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Why Are Timeshares Scams? The Top Four Reasons

On the surface, the offer made by a timeshare company sounds pretty good. You get to invest in an appealing property or set of properties where you’ll be able to make countless memories with friends and family members for years to come. After looking at some great pictures, or even touring the facility for yourself, it will be hard to think of anything bad to say about the offer in front of you.

It’s especially tempting when you compare the cost of buying a timeshare to the cost of buying your own vacation property in the same area. Where you might not be able to afford a vacation house or condo, you can do the math and see that the timeshare will fit into your budget. What’s not to love?

The shiny exterior of timeshares is what causes so many people to sign on the dotted line, ignoring the dark interior that leads many people to determine that timeshares are a scam. Let’s take a closer look in this article to uncover what it is that should cause you to run in the other direction when anyone talks to you about an “exciting” timeshare opportunity.

#1 – The Hard Sell

As a starting point, we can look at the tactics that are used by timeshare industry professionals in an attempt to sell you on their timeshare product. These tactics are notorious for being some of the more aggressive – and potentially misleading – in the consumer sales world. Anyone who has sat through one of these “presentations” can speak to just how hard the salesperson is going to work to get you to sign on the dotted line.

While every industry employs sales professionals to close deals, you should stop and think about why they are having to work so hard to convince people to make a purchase. Why use so many tricky tactics? Why offer so many freebies along the way? If the product could stand up to its price in terms of being offered at fair market value, it wouldn’t seem like any of those steps would be necessary.

It might be most helpful to contrast this situation to the experience of buying a traditional home. If you are in the market to buy a house, you’ll likely work with a real estate agent to search properties in your target area – and the seller’s side will also be represented by an agent. To be sure, these agents have a vested financial interest in closing a deal. Yet they aren’t going to be using the aggressive tactics that timeshare industry professionals so often employ.

Instead, the agents in a potential home sale are just going to present the information to their client, answer any questions they may have, and help them find the right property (or accept the right offer, in the case of the seller). No hard selling tactics are needed because the value of the investment is obvious. The buyer will own a hard asset, and while that asset will go up and down in value over time, there is a tangible nature to the purchase that makes it more transparent.

With a timeshare, things are more ambiguous. There are points, maintenance fees, blackout dates, and on and on. What you own isn’t entirely clear, and it’s quite likely that the true market value of your purchase will never amount to what you paid for it – even on the same day that you write the check.

#2 – A Non-Investment

The nature of investing in anything is that the value of your investment can go up or down. This is true of traditional real estate, as we discussed above, and it’s true of the stock market, collectibles, and everything else. Investing is risky, even if the degree of risk that you take on depends on the nature of the investment.

It’s hard to say that timeshares are a bad investment, however, because they really aren’t an investment at all. With a true investment, there exists some possibility that what you purchased will be worth more than the purchase price when you go to sell it in the future. In the case of a timeshare, that just isn’t going to happen. Not only will you fail to make any money on this purchase, but it’s likely that you won’t even be able to sell it at all.

Countless people would be happy to give away their timeshare to anyone who would pay the closing costs and annual maintenance fees. If there was any potential investment value in a timeshare, you wouldn’t have a whole niche market of companies that exist solely to help people get out of their timeshares.

#3 – The Waters are Murky

So far, things aren’t looking great for timeshares as we dive into how they play out in the real world. Most people who purchase a timeshare are pressured into making that purchase, and once they do, it becomes clear that the hard-earned money they spent isn’t going to lead to any kind of positive investment down the line. As we continue to answer the question of why are timeshares scams, we now turn our attention to the confusing, murky pricing structure that they use.

If you make the decision to take part in a timeshare presentation, you might expect that you’ll be presented with a price relatively shortly into that presentation. After all, they are trying to sell you something – so shouldn’t the price of that thing be provided upfront? It should be, but it isn’t.

Instead, you’ll get nothing but fluff during the early stages of the presentation. You’ll be shown plenty of attractive pictures, maybe even tour the property, and perhaps be given a couple of hand-picked case studies highlighting families that have loved their timeshare experience. Nowhere in there will you find details about the actual cost of this purchase.

Then, when that point finally does come into the picture, the first price that you are shown will likely be more than they expect you to pay. This “start-high” strategy is meant to soften you up for offers that are going to come later. If you initially say no in your mind when you see the first price, the actual price that they hope you will pay by the end of the presentation will start to seem like a great deal (even though it isn’t).

The asking price for a timeshare can be so fluid because there really isn’t any firm underlying value. The “value” of the timeshare is only what they can get you or another buyer to pay for it – and a big percentage of the purchase price is going to go to the salesperson in the form of a commission.

In addition to an upfront purchase price that is never quite set in stone, you’ll also be committing to taking on the maintenance fee that is likely to continue climbing year after year. Even if you think that fee is reasonable enough at the moment, you can’t count on it staying there – it’s going to go up, and your experience as a timeshare owner is only going to get more expensive moving forward.

Finally, the ongoing costs associated with owning a timeshare don’t stop at maintenance fees. Special assessment fees can come into the picture as well, which may be levied when something like a natural disaster occurs and the property needs to be repaired or renovated. As an owner, you’ll be legally on the hook for these fees, even if you rarely – or never – use the timeshare.

#4 – Promises That Fall Flat

Perhaps the most frustrating thing of all for timeshare owners is simply that they often don’t feel like they wind up getting what they were promised. This feels particularly painful because timeshare industry professionals work hard to forge personal relationships at the start with their leads, so they can gain trust and hopefully make a sale. In the end, they often wind up betraying that trust by offering confusing or misleading promises that misrepresent the experience of becoming an owner.

They will paint a picture of you and your family spending relaxing vacations in glorious conditions, enjoying the nicest rooms in the building. But is that how it will play out in real life? Probably not – remember, countless other people have received this same sales pitch, and been given these same notions. How many of the luxury corner suites could possibly even be available? Does your specific ownership level entitle you to access to those types of rooms?

Even if you don’t care about getting to stay in the luxury rooms, you might struggle to find availability at all in the summer months when the weather is nice and everyone wants to travel. Those shiny timeshare sales brochures would look a lot different if the pictures weren’t taken on a warm, sunny day. You might look on a site like Expedia during the summer to see units available at the property you want to visit, yet you could be told nothing is open when you try to book through the timeshare.

So many people are disappointed with their experience as a timeshare owner because reality usually falls way short of expectations. Those expectations were set sky-high in the initial sales pitch, which is why people agree to spend their money in the first place. As the months and years pass, and small issues turn into big ones, the façade comes crashing down and many owners start to see this experience for what it really is – a letdown and a waste from start to finish.

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Lemon Lion Consulting Review

Anthony Labrada founded Lemon Lion Consulting in 2017, headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Lemon Lion Consulting, as an enterprise, comprises timeshare industry specialists with a combined experience of more than two decades. The company’s members have participated in various sales-related activities, including but not limited to vacation package sales, line sales, timeshare listings, and real estate sales. In recent years, Lemon Lion Consulting has facilitated the release of many timeshare owners from their contractual and financial obligations with resorts, granting them genuine financial independence. The organization is not a law firm and does not provide legal services.

The team’s collective expertise has resulted in developing a well-established procedure that guarantees the complete elimination of one’s timeshare. This procedure comes with a 100% success guarantee, or a full refund will be issued. In response to the impression of a lack of transparency in the timeshare industry, the company has taken a firm posture against all forms of evil behavior perpetrated by companies in this sector. The company aims to empower consumers to oppose such practices and promote greater industry accountability.

Lemon Lion Consulting has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to effecting change in the timeshare exit industry. This study outlines a reasonable approach to costs that do not compromise service quality. Lemon Lion Consulting has assisted numerous timeshare owners in terminating their contracts permanently and attaining financial independence from the resort. This Lemon Lion Consulting review provides a fair and accurate assessment of Lemon Lion Consulting. In this article, we have conducted an extensive analysis.

