggest goal is to give their clients some peace-of-mind when it comes to their timeshare troubles. Most services make these generic claims without outrightly saying how they will do so. They also say they have a six year proven timeshare exit strategy, but everything we’ve found states they have only been in business since 2017. 

      They do offer some perks that not all timeshare exit companies have, like a dedicated team to help rebuild or protect your credit during the process. They also promise to check in with you monthly to show where they are in the cancellation process, which is something a lot of timeshare exit companies lack. Most say they will stay in communication with you during the process but then they become difficult to get a hold of when you need to speak with them. 

      They allegedly have a 100% success rate and nothing on their Better Business Bureau page seems to challenge this. They offer some credibility to back up this statement as well, providing a page with case result documents that you can view from real clients. Out of over 2,100 clients they’ve helped, they’ve managed to cancel more than 1,930 of their contracts. Since they claim to have a 100% success rating, this leads us to believe that the other 160+ clients contacted them for other matters. 

      You can also apparently call them to ask questions if you have any further inquiries but we aren’t told if this counts as your free consultation or not. They do say they guarantee results and that they take an individual approach to every timeshare cancellation so your whole process is entirely personalized. We aren’t sure how true this is because a lot of companies make this claim but they don’t take a personal approach to your cancellation. 

      They claim that until you take your free consultation you won’t find anything about your options, strategy, and your payment options. This is unfortunate for clients who are looking to know how much the service will cost before they even contact the service. A consultation beforehand means your contact information is handed off to the service before you’re sure you want to use them. 

      This opens you up to the potential of scam calls and spam emails that only make your timeshare exit process that much of a hassle. They do offer attorney services though, which can put potential clients more at ease with the service provided. Their alleged legal team apparently works diligently with every contract they are given and they have a 98% success rate. 

      They also offer a timeshare cost calculator, so you can be aware of how much your timeshare is costing you and how much it will continue to cost you. They have a small blog as well as an FAQ section that offers vague answers to questions like how much RCS’s fee is and if their credit will be affected during the process. They don’t give a definitive answer as to how much their services cost. 

      There is nothing particularly different or special about their website, it seems like the general run-of-the-mill timeshare exit company website.

      Resort Cancellation Services Reviews

      From the single review on the RCS Better Business Bureau page and the 21 Google reviews, we are led to believe the company is as trustworthy as they claim. There are no negative reviews and only one dips below 5 stars, landing at 4 stars instead. Every review claims that the service is entirely legitimate and acted professionally while handling their cases. 

      They claim the company is incredibly responsive and knows how to get the job done. While of course we can’t confirm or deny these claims, it does seem there is overwhelming evidence that at least a majority of clients have had a positive experience. The only thing that mildly concerns us is the lack of accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. 

      They have only been in business for about three years so it may be that they haven’t had enough time to gather negative reviews yet. Though the positive reviews do look promising for a small company that has just essentially gotten their start. We still recommend that you proceed with caution considering you can never fully trust a company right off the bat. 

      If there’s only positive reviews to go off that isn’t a negative thing, but you should try and do your research and take in as much as you can about the business before you make any decisions. Though the positivity about RCS is a good thing you don’t want to end up being the inevitable negative review because you went in blind. When you take your initial consultation with them you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the tough questions either. 

      You should take notes and get an intimate idea of how long they think it’ll take to cancel your contract, how much it will cost, and if they think they can get you out of it. Don’t be afraid to stay on the phone with them awhile so you can get all of your questions answered rather than dodged. It may seem like you’re pestering them for answers, but it’s better to know upfront what you’re working with before you put any money down. 

      Also look for signs of possible scams like dodging questions, giving vague answers, taking upfront payment but not giving a timeframe, repeated calls or emails even if you’re still thinking over whether you’ll use their services. If you want to know more about what to look out for as far as scams go, check out our blog.

      Resort Cancellation Services Cost

      There aren’t any definitive details showcasing how much their services cost, though they do offer a free consultation. This is an entirely common aspect to most timeshare exit companies to try and gather a client base. They tend to keep most of their information about costs and payment plans away from potential clients before they can get them in for a free consultation.

      This enables companies to get ahold of client information before they actually provide a service. This opens those potential clients up to scam calls and spam emails that will only make the process of their timeshare cancellation that much more frustrating. This is also why we recommend going with companies that offer escrow payments. 

      If you’re not 100% comfortable with a company, the escrow payments offer a bit of comfort and assurance that your case will be handled one way or another before your payment is processed. If you want to learn more about why escrow payments are so important, we’ve got you covered.


      If you’re looking for a service that has solid customer reviews and enough information on their website to pull in potential customers, Resort Cancellation Services isn’t the worst company to go with. They seem to offer some solid solutions and via their positive reviews they allegedly provide helpful and timely solutions to your timeshare exit needs. While you shouldn’t immediately trust them regardless of how good they appear on the outside, they offer a little more assurance than most run-of-the-mill timeshare exit companies. 

      Their website is a little bland and lacking in substance, but their reviews seem to be solid and honest about their services. We do recommend that you take the consultation with a grain of salt and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. You should have everything up front or in writing so you’re not left wondering what you’re agreeing to. 

      So if you’re thinking of using Resort Cancellation Services, you might actually be in good hands. 

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      Our goal is to help timeshare owners find a reputable timeshare exit company to work with. We like to recommend timeshare exit companies that offer a low up front fee escrow payment option, so you are protected from scams. Contact us to receive a free timeshare exit consultation.


      Always contact your resort or timeshare developer first before contacting a timeshare exit company. Some have exit programs of their own that can assist you with a timeshare cancellation

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