Lemon Lion Consulting Website Review

Lemon Lion Consulting has created a website to showcase its capabilities, services, and guiding principles. A sleek and modern layout greets site visitors on the homepage, featuring an enticing image and a phrase that concisely summarizes the company’s primary objective. The website exudes professionalism and conveys a sense of dependability, which contributes to formulating a positive first impression. The website’s header contains the company’s logo and slogan, a menu with links to the Homepage, About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, Proof of Performance, Contact Us, Self-Help pages, and a phone number.


The homepage has a professional appearance, and on it are the precise words that many timeshare owners have longed to hear. It does not merely ask clients to take the first step to remove their timeshare but to remove it permanently. To get started, a ‘Click Here’ icon leads to a consultation form. Lemon Lion Consulting assures its clients that it can assist.

Three stages are described on the homepage as to how Lemon Lion Consulting conducts its timeshare eliminations.

What Our Customers Have to Say

On this page, you will find selected Lemon Lion Consulting reviews from its customer; however, the source of the endorsement is not hyperlinked for citation reasons.

Want to Learn More?

The website homepage has a section labeled “learn more,” which the firm uses to persuade prospective customers to book a free consultation with an expert in the field for thirty minutes.

Self Help

Including a section labeled “Self-Help” on the website’s homepage demonstrates that the corporation thinks customers are responsible for being knowledgeable. Customers can either supply themselves with the necessary support or contact the appropriate channel as a direct consequence of this.

Say Goodbye Permanently to Your Timeshare Burden

The ‘Fight Back’ feature that may be seen on the site is part of an effort to urge customers to stand up for their liberty. Lemon Lion Consulting constantly tells customers that the developers of their timeshares are taking advantage of them and that they need to get brave for themselves.

Lemon Lion Consulting presents the customer with the logos of several reputable sources. It links to pages where the client can get further information about those sources and see what others have said about them. Some websites that fall within this category include Forbes, Trustpilot, and Google. At the bottom of the webpage, we can discover a map and contact information for Lemon Lion Consulting, such as their office location, phone and fax number, and email address. Going to Lemon Lion Consulting’s website and looking at the Homepage will give you solid foundational knowledge about the company, which is a notable achievement.

About Us

Lemon Lion Consulting summarizes its history, guiding principles, and team members; this explains the company’s broad capacity to aid enterprises in realizing their objectives and being innovative. According to reports, the staff comprises industry specialists with in-depth field knowledge, guaranteeing consumers receive customized and effective solutions. There is no mention of the company’s founder or employees, making it difficult for the client to relate to the business, as there are no photographs or job descriptions of the employees. This page also contains self-help resources.

Proof of Performance

There are testimonials on the Proof of Performance page; the Cancellation proof differentiates Lemon Lion Consulting from other Timeshare exit websites. Even though these documents are watermarked with the Lemon Lion Consulting logo, they may appear to be forged; however, they are all from separate timeshare resort developers. It is commendable that Lemon Lion Consulting has added this feature and concealed a sensitive portion of the document to protect its clients.

Contact Us

The company’s business hours and contact information are listed on the contact us page. This page contains the office address, phone number, and company email address. In addition to the contact information, this page contains a consulting form that doubles as a timeshare calculator.

Self Help

The Self-Help page is a resources page; Lemon Lion Consulting has made resources accessible to customers to enlighten them on dealing with and exiting their timeshare issues. 

Resources available are:

  • Rescission Resource: This material guides you on how to rescind your timeshare within the speculated timeframe.
  • Truth about resale: This material gives in-depth knowledge about truths timeshare owners should know about Timeshare resales.
  • Timeshare Exit Secrets: This material tells all the secrets that timeshare owners need to know while exiting their timeshare.
  • Agreement Reviews: This resource is designed for clients who need Lemon Lion Consulting to assist them in reviewing contracts at no cost.
  • Inhouse Financing: This resource guides clients to qualify for instant loans without denting their credit cards.

It is vital to point out that every page has an inviting pop-up for users to speak with an agent. Lemon Lion Consulting strongly emphasizes its dedication to expeditious and individualized communication, ensuring potential customers can contact them and initiate a dialogue about their consulting requirements. The Lemon Lion Consulting website is visually attractive and easy to navigate, both important design considerations. The color scheme is modern and vibrant, and the background is predominantly white, making the text easier to read. Visitors can go to various site areas due to the site’s well-designed and user-friendly navigation menu.

In general, Lemon Lion Consulting’s website conveys the company’s expertise, commitment to producing excellent results, and customer-centric approach. The website is a powerful instrument for attracting new clients and demonstrating the value that Lemon Lion Consulting brings to businesses seeking strategic direction and growth. Its engaging design, well-organized layout, and comprehensive content contribute to the site’s success in attaining these objectives. The site’s overview is adequate but could be improved.

Lemon Lion Consulting Cost

The website of Lemon Lion Consulting does not list any Lemon Lion Consulting costs. The timeshare cancellation industry is accustomed to this, as fees are frequently determined following a free consultation.

The cost of a timeshare contract is frequently determined by its complexity. And whether you still owe money on your mortgage has a substantial effect. Due to the difficulty terminating these contracts, your Lemon Lion Consulting cost could increase. Depending on your circumstances, the typical range for severance pay is between $2,000 and $15,000. As we frequently emphasize, you can discuss a better deal if the prices differ.

Lemon Lion Consulting Rating

Based on six user evaluations, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page for Lemon Lion Consulting has earned an “A” grade. In addition, the business has yet to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Lemon Lion Consulting reviews on Google a positive, with a 5-star rating from 11 Google reviews.

Overall verified review of Lemon Lion Consulting is good-looking but needs to be better, as Escrow needs to be mentioned for transparent payment protection over its clients.


Throughout the Lemon Lion Consulting review, there is no plan for an escrow payment option after obtaining a Lemon Lion Consulting cost list; as they do not provide an escrow payment option, it is difficult to determine the dependability of Lemon Lion Consulting as a whole. There is no mention of their cancellation policy, and it is unclear if they employ third-party timeshare attorneys or provide credit protection services. You should engage with a timeshare exit provider that provides an escrow payment option for your protection throughout the cancellation procedure. 

Explore our list of reputable timeshare exit companies, call us at 833-416-8796, or submit a contact form or live chat on the right side of the page to get out of your timeshare obligation.

Primo Management Group

Primo Management Group, Inc (PMG) headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is a consumer advocate, timeshare exit company. The company was formed in 2015 and was co-founded and previously owned by Sean Chesser. Israel Sanchez Jr. is also a co-founder and the company’s current CEO.

An Analysis of Primo Management Group ‘s Website

We like to provide an overview a company’s website and offer our perspective with the intent of helping to educate our readers to they can make an informed decision about which timeshare exit company to hire.

First, when searching for this company, be sure to add “timeshare share exit company” in addition to the company name as there are other companies that share the same name but are not related.

Once we clicked on the website, we immediately noticed the site offers a free chat option powered by “Live Chat”. This is great for anyone who wants to communicate quickly with an agent to get immediate answers to their questions. We encourage you to utilize the “Live Chat” feature if you are ready for a free consultation and if not, be prepared to see the “Live Chat” appear every time you visit a page which can be a little annoying if you are simply trying to read information.

Another feature we noticed that is subtle and helps to enhance the site is a “pop-up” that appears on the bottom left every so often that shows how many times someone interacted with the website. It is a nice way to share with other site visitors that they are not alone in their dilemma.

We like websites that offers various formats to display and share information such as articles, blogs, reviews and especially videos that include the owners or founders of the company. This gives us a sense about who is behind the company and why they formed the timeshare exit company and it is always great to see videos versus reading a lot of text.

On the “Home” page, we watched a video (also listed on the company’s YouTube channel) from Lifetime’s Morning TV show, “The Balancing Act” with hosts Montel Williams and Olga Villaverde interviewing Isreal Sanchez, CEO and a former client about the company. The video is informative and shows the company does invest a bit in marketing efforts as “The Balancing Act” operates much like infomercials in which the company featured does pay for a spot on the program. We cannot confirm if Primo Management Group paid or not to be featured, but we thought it was worth mentioning “The Balancing Act” business model.

While it was great seeing and hearing Isreal Sanchez in the interview, we viewed the “Our Company” page under the “About Us” navigation to see if we could learn more about who is on the Primo Management Group team. We found a short blurb about Isreal, also known as “Izzy”, but no information about who else is part of the team. We typically like to see names, faces and titles listed on the company’s “About Us” pages.

Unfortunately, we did not see any of this information about the core team but under an additional page titled, “Our Attorney”, we read about Catherine Medling who is an attorney that represents Primo Management Group as General Counsel, but not the direct clients as Primo Management Group is not a law firm.

Of course, we clicked the “Learn more about Catherine” link which took us to the Florida Bar website in which we learned she is in good standing and is also a criminal defense lawyer.

This is not an indication that Primo Management Group is in constant need of a criminal defense lawyer. It is important to understand that a “timeshare exit” attorney does not exist, however many lawyers sometimes from various law practices, help in fighting fraudulent sales practices and misrepresentations we see far too often in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry.

We think it is great that Primo Management Group has legal counsel, and the company has a page dedicated to the company’s attorney. Her name is also listed on the company’s BBB profile.

Also found under the “About Us” navigation was a “In the News” page which as you can tell by the title of the page, is dedicated to various articles where the company may have been featured or is referenced. We clicked through a few and of the few we checked, they appear legitimate and link directly to the articles and not additional pages on the company website.

On the “Proof of Performance” page, the company lists some of the company’s customer testimonials along with an image of the letter the former client received confirming timeshare termination. The customer testimonials also include a picture of the reviewer in addition to their full name.

We would encourage you to visit the frequently asked questions section on the home page or also accessible from the top navigation under the dedicated “FAQ” section. In this section, the company covers the basics such as cost, how long is the process and how Primo Management Group operates.

Contained in this section, we learn that Primo Management could help you exit your timeshare even if you still owe a mortgage and your name will be permanently removed as owner from timeshare “guaranteed”. If you have additional questions, the company encourages you to contact the company using the “Free Consultation” service whether through the “Live Chat” feature or by completing a client contact form accessible on the website.

Cost and how long is the process is always contingent upon the client’s case, so we did not find specifics which is a good thing. We cover length and cost later in this review.

Overall, the company website’s is decent in that the layout is simple and information is found easily. There is a nice balance of types of information and a focus on providing just enough information to the visitors of the site.

In addition to conducting an analysis of the company website, we also like to research to see if the timeshare company we are reviewing has additional websites or otherwise a web presence in addition to the standard reviews and company website.

While not linked from the company website, we discovered the company’s You Tube channel that has some informative videos along with a Facebook group that does have almost 4,000 likes and appears to have frequent, recent activity.

We did not find much information on Sean Chesser who helped co-found the organization other than according to the BBB and his LinkedIn profile, he also owns a landscaping company in addition to a company that sells blinds. It seems like he very much as an “entrepreneur” mindset.

Primo Management Group Reviews

We read many positive reviews about Primo Management Group. According to the reviews, many were successfully exited from their timeshare contracts and received frequent, friendly communication from the Primo Management Group team.

At the time of this review, we were not able to view any reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site.

When accessing their BBB profile, we received an alert stating that the business was currently updating its profile and that we would not be able to read any existing reviews.

This may mean the company is truly in process of updating the company profile or may have decided to remove the company profile all together.

If you check out the company’s YouTube channel, you will find a video titled, “New Video Regarding Timeshare Scams and the BBB” in which they describe how the BBB rating system is flawed. While it sounds like they are harshly criticizing the BBB, the person speaking in the video does describe some tips on how to spot scams whether through reviews or information on a company website and within the BBB. It is also worth noting that some of the customer testimonials on the company’s “Proof of Progress” page were from the BBB (circa 2018), the company definitely had a profile at one time.

While we are not able to view the company’s BBB rating and we may never see one, we did locate a profile on Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).

For our readers who may not be familiar with the BCA, BCA is a non-profit organization that started in 1928. They were formally known as the Better Business Bureau of the Southland. The company uses a sophisticated formula to provide a grade based on several factors such as government actions, length of time in business, complaint history, type of business, licensing information, advertising review and background information. A triple A (AAA) is the highest rating the BCA provides. The BCA currently rates Primo Management Group an A.

Primo Management Group has been a member of the BCA since February 2019 and the company has a 5-star rating (out of 5) based on 163 reviews and only 1 complaint. The company’s most recent rating and review was provided February 25, 2021.

Here is a review written by Jennifer Paluck.

She describes the “Owners Review” which is a tactic that timeshare developers use to entice timeshare owners to upgrade their existing timeshare for additional fees.

Primo Management Group has a Yelp presence and as of this review, the company has a 4.5-star rating (out of 5) based on 8 reviews.

We looked at the “1 star” and while many people complimented Primo Management Group on timely communication, this one person didn’t agree, however it appears that they person was still successfully terminated from their timeshare contract and never updated their rating.

We were not able to locate a profile for Primo Management Group on TrustPilot.

The company’s Facebook page does have “reviews” activated so we were we able to review. The company currently has a 4.9-star rating (out of 5 stars) based on 44 opinions (or reviews).

The most recent review at the time of our review is from February 18. In the review, the person mentions Primo Management Group will help if the person’s credit score dropped during the process of timeshare termination. We didn’t see any specific information on the company website that offers credit repair, but this is a common service that timeshare exit companies offer.

How Long is the Primo Management Group Process?

Under the company’s FAQ section on the website, the company states the process is “usually less than 12 months” but encourages people to call in for a free consultation as every situation is different.

A Yelp reviewer mentioned the time frame to be less than a year while a BCA reviewer stated they started the process in October 2017, and everything was finalized in September 2018. One person stated they were successfully released from their timeshare in less than 3 months.

Every case is different so it would be difficult to for any timeshare exit company to provide an exact time range for the client until the team understands the specifics of your case. Be wary of any timeshare exit company who does so and only use timeframes mentioned in reviews as a guideline.

Primo Management Group Cost for Services

There is no mention of cost on the company website, but we did find a few reviews that mentions the costs of services. The review below posted on Yelp, from March 2019 compared the costs to 1.5 years’ worth of maintenance. It is not clear if the reviewer had to pay up front or if this the person utilized escrow.

We encourage you to read through the reviews to gain more insight and understand that every case is different so while you may see mentions of specific costs, use the information as a guideline only.

Primo Management Group “100% Money Back Guarantee” and Concluding Thoughts

While Primo Management Group appears legitimate and provide great services to the company’s clients, we see in the multiple reviews that the company does ask for fees up-front. One reviewer on Yelp even mentioned “being apprehensive about paying an up-front fee.”

The promise of a money back guarantee is also prominently displayed on the company website’s home page and on the “About Us” page.

We like to recommend timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option, so the exit company is not paid in full until after the timeshare is cancelled. No money is released to the timeshare exit company until the successful termination of the client’s timeshare contract. Learn more about escrow and why you should care here.

If you want to find out more about low up-front fee escrow payment options or timeshare exit companies, engage in our live chat or fill out our contact form.

TKO Timeshare Solutions Review

TKO Timeshare Solutions is another company that may be able to help you get out of a timeshare. They are located in Chesterfield, MO, and have been in business since November 2021.

TKO Timeshare Solutions Website

TKO Timeshare Solutions does not have a major online presence, but their website is fairly professional and well put together. The content is clear and easy to read throughout, as well as grammatically sound and coherent. Its home page has a decent flow of information about their consultation process and services, integrating testimonials in a way that reads easily and is pretty natural. The design is clean and fluid as well.

On the About Us page, while the content continues to be clear and well-written, and there are some green-ish flags regarding the payment process – i.e., they talk about using escrow as well as credit protection – there is not much in the way of who is in charge of and on staff with the company. It also mentions that they have been in business for five years, which we could not corroborate. Actually, when we looked up TKO Timeshare Solutions’s corporate information, we only found a Bizapedia page, which cites that they were established in November 2021. Right off the bat this information mismatch is something of a red flag, unfortunately.

Moving through the rest of the main pages, TKO Timeshare Solutions has an FAQ page that is, again, well-written and clear. The information is fairly strong, though no more in-depth than you would see on any given timeshare exit company’s website. Among other points, the answers discuss when and when not to work with an attorney, how timeshare exit will affect your credit, and whether or not they are outright associated with any resort or timeshare company. While this is something of a highlight, it does not exactly go into detail on the actual timeshare exit process.

The remaining pages – Testimonials, Blog, and Contact – are straightforward and follow the patterns of the rest of the website. More notably, TKO Timeshare Solutions has a separate page addressing their “Credit Protection Program.” We say this is notable because, while it does sound helpful, it is something that may end up costing you more in the long run without adding much value to your financial situation. We would encourage you to research this in-depth before making any moves on it – with any company, not just TKO Timeshare Solutions.

As far as their social media pages, TKO Timeshare Solutions has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page, the latter of which is strangely spare and lacking in information. It has several branding-esque posts of their logo in different formats, a few of which really overly employ the Nike swoosh for some reason. That’s about all; there is not much in the way of substance, nor could we find information about who founded or runs the company.

TKO Timeshare Solutions Reviews

As with the corporate information, there was not much that we found in the way of reviews of TKO Timeshare Solutions. They have a Trustpilot page, which gives them 3.7 out of 5 stars; the only review there is as follows:

  • “It was great working with Jason. His promptness, attention, dedication, and speed at which he transferred my timeshare are exemplary. He is easily accessible via email, text and phone. Jason charged a reasonable price for his services.”

That aside, they do not have a BBB page, so we could not confirm their accreditation or reviews that way. Their Facebook page does not have any reviews, either.

In the way of testimonials, TKO Timeshare Solutions has a more active YouTube account with a few short videos from – presumably – past clients. The videos on this channel are too short to give much information about the company. However, the channel is helpful in that it helped us find out that Jason Charpentier is the name of the company owner. He is a former attorney from Missouri who, as of July 2021 has been disbarred from practicing law in the state (for several reasons; you can look this up with a quick Google search). While he does have a positive Avvo rating, that still doesn’t really tell us enough about his expertise with timeshare cancellation, nor does it really clarify whether or not he is a trustworthy person to work with to get out of your timeshare. The disbarment is not exactly a promising measure, that said. It is certainly something to keep in mind if you are looking into hiring TKO Timeshare Solutions for your situation.

TKO Timeshare Solutions Cost

Specific costs are not cited on the TKO Timeshare Solutions website. On their FAQ page, they actually give a reason why: “The short answer is it depends on your situation and what we need to do for you. However, since we do not have the expenses of a national radio and TV advertising campaign, we can charge much less than most other companies.” While this is a bit of odd reasoning, it is more information than a lot of other timeshare exit companies state about their practices. In addition, they do claim to offer free consultations.

One other highlight on their website, as noted regarding their About page, is that they claim to use escrow for payments. While we could not corroborate this with reviews or evidence, it is something that we always recommend you look for when evaluating a timeshare exit company. To learn more about why escrow is important, you can visit this page.

What to Look for in a Timeshare Exit Company

There are several green flags that indicate a company is one you would want to work alongside to get rid of a timeshare. Their use of escrow for payment – and in turn, not requesting upfront payments – is only one of those qualities. Companies who either work with attorneys or have a history of being in the industry, and thus a network of connections, will generally be far more efficient at working with the timeshare or resort itself. Ultimately, because of this, you will get more for what you pay. If you still owe a mortgage, this might not be an option for you, but you can still look for a timeshare exit company that consults with lawyers and uses a reputable payment method. You can find out more about the costs you can expect for the different methods of exiting a timeshare here.

TKO Timeshare Solutions Summary

While there are several areas where TKO Timeshare Solutions appears to be a well-rounded company, there is a great deal that makes us hesitant to recommend them. The biggest issue, as cited above, is how recently this company was established, especially since their website states otherwise, as well as the owner’s history. In addition to that, the lack of information about the company and their processes makes them particularly difficult to evaluate. We highly recommend finding a timeshare exit company that has several years of experience under their belt, as well as BBB accreditation and more detailed reviews.

Fortunately, there are several companies of this nature that we have reviewed and can suggest that you explore. To learn more about our recommended companies, you can visit this page. And if you want additional help with your timeshare exit situation, you can get in touch with us. Please feel free to call 833-416-8796, initiate the live chat, or fill out our contact form to get started.

Timeshare Discharge Review

Timeshare Discharge is another company that may be able to help you get out of a timeshare. They are located in New Port Richey, FL, and have been in business for over 10 years.

Timeshare Discharge Website

Regarding both their website and social media pages, Timeshare Discharge has a fairly average online presence (at least, in terms of the typical timeshare exit company). Their website adheres to this pattern: starting with the Home page, the design and copy alike are very spare and basic. Judging from the language used, they work with lawyers in order to release people from timeshare contracts; their claims are being able to do so within 60 days, and “100% guarantee or you pay nothing.” Essentially the Home page gives a summary of the content across the rest of the website. In terms of grammar and quality, it’s a bit below standards, with a glaring typo in the main landing page image, which plays out in the rest of the copy and is a bit difficult to ignore.

The Process page seems to be pretty cut-and-dry. It explains the three steps of their timeshare exit process in simple terms. It also cites the different kinds of professionals that would work on a given case – meaning, it says that Timeshare Discharge works with specialists and lawyers to complete timeshare cancellations. This page also gives a lot of lip service to paperwork, but overall, it does not offer much in the way of specifics.

The Services page is also pretty spare. Like the title states, it notes Timeshare Discharge’s different services – timeshare cancellation, mortgage cancellation, tax preparation, and credit protection – while giving a general overview on what situations generally get people saddled with timeshares they do not need or want. There isn’t much in the way of information about the secondary services (meaning, everything that is not timeshare exit). There is also an FAQ page, as with many companies of this nature. This one is probably the most unprofessional, in that the drop-downs they use are very responsive, but the grammar is off and the information offered is vague.

Based on digging deeper to find more about this company, since there wasn’t much on the website (or Timeshare Discharge’s generally inactive Facebook page), it appears that they are part of another company called Fair Market Services. Both are located at the same address and owned by the same individual, Allen Johnson. The interesting piece about this connection is what Fair Market Services is known for, which is timeshare sales and rental. Their website is very clear about this, and limited to those services, making no claim to working with clients on timeshare cancellation. Needless to say, we thought this was quite interesting, given the claims that Timeshare Discharge makes.

Timeshare Discharge Reviews

Searching for reviews of Timeshare Discharge brought us first to the BBB page for Fair Market Services. There, they have middling feedback – 3.69 stars out of 5, and no accreditation. Their more recent ratings are the lowest (1- or 2-star reviews). A few notable comments included:

  • “Fair Market Services represented themselves as a resale agency for timeshares, and that my timeshare would sell quickly. Never got any offers at all. Now they recommended a discharge for $2800.00., which I can do myself for nothing. I do not recommend Far Market Services. They are misleading in their sales pitch.”
  • “I received many assurances from Don that my time share with Worldmark would be an easy sell, but received no offers in 13 months. AND NO REFUND. VERY DISAPPOINTED. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. THEY THEN WANTED $2800.00 to discharge or exit, which I can do thru Worldmark at no charge. DO NOT RECOMMEND.”

They do have a few more positive reviews which also confirmed that this company is connected to Timeshare Discharge, including:

  • “Had a great experience with Allen at Timeshare Discharge. The process went quickly and now we don’t own our timeshare anymore. Thank you Allen!”

However, further investigation showed that ComplaintsBoard and TripAdvisor had more negative outcomes listed than positive. A few additional ComplaintsBoard comments were as follows:

  • “This company is horrible! All lies. I paid more than $1000 to sell and rent my membership of timeshare. Nothing happened for months. So, I tried to get refunded. But they insisted “No Refundable”. In the beginning, the sales agent told me that if another company sold my membership, they would refund the service charge. Actually, my membership was transferred by another company. I called and told this, but they just told me ‘No refundable’, again. Be careful, everyone!!!”
  • “Stay away !! they took my 700.00 dollars and i never heard from them again .all i have to say to people is, number 1 is, dot [sic] buy a timeshare to start with and then, dont use these people to try to sell it. either way you wasted alot of money.”

The TripAdvisor discussion on this company (as well as other, similar companies) stated the following:

  • “I contacted a firm called Fair Market Services, they are out of Florida. They resell timeshares. They want $699.00 to sell my timeshare, It was suggested I sell my timeshare for less than half of what I paid for it (if it sells), but I only have 13 years left on my timeshare.”

Ultimately, based on these claims, we have to evaluate Timeshare Discharge as a fraudulent operation that is tied directly to Fair Market Services’s timeshare resale operation. After charging customers exorbitant amounts to get them out of their timeshares, they relist these timeshares, starting the cycle all over again and profiting off of it.

Timeshare Discharge Cost

While specifics about costs were not listed on Timeshare Discharge’s website, aside from a free consultation, the reviews listed above cited a range of fees from $699 to $4000 for getting out of a timeshare. So if you decided to work with them, you could expect to pay an amount within that window to do so. That said, this appears to be a situation wherein the company requires upfront fees rather than using escrow to process payments. While this is not surprising, given Timeshare Discharge’s business model (as noted above), it remains that we never recommend working with a timeshare exit company that asks you to pay upfront. We always suggest finding one that uses escrow instead. You can learn more about why escrow is important on this page.

What to Look for in a Timeshare Exit Company

Given what we could find about Timeshare Discharge and their practices, it’s important that we note what you should look for in a timeshare exit company or law firm. Businesses like theirs are not uncommon in the timeshare exit industry – meaning, it’s easy to find companies that appear to be highly professional but don’t have a great track record.

So what green flags should you look for? What indicates that you’ve found a trustworthy timeshare exit company? To begin with, whatever company you choose should have a solid reputation, and they should also use escrow for payment. This means that the company does not get paid until your timeshare has been completely canceled. You can learn more about why escrow is important on this page.

A few other qualities you should look for in a timeshare exit company include the following:

  • An A (or higher) rating with the BBB, accreditation, and few (if any) complaints
  • Several years in business
  • A physical office address rather than a PO box
  • A professional-looking website
  • A written contract for any services rendered

There are several companies that can speak to having these qualities, and we are committed to researching them thoroughly and featuring them on this website. You can review a list of our recommended companies on this page. All of them have a great track record of success in getting people out of their timeshare contracts, and have proven themselves to be legitimate


To recap, Timeshare Discharge is an offshoot of a company called Fair Market Services, which unfortunately is anything but fair: they sell and rent timeshares after they have charged people high fees to “release” them from those properties. This is ultimately a scam and something we cannot remotely recommend.

That said, while scams are quite common when it comes to timeshare cancellation, there are several companies we have reviewed and can recommend when it comes to your situation. All of these companies have been thoroughly vetted, and use escrow for payment, so you can trust that you won’t owe them anything until they have come through for you. Again, you can learn more about those companies on this page.

Still have questions about this or another timeshare exit company? Feel free to get in touch with us. You can do so by giving us a call at 833-416-8796, initiating the live chat, or filling out the contact form on the right side of the page.

J&T Solutions Review

J&T Solutions is another timeshare exit company that may be able to help you get out of a timeshare. They are located in Destin, FL and have been in business for 5 years.

J&T Solutions Website

Starting with J&T Solutions’s online presence, they seem to have a fairly basic website. It is not particularly outstanding or unique in terms of design, but it is fluid and responsive, and easy to navigate. The content is solid as well as straightforward.

The Home page cites that: “We have partnerships with several companiesthat allow us to answer all of your travel needs.” This could imply that J&T Solutions only works with certain resorts and timeshare companies, so if you wanted to find out if they could help you, it’d be important to figure out which companies are included in this claim.

The About page offers a brief description of the company’s activities, and alludes to their having experience in the legal field and timeshare industry. The content is, again, clear and cohesive, and well-written. However, there is not much in the way of specifics about their process, or how J&T Solutions go about releasing people from timeshare contracts. This is interesting in light of their positive testimonials and reviews (the latter of which we will address later in this article). We should also note that the companies with which they supposedly have partnerships are not listed here (or elsewhere on the website), so prospective clients would have to schedule a consultation to learn more about that.

Their Timeshare Cancellations page does not say much more about their process. They talk about having a 100 percent guarantee for either canceling your timeshare or giving you a full refund – presumably in the case that they are not successful. They also refer to having several different options for dealing with your situation. However, it is all very vague, and overall typical of what the average timeshare exit company has on their website, so we would not say it’s a great source of information or means of determining whether J&T Solutions is trustworthy.

One thing that is clear after reading through the whole website is that they are specific about who they work with – meaning, they claim to have partnerships with several companies on their Home page, and on the Timeshare Cancellation page they note, “We do not handle every resort property.” So, of course, this is something to bear in mind if you are considering getting in touch with this company.

Additionally, all of that said, it is still not clear who these companies are, or how J&T Solutions enacts their overall timeshare exit process. This makes it difficult to evaluate how well they would serve you in releasing you from your timeshare contract.

J&T Solutions Reviews

In terms of online reviews, J&T Solutions is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating. There is one review – and zero complaints – listed on their BBB page:

  • “I was concerned about using any company to get ride of my timeshare. And I have been burned before. At my current stage with T&J Solutions they have been great. During the initial stages our representative answered our questions and phone calls. After we decided use T&J Solutions and paid there fee, the next stage went very smoothly. They asked for key documents and we provided them them in a reasonable amount of time. Our representative at this stage responded with-in 1/2 day. About 3 business day later the next person in process reached out to us and made sure everything was correct. We are still in the starting stages, but everything seems to be legit and T&J Solutions is honest company. As of today, i am glad that we are using them. I will keep blog/posting on my experience with T&J Solutions during the next steps.”

They also have a handful of positive Google reviews, all of which put them at five stars; one notable review is as follows:

  • “I Went to a seminar while on vacation with my mother in Destin, Florida. I was very impressed! We’ve looked at other companies similar to this, but J&T Solutions had the best pricing and they were by far the best I have come across and we felt more comfortable than we ever have. They even have an escrow option for the funds paid. Looking forward to not having to deal with this timeshare my mom and I have.”

Meanwhile, they also have five out of five stars on Facebook, with – again – a single review. While their reviews aren’t very active, the company itself appears to be quite active in terms of posting and sharing articles and other information.

Since there was so little information in terms of reviews and client experiences, we looked a bit more deeply into J&T Solutions’s official business information in an attempt to figure out who owns and operates the company. From what we could find, it appears that they are licensed in MO rather than FL, and owned by Tyler Soutee, who also owns Soutee Consulting Group and another timeshare exit company called Timeshare Breakup. However, neither of these companies have websites of their own, so we could not find further background information about J&T Solutions’s ownership, management, or timeshare-related expertise. (Timeshare Breakup has one BBB review, which doesn’t offer much information either, and is otherwise unaccredited.)

J&T Solutions Cost

Costs are not outlined on the J&T Solutions website. They also do not speak to a free consultation. However, many of the reviews, as cited, allude to their use of escrow for payment. While their website does not offer any information to confirm this, it does stand out as a good sign, if it is true. One of the main commonalities with the companies that we recommend is their use of escrow for payment. When a timeshare exit company uses escrow, it means that they do not get paid until you’ve been released from your contract and are completely satisfied with their work. To learn more about escrow and why it’s important, you can visit this page.

Advice on Avoiding Scams

One of the reasons we only recommend companies that use escrow is the amount of timeshare exit scams that exist. Because there are so many, it can help to know what to look for in order to find the most trustworthy companies. To avoid getting involved in a timeshare exit or any other kind of scam, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Resist any pressure to pay for a service right away. A reputable company will never push you into working with them before you are ready. High-pressure sales tactics are red flags, and they indicate a business you want to avoid.
  • Ask about licensing, insurance, and identification with local businesses. To get clear about which local companies are legitimate, ask about licensing and insurance. You should also always check identification when it comes to anyone who will be dealing with your money and personal information.
  • Check the fine print and don’t believe everything you read. Most scams rely on common industry phrases to build trust, but they often fail to produce information that backs their claims. They can tend to exaggerate and make lofty promises as well. A responsible company will not do this; instead, they’ll give you details about how they will cancel your timeshare for you.


Given the lack of reviews and confusing information about J&T Solutions’s ownership, we cannot make a solid call as to whether or not they are trustworthy and worth working with to get out of your timeshare. Their use of escrow is promising, but further background on their process would be more helpful when it comes to evaluating them.

However, that said, there are several other companies who can certainly help you with your situation. As noted, all of these companies have been thoroughly vetted, and use escrow for payment. You can read more about those companies on this page. And if you still have questions about how to go about getting out of your timeshare, you can get in touch with us. Give us a call at 833-416-8796, fill out our contact form, or initiate the live chat to get started today.

Leisure Getaways Inc Review

Leisure Getaways Inc is another company that offers timeshares and other vacation rentals, and may be able to help you trade in your timeshare. They are located in Spring, TX, and have been in business for 10 years.

Their main claim is being an “independently owned and operated Texas based corporation that offers sales, marketing and management services.” They are associated with RCI as well as Interval International (II), two major global timeshare companies. The RCI and II properties they market include the Cliffs at Kimberling, Inverness by the Sea, Inverness Lakeside Trust, Inverness Beach Club, The Retreat at Foxborough by LGI and The Retreat at Great Bend.

Leisure Getaways Inc Website


The main Leisure Getaways website,, redirects to a GoDaddy landing page that says the domain is for sale, so it appears that they do not maintain a website. We were able to find a WordPress blog for the company, but it has not been updated since 2016. Mostly, it includes marketing-oriented videos that are focused on travel advice. One of the several internal links on this page was a URL that appeared to be another official website, but that URL,, leads to a blank page. Overall, most of the recent information we were able to find about Leisure Getaways was from their Vacation Services International page.

This landing page is rather spare and includes a basic description of Leisure Getaways; most of that information is cited above. It also speaks to using a travel concierge service, and having a “robust product line.” Of course, below that description, where the properties are meant to be listed, there are not currently any actual listings. (There is a “TBA” with a list price of $6000 but we did not consider this a real property, as it looks to be a placeholder.)

Of course, all of this is indicative of a company that is not paying attention to their online presence, which is something of a red flag. It’s certainly not indicative that they would be capable of helping you get out of a timeshare.

Leisure Getaways Inc Reviews


The reviews of Leisure Getaways Inc that we found were overwhelmingly negative. They have an F rating with the BBB and are unaccredited, with 26 complaints closed in the last 3 years and 11 complaints closed over the last year.

Their reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Pissed Consumer all reflected a similar trend. They have 2.7 stars on Facebook, 2 stars on Yelp, and 2.5 stars on Pissed Consumer. Here are a few of the more notable complaints that we found.

From Yelp:
  • “BEWARE if you already own a timeshare! They called us in by telling us we would learn more about how to trade our current timeshare with Interval International. When we arrived we were told “wait 5 minutes” someone will be with you. We were told that a half a dozen times. This meeting was not to learn more about trading. It was to try and get us to sell our timeshare to them and buy theirs. … Two hours later they were waiting on a call from their management to see what they could do for us!!! It was a big gimmick and a big waste of our time! Oh and I over heard them telling a couple sitting behind us the same thing we were told.”
  • “Be careful. They keep charging on our credit card for items we do not want.  We bought a timeshare from them, they sold us a bill of goods.  Buyer beware.”
From Pissed Consumer:
  • “They took our money and ran. They asked us to pay the maintenance fee. We did it right away, before Covid hit. They never even contacted our time share to start process, or they said our time share Vacation Village in the Berkshires was not cooperating. After 6 more months of back and forth calls, leaving messages and no response. I called Bank of America and filed a dispute. Of course the federal government says 60 days to dispute, even with Covid. Legacy knew that. Still cant get a hold of anyone. Bank of America disputes with Legacy Adventures Bank. Of course that info is private. NO O NE DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I think I will be flying to Texas to pay them a visit.”

Ultimately, from these comments, we have to conclude that Leisure Getaways Inc is little more than a bait and switch operation, and a fraudulent company. There is no reason that any timeshare exit company should try and strike a deal with you by getting you to buy one of their properties in exchange for getting out of yours.

Leisure Getaways Inc Class Action Lawsuit


In 2018, Leisure Getaways was actually involved with a federal civil lawsuit in which Wyndham Resorts charged them with trademark infringement. This case was Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, LLC et al v. Leisure Getaways, Inc. et al – Florida Middle District Court, Case No. 6:17-cv-00501. Based on the reports we found, this ultimately was dismissed and went through mediation, but it’s worth knowing about their involvement given the nature of the complaints about the company.


Leisure Getaways Inc Cost


While we did not find specifics in terms of costs you could expect from Leisure Getaways, judging from the reviews, you could expect to pay a great deal upfront if you work with them. There is nothing that indicates otherwise; one of their 1-star employee reviews on Indeed, in fact, actually mentioned the high fees that they charge their customers at the outset. That aside, we did not find any promises of a free consultation or notes about fees, either.

We should note that we mention upfront payments because it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re working with a timeshare exit company or attorney who uses escrow. You can learn more about escrow and why it’s important on this page.

Avoiding Timeshare Scams


Unfortunately, Leisure Getaways Inc is not unique in the practices its reviews highlight. Timeshare scams are incredibly common in the industry. But the good news is that they are avoidable. As with any other kind of company that you do business with, there are red flags that you can look out for in the early phases. That way you can save yourself a serious amount of time, money, and heartache getting involved any further.

Keep an eye out for the following to avoid timeshare scams:

  • Promises that sound too good to be true, including incentives for making an initial purchase that don’t seem to have strings attached (because they probably do)
  • Upfront fees, including high-dollar deposits or “administrative” fees that are far more than you’d expect them to be
  • Pushy sales presentations, especially those that don’t encourage you to take your time in making a decision

Whenever you make a purchase, especially when it comes to vacation properties, always read the fine print, and don’t fall for any high-pressure sales tactics. Taking it slow and knowing what you want — not what someone else convinces you that you want — is the best way to avoid any kind of scam.



Based on Leisure Getaways Inc’s presence and practices, we cannot recommend working with them in any capacity. They do not do anything that would be helpful to someone getting out of a timeshare, nor does it appear that they actively do much business at all.

Fortunately, though, you do have options if you are seeking for a trustworthy company to help you with your timeshare. You can review a list of the companies we recommend on this page. All of these businesses have been thoroughly vetted and have excellent reviews, legitimate web presences, and strong histories of helping clients exit their timeshare contracts.

If you have questions about any of these companies, or anything else related to getting out of your timeshare, you can get in touch with us by calling 833-416-8796, initiating the live chat, or filling out our contact form.

Tradebloc Review

Tradebloc is a financial services company that offers credit and debt management, and may be able to help get you out of a timeshare. They have been in business for 4 years and are headquartered in Dallas, TX.


 The main Tradebloc website is brief but thorough, and is overall very clean- and professional- looking, as well as easy to navigate. The content offers succinct but helpful information about their various services, which makes it easy to know what to expect from them. The About page is the main place where one can find this information. Tradebloc notes here that the services they offer include credit monitoring, credit and identity theft protection, debt settlement, and contract cancellation. All of this, based on their reviews — which we’ll get to below — definitely applies to timeshare exit.

There is also, notably, a separate website for Tradebloc’s travel-related services.  It offers similar information to the main website’s Travel subpage, and appears to be mostly a hub for getting in touch with the company. It notes that “Tradebloc has finally jumped into the travel arena and has built the best travel fulfillment technology in the world to give its members the world’s best, authentic, discounted travel.”

So it appears that, not only does Tradebloc help people resolve long-standing issues with resorts and timeshare companies, but they also provide an interesting alternative to timeshare programs. Since many timeshares tend to take advantage of people’s desire for discount travel as well as their interest in visiting a favorite destination more than once, this is an encouraging option to see.

While, as noted, the content is spare, it still allowed us to look more thoroughly into the owner and CEO Tim Clark. We found that he certainly has a history of making options like this accessible for consumers. Another website managed by Clark and Tradebloc, travelclubIQ, has a number of resources for finding discount flights and hotels. Overall there seems to be an honest investment in giving people the tools and resources they need to make smart financial decisions, especially when it comes to travel.

Aside from that, it’s also good to see that their staff is listed in its entirety on the Our Team page. It shows a degree of transparency that we don’t always see with timeshare exit operations. Overall the Tradebloc website is a well-designed, helpful tool for connecting with this company.




While Tradebloc is not yet accredited with the BBB, they have a solid five out of five stars and an A+ rating. The reviews on their BBB profile page are overwhelmingly positive. A few standout comments included:

  • “When I got laid off I was paying our bills with our credit cards I was racking up debt so fast with no end in sight I missed job opportunities due to delinquencies on my credit report. my vacation resort was being foreclosed on and I felt lost. in August 2019 I turned to Tradebloc for help. Now February of 2021 my credit has been rebuilt. the $150k of debt I had has been settled and I owe nothing. I thank these guys so much. Dee in customer service is great and Jamour was super easy to work with. I went to a seminar, took a chance, and couldn’t be more happy with the results. obviously it wasn’t fast but worth it.”
  • “…I went to a seminar regarding Diamond ownership. We have looked for a way to get out of this burden. We spoke with Shawn about 7 months ago and were very skeptical after reading so many warnings and reviews on other companies. Everything that we were told happened to the letter. We are so thankful for this relief. We got our cancellation letter 4 days ago and have such relief. Thanks to the Tradebloc team for all they have done for us.”

We also found a few PR articles that are not strictly reviews, but provide key information about how Tradebloc operates. One from November 2020 spoke to their having a legal professional on staff who specializes in debt relief, and whose background is reputable (look him up). Another from February 2021 noted that Tradebloc developed a means of protecting consumers from identity theft in online transactions, which is a good sign in terms of actually being committed to fighting fraud, rather than perpetuating it.

In addition to these reviews and writeups, we found that Tradebloc is in good standing with OpenCorporates, and has a handful of five-star reviews on both Google and Facebook. They are quite active on Facebook as well, regularly providing information related to being safe from identity theft and getting help for financial and credit issues. All of this is indicative of a strong history of being trustworthy with their clientele and successfully helping people get out of their timeshare contracts.




While we did not find specifics about costs on Tradebloc’s website, based on one of their reviews, you could probably expect to pay up to (or in the neighborhood of) $5,000 for help with exiting a timeshare. This will likely vary based on your situation. So, that said, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of any free consultation that Tradebloc may offer to make sure you get an exact number for your situation.

And keeping that in mind, it’s also a good idea to make sure that whoever you work with will not charge upfront fees. We always recommend working with someone who uses escrow for payment when it comes to getting out of a timeshare. This means that the person responsible for helping you will not be paid until you’ve successfully been freed from your contract. To learn more about why escrow is important, you can visit this page.


How to Choose the Right Timeshare Exit Company

When it comes to selecting a timeshare exit company that can best help you, there are several factors you want to consider. Their use of escrow, as well as their not requesting upfront payments, is just one of these things to keep in mind. Companies that work with attorneys, have industry connections, or can profess to a strong background in financial knowledge are generally going to be more effective when it comes to working with the timeshare or resort itself. You’ll most likely, in that situation, get a better outcome for what you ultimately pay. If you owe a mortgage, this might not be an option for you, but you can still look for a timeshare exit company that consults with lawyers and uses a reputable payment method. You can find out more about the costs you can expect for the different methods of exiting a timeshare here.




Tradebloc appears to truly be in the business of helping consumers and making travel accessible in a way that most timeshares can’t. It’s refreshing to see a company with the degree of transparency that they have, too. We would say they’re worth looking into if you’re seeking to get out of a timeshare and want to look into ways to help your credit situation at the same time.

Still have questions about Tradebloc, another company, or timeshare exit in general? Please feel free to get in touch with us. You can give us a call at 833-416-8796, use the live chat feature, or fill out the contact form to get started.

Timeshare Travis Review

Timeshare Travis is a timeshare-focused business located in New York, NY, that may be able to help you get out of a timeshare. Rather than presenting as an exit company, Timeshare Travis claims to be able to provide resources for people that will help them decide what to do with their timeshares.


An overview of Timeshare Travis’s website showed a very similar, if not identical, presentation to recently-reviewed advisory company Timeshare Tracy. Like Timeshare Tracy, Timeshare Travis states that they “help who [sic] owners who need advice for their timeshares! Travis will help you decide whether to keep it or cancel your timeshare.”

The website looks good and very professional on the whole. The design is clean and colorful. It has a very simple setup and navigation, with just a few pages apart from the Home page: About, Discover a Way Out, Assessment, and Contact.

All of that said, it is hard to ignore that it is essentially a replica of the Timeshare Tracy website. The pages themselves, and the claims in their copy, appear very similar as well. The About page in particular is a standout in this regard:

  • “Let us help you make the right decision! Travis has great advice and knows how to help you out of a major bind with your resort. Travis doesn’t like it when owners are taken advantage of and harassed by calls from debt collectors. Travis is on a mission to bring justice to owners who have been deceived, misrepresented, and flat-out lied to.”

The key difference is that, while his name was not mentioned on the about page, we were able to figure out that Timeshare Travis is managed by someone named Travis Wood. You can keep reading to learn more about what we discovered regarding Travis and his other business ventures.

On the Assessment page, there is a quiz that, again, looks like the other website’s quiz. Essentially they ask about your timeshare situation, which leads to a landing page related to “Travis’s Timeshare Freedom Program.” It does not ask for any personal information until the end, where there is a form for those interested in working with Timeshare Travis. There, we also found that this program includes a free consultation with one of Timeshare Travis’s partners. This gives a much clearer idea of how this company works: that is, by sending people to actual timeshare exit companies, and helping generate business for them.

The section Discover a Way Out is presumably going to be a blog. It promises to deliver “Everything you need to know about the inside information to getting out from your timeshare contract,” but this area is still under construction and does not actually have any content. This makes it difficult to evaluate how much expertise Timeshare Travis really has in the area of timeshare exit, and whether they actually have timeshare exit partners yet.




Though Timeshare Travis has a few active social media pages, there are very few reviews available online for them, including on Facebook and Google. We couldn’t find a designated page for Timeshare Travis on the BBB or Trustpilot (in spite of a watermark on the website that seems to indicate that they have good reviews with the latter).

What we did find in the way of reviews and review-esque content were a few PR-style articles about Timeshare Travis and some comments on a RedWeek post about timeshare exit companies in general.

The RedWeek comments were both from the same person and stated:

  • “Kindly do not work with … Timeshare Travis. I have a personal experience of they [sic] scamming people. Initially they do some efforts and later on they leave you hanging in between and say we can’t do anything about it.”
  • “This is the client named Travis. That person is scamming everyone by providing fake promises and services. Initially he hires workers for couple of months and then all of sudden he starts delaying the payment by saying that I am waiting on my clients. In reality he doesn’t have any valid thing and even he doesn’t have any big team. He himself manages everything and yet tells my team will do it.In terms of the leads, he has a bot which generates fake leads and he delivers fake leads to his clients. Once the client receives the leads and pay, he don’t offer further services and if client threatens him, he puts all blame on his employee.”

Since this is only one person’s experience, it’s important to take it with a grain of salt. That said, it’s just as important to take the more positive, glowing PR articles with some measure of skepticism as well. Those articles cited that Travis Wood, the owner, operates a lead-generation business called More Leads More Conversions; while we were able to find a license for that company, the same could not be said for Timeshare Travis. An OpenCorporates search did not bring up an LLC corresponding to this company, either.  A business with so little information online is not one that is easy for us to recommend that you work with to get out of your timeshare.




As mentioned, the initial consultation with Timeshare Travis is free, should you choose to move forward with them based on the assessment. It was not clear if moving forward with the Timeshare Freedom Program would come with a cost.

Working with one of the exit companies, of course, will not be free. Generally speaking, whether you look into one of Timeshare Travis’s partners or another company, you want to not only be sure that you’re able to pay via escrow, but that you know what to expect in terms of general costs. You can learn more about why escrow is important on this page.

General Advice on Avoiding Scams Online


While it’s not entirely clear whether or not the RedWeek user’s evaluation is correct, and Timeshare Travis is a scam or not, it’s still helpful to know what to look for when keeping an eye out for fraudulent companies. When doing business and researching timeshare exit online, there are specific red flags you should bear in mind so you don’t work with the wrong company.

  • Don’t believe everything you read. Many scams rely upon using common industry phrases, but fail to use them properly or back them up with information. They often can make outlandish or exaggerated promises, too. A reputable company will not overpromise in this way, and will give you real details on their processes.
  • Be careful of upfront payments and nontraditional payment methods. Requests to pay via wire transfer, for example, is a common red flag. So is any request for an upfront payment that does not use escrow. No money-back guarantee is enough to actually promise that you will get a refund should a service not proceed as planned.
  • Resist the pressure to act fast. A trustworthy business will not try to push you into anything before you are ready to move forward. High-pressure sales tactics and hounding potential clients are huge red flags and indicate a business you want to avoid.
  • Ask about licensing, identification, and insurance when it comes to local businesses. Working with a local company is typically a good idea, but to further pare down who is trustworthy or reputable, always be sure to ask about whether they are licensed and insured. Checking their identification is good to do as well, especially with any business dealing with your money or personal information.




It’s difficult to say one way or another whether Timeshare Travis is a trustworthy company, but fortunately, whatever partners they might have are probably the kinds of companies you can find on this website, so researching them here is, in theory, an option. We created this site in order to connect people like you with timeshare exit companies that are reputable and capable of successfully releasing you from your contract. If you’d like to learn more about them, you can explore our recommended companies on this page.

Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch with us. You can give us a call at 833-416-8796, initiate our live chat, or submit a contact form to do so.

Timeshare Tracy Review

Timeshare Tracy is a timeshare-focused business located in Blaine, WA, that may be able to help you get out of a timeshare. Rather than serving strictly as an exit company, Timeshare Tracy states its goal is to focus on providing resources for people who are looking to get rid of their timeshares.


An overview of the website showed us that Timeshare Tracy does seem to mostly make good on its stated mission. That is to say, they host reviews of timeshare exit companies and offer tips on how to get out of a timeshare. The language makes this business come across as more of an advisory company, though: while there are testaments to free resources, Timeshare Tracy also has a section called Timeshare Assessment that leads to information on “Tracy’s Timeshare Freedom Program.” We’ll delve into this a bit more below.

As far as the user experience goes, the website looks very clean, well-designed, and professional. It has a very simple setup and navigation, with just a few pages apart from the Home page: Timeshare Assessment, Learn, About, and Contact.

The About section is very simple and friendly-sounding. A few of their claims include:

  • “We help people who need advice for their timeshares! Keep it or cancel it, let’s find out the best decision for your circumstances.”
  • “We’ve done the research, so that you don’t have to.”

So their goals as a company, simply put, are to aggregate information on companies with which they partner, and then consult with people who need to get out of timeshares to send clients their way.

That said, there isn’t any specific information about who is operating Timeshare Tracy — aside from it being run by two friends — and what the owners’ experience is. This would be helpful for making a more thorough evaluation. Even if this business is more about making your own financial decisions than doing the legwork of getting you out of a timeshare, knowing more about your advisor will help you make the initial decision as to whether to trust their information.

The Learn section is a blog with reviews and general timeshare- and timeshare exit-related information. A few of these reviews are of notably trustworthy companies which we have actually reviewed on this website as well. So that information looks to be generally legitimate. The tips and information they share include topics like “Do You Need a Law Firm to Get Out of Your Timeshare?” and “5 Rules for Finding a Legit Timeshare Cancellation Firm,” and again, upon reviewing it, that information is also accurate.

The Timeshare Assessment section is actually a short quiz that leads the user to “Tracy’s Timeshare Freedom Program.” We went through the assessment, which does not ask for any personal information until the end (where there is a form for those interested in working with Timeshare Tracy), and found that this program includes a free consultation with one of their partners. It is probably a fair conclusion that a partner would be one of the companies that Timeshare Tracy has featured on their blog. This gives a much clearer idea of how Timeshare Tracy works: that is, by sending people to actual timeshare exit companies, and helping generate business for them.

Regarding the Contact page, we were a little concerned about the fact that Timeshare Tracy’s physical address is a 24/7 Parcel in Blaine, WA. In all likelihood it’s a mailing address, but that said, as stated above, there was still very little on the website (or elsewhere) in the way of who owns and operates Timeshare Tracy.

As far as other components of Timeshare Tracy’s online presence, they appear to be quite active on social media, including via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Facebook was where a few reviews were visible, so you can keep reading to learn more about that.




There are very few reviews available online for Timeshare Tracy. We found a handful on Timeshare Tracy’s Facebook page, though it’s hard to say whether they are fair and balanced, since they seem to assume that Timeshare Tracy is an exit company or broker and thus come off a bit disappointed.

Timeshare Tracy claims to have five stars with Trustpilot, but we couldn’t find a designated page for them, nor could we locate their BBB profile. An OpenCorporates search didn’t bring up an LLC corresponding to this company, either.

What we did find was one mention of “the bombardment of advertising companies like timeshare Tracy” on a message board, and while one comment to this end isn’t necessarily indicative of a trend, we would say to exercise caution when exploring Timeshare Tracy with all of this in mind. Since it’s not clear how long Timeshare Tracy has been in business, or how effective they are at their mission, it would be worth at the very least asking several questions or trying a free consultation before moving forward in any way.



Most of the advice and resources on Timeshare Tracy’s website is free. As mentioned, the initial consultation with them is free as well, should you choose to move forward with that based on the assessment. It was, however, unclear if moving forward with the Freedom Program would come with a cost from Timeshare Tracy.

Working with one of the exit companies, of course, will not be free. As they state on their About page:

  • “Once we talk about your specific timeshare, one of our partners can give you a quote. Something to keep in mind is that with any of our partners, you won’t pay unless they get you out.”

This is encouraging in that Timeshare Tracy seems to only recommend companies that use escrow. Of course, we can’t say for sure whether this is the case, but overall we definitely recommend that you make this part of your protocol when looking for a timeshare exit company. You can learn more about why escrow is important on this page.

What to Look for in a Timeshare Exit Company

There are several qualities that indicate a company is one you want to get involved with for cancelling your timeshare. Escrow, and in turn not requesting upfront payments, is just one of them. Companies that either work with attorneys or have industry connections are typically going to be more efficient at working with the timeshare or resort itself and will get you more for what you ultimately pay. If you owe a mortgage, this might not be an option for you, but you can still look for a timeshare exit company that consults with lawyers and uses a reputable payment method. You can find out more about the costs you can expect for the different methods of exiting a timeshare here.




Timeshare Tracy seems to be a hub for their reviews of the timeshare exit companies that they partner with, and a means of sending them business. This is not a negative per se. However, we would definitely suggest taking advantage of the free consultation if you decide to give them a try. Since there isn’t much information available about their business online, it would probably be a boon to your situation to stick to the free resources until you know more.

That said, there are plenty of ways to go directly to a timeshare exit company that can help you. You can review our list of recommended companies, for example, on this page. And if you’d like to find out more about any of them, you can get in touch with us. Give us a call at 833-416-8796, initiate the live chat, or fill out the contact form to get started